Study MBBS in Russia for Indian Students 2024-25

India's Enduring Ties with Russia: A Magnet for Medical Aspirants

Russia, a steadfast ally since India's independence, has become a go-to destination for Indian students pursuing MBBS abroad. The popularity of MBBS degree in Russia among Indian students has grown, with an increasing number choosing it as their preferred option.

Established History: Since 1985, a consistent flow of Indian students has flocked to Russia for medical programs, solidifying its status as a prime MBBS education hub.

Growing Popularity: MBBS education in Russia attracts 4,000+ Indian students yearly, highlighting its appeal in international medical education.

Pathway to Global Healthcare: Opting for medicine in Russia has emerged as a favoured choice for Indian students aspiring to shine on the global stage in the field of healthcare.

Life in Russia as an Indian Student

Adapting to a new country can be daunting, but Russia offers a surprisingly welcoming environment for Indian students. A large Indian diaspora provides support and familiarity, while universities often have dedicated international student offices to ease your transition.

What to Expect in Russia: Benefits and Challenges

  • Language: While English is gaining power, learning basic Russian will enhance your experience and social interactions.
  • Weather: Be prepared for harsh winters, especially in the northern regions. Pack warm clothes and embrace the winter wonderland!
  • Food: Dive into the warmth of Russian cuisine with hearty soups, dumplings, and pierogi. Indian restaurants are also readily available in major cities.
  • Cost of Living: Compared to India, living expenses in Russia are generally lower, with significant variations depending on the city. Budget wisely and enjoy the affordability.
  • Transportation: Public transport networks are efficient and affordable, making it easy to navigate the city and explore its cultural gems.

Why Choose Russia for MBBS?

With the affordable cost of MBBS in Russia, high-quality medical education, and a welcoming international community, the country has become a top choice for ambitious Indian students seeking a fulfilling medical career. Explore the advantages of pursuing an MBBS in Russia and begin your medical journey here:

  • Affordability: Russia's MBBS fees are 50-70% lower than international options, offering cost-effectiveness for Indian students.
  • No entrance exams: Unlike India's NEET, admission is based on your 12th-grade marks and NEET pass, offering a less stressful pathway to medical studies.
  • Quality MBBS education in Russia: Rigorous curriculum, modern facilities, and recognized degrees for global medical practice.
  • Globally recognized degree: The MBBS degree from Russia is recognized worldwide, opening doors to practice in various countries and pursue your medical career goals.

Challenges You Might Encounter and How to Navigate Them:

 Learn the hurdles an Indian student may face and gain insights on overcoming them. Here are some practical tips to navigate challenges effectively:

  • Cultural Adaptation: Overcoming language barriers and adjusting to unfamiliar customs can pose initial challenges, but embrace the opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Emotional Challenges: Dealing with homesickness and isolation at the start can be challenging emotionally. Stay connected with loved ones, build a support network, and use university resources when needed.
  • Financial Management: Indian students, benefitting from a lower cost of living, should budget carefully. Plan, avoid excess spending, and utilize available student support services.

In Russia, universities extend support through international student offices and counseling centers. Likewise, strong personal connections provide essential emotional support.

Russia MBBS: Cracking NMC & Grading System

With over 90 medical universities in Russia welcoming international students for MBBS in English, selecting the right program is crucial. Indian agents often steer students towards bilingual programs, risking NMC eligibility for the Indian Licensing Exam.

  1. Choose English-taught programs: To ensure recognition in India, opt for an entire 6-year English-taught MBBS course.
  2. Prioritize NMC recognition: Among the 18 universities offering English programs, choose wisely based on NMC recognition.
  3. Research university grading: Approximately 10 or 12 universities stand out for their quality infrastructure and NMC recognition.

Popular Medical Universities in Russia

With over 90 medical universities welcoming international students for MBBS in English, selecting the right program is crucial:

Top Universities in Russia


Studying MBBS in Russia presents a unique and rewarding opportunity for Indian students. With its affordable costs, high-quality education, and welcoming environment, Russia can be your stepping stone to a fulfilling medical career with MOKSH Guidance. Remember, thorough research, university selection, and preparation are key to making the most of your Russian adventure. Some interesting facts about MBBS in Russia you need to know. 


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