Medhu confernce 2016

What Is Medu Conference?

Every year, MOKSH organises a direct interaction platform for the Universities and the students so that the information flow is done with clarity and perfection. The MBBS admission is always a big issue for the students due to large number of applicants in comparison with the small number of medical seats available in government medical colleges in India. The parents need to run from pillar to post for the admission in private colleges and ultimately they realise the large capitation amount required for the admission. This further leads to the biggest problem on how to handle large capitation fees charged by the deemed universities and private medical colleges through unreliable agents. All these leads to huge stress and an unclear future career road map with no reliable hand holding for the students and the parents.

Generally the first half (Pre Lunch) is always a Guidance session for the students by the educationists, counsellors or university representatives. This is followed by the post lunch session in which personal counselling session on the stall is organised for the interested students. More than 3,000 students have benefited from this events in the past 5 years and 350+ students have reached their stage of successful admission to the desired stream.

In 2016, we have invited experts from India, Germany, Russia, China and USA to speak to you. We are sure that like every year. However, the format has been changed to webinars to match the demands of the students and parents.

What is an Aptitude Test?

You do not need to worry about this anymore. The reliable, modern and tested scientific approach is now available. The aptitude questions help us to understand the functional capabilities of your mind! MOKSH has launched “Online Aptitude Tests,” which will provide clear guidance on your real passion and possible career options. Few top-notch psychologists have been constantly working for over 3000 hours of quality time on the project. The quantitative aptitude questions with MOKSH have been evolving over the last 17 years of experience. More than 10,000 students have taken the Career Test successfully! The aptitude test meaning consists of simple questions based on 6 different parameters leading to clarity on your mental inclination:

Activity Skills | Verbal Ability | Mechanical Reasoning | Spatial Reasoning | Numerical Reasoning | Analytical Reasoning.

Aptitude test

Aptitude Test Report

The report generated at the end of this aptitude test online enables us to understand your level of capability. We place you in the right box or slot for our professional suggestions & inclinations. It is a combination of logical reasoning tests, general aptitude questions, IQ test questions, and verbal reasoning test. A scientific approach will lead to a great career development for the students.

Psychometric Tests

In the last 5 years, there has been a new trend in the corporate sector. The HR department of the companies generally needs to know the mental inclinations, strengths, and weaknesses of their employees. The employees could be working with higher efficiency and productivity if the management allocates the work as per the assessment. Psychometric testing is designed to find job-relevant information. You are revealed in various aspects that an interview couldn't do. Psychometric online testing typically includes a combination of personality tests and aptitude. The psychometric test measures your job-relevant cognitive abilities and personality.

We at MOKSH are happy to conduct the Psychometric test online for your employees. The test reports generally end with a one-to-one session with the employee and finally with the management.

Scholarship Test

MOKSH holds an Online Scholarship Test every year where the students get the NEXT Online Coaching at a huge discount or even a 100% scholarship, which otherwise costs more than Rs.1,25,000. It is a 360 marks MCQ test focused on the 12th Board exams syllabus.

The next available tool is the “Interest Test”, which gives insight into the student’s possible passion, leading to the success ratio projections. This is one of the core of the process for Career Guidance.

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