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Life in Lithuania

Lithuania is a country in Northern Europe, officially known as the Republic of Lithuania. Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania. Lithuanian currency is referred to as Euros. It borders countries like Latvia, Poland, Russia, and Belarus. The country’s population, as of 2022, statistics is above 26 Lacs. Moreover, Lithuania ranks top as one of the developed counties. In addition, this country offers overall approving living conditions in terms of freedom, governance, democracy, and various other civil liberties.

Climate of Lithuania

Lithuania is a country with temperate climatic conditions, however, at times the city experiences the slightest variations in temperatures. The climate of Lithuania is usually depicted by the oceanic winds from the coastal region. And hence we can say that the climate is semi-continental with cold to mild winters and moderate rainy summer days. During the winter season, the temperature is typically below freezing while in July and August it is just as moderate as 18 °C.

Study in Lithuania

Study in Lithuania

There are plenty of reasons why - studying in Lithuania is preferred as the destination for higher education by many international students. The major reason why international students enroll in different Study programs in Lithuania is due to the availability of English taught programs. Above all, about eight Lithuanian universities from rising Europe and central Asia were included among the top.

A major advantage is that Lithuanian universities provide education through the Bologna process. In addition, all Bachelor's Level and Master’s Level Degrees follow the same structure for their academic programs. The awarded degrees are recognized throughout Europe and globally. Additionally, as per the law of the European Union, international students are allowed to work part-time while they are enrolled in full-time studies in Lithuania.

Lithuania houses a total of 22 higher educational institutions, out of which 13 of them are publically owned and the rest 9 are private institutions. Vilnius University country ranking is placed at 1st position in Lithuania, while Vilnius University world ranking is 400th (QS World Ranking 2023) out of global universities.

According to recent facts, Lithuanian universities hold the following global ranking:

  • Vilnius University – 642nd Kaunas University of Applied Science - 1933rd
  • Lithuanian University of Health Sciences – 2689th
  • Klaipeda State University – 3055th
  • LCC International University - 6407th
  • Kazimieras Simonavicius University (KSU) - 8398th

Advantages of studying in Lithuania

Advantages of studying in Lithuania

Studying in Lithuania has its rewards, some of the reasons that make Lithuania a demanding place to study are-

  • The study programs in Lithuania are relatively more affordable than those offered in Canadian, UK, and US universities.
  • The education system followed in Lithuanian Universities is recognized internationally.
  • The Lithuanian universities offer, over 500 study English taught programs.
  • Lithuania follows egalitarian work culture – which ensures equal access to rights and organizational benefits to its workforce.
  • The cost of living in Lithuania is quite within your means.
  • The students get several working opportunities during their studies.
  • Moreover, the students can stay in the country for up to 15 months, post-completion of their studies to look for a job.

Medium of Instruction in Lithuania

Many Lithuanian Universities offer bachelor-level and master-level degree programs in the English language. It enables the students to gain exposure to organizational skills and learn market-level know-how. The universities aim at providing ease to international students and thus deliver an extensive range of English-taught programs.

Popular Programs in Lithuania

Popular Programs in Lithuania

1. Business Programs in Lithuania

The most preferred Management programs in Lithuania include International Marketing, Project management, E-Commerce, etc. Some of the top-rated management universities of Lithuania for instance include Kazimieras Simonavicius University, Vilnius University & Klaipeda State University.

2. Engineering Programs in Lithuania

Though few Universities offer Engineering programs in Lithuania however they are not very popular. Those who are looking for an Engineering Program in Lithuania may consider universities such as Vilnius University, Klaipeda State College, Vytautas Magnus University & Vilnius University of Applied Sciences.

3. Health Science Programs in Lithuania

Lithuanian Universities offer Bachelor's, and master's study programs in the fields of General Practice Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dental Hygiene, Social Work, Health Science, Oral Health Care & Psychology, etc. The top Universities offering these courses are the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and Klaipeda State University

4. Arts & Language Programs in Lithuania

The Arts & Science Programs in Lithuania include some of the most recent advances in science, art, and technology. And, hence, students can choose from the study programs offered here. Some of the degree programs include English Philology, Theology, etc. LCC International University is one of the preferred destinations for Arts & Language Programs.

5. Hospitality & Tourism Programs in Lithuania

Almost every European country is known for tourism due to preserving its heritage. Many of the universities are keen to learn from European universities to understand this. Kaunas University of Applied Science & Vilnius University are preferred destinations among students.

Popular Universities in Lithuania

Popular Universities in Lithuania

S. No University Program Level
1 Kaunas University of Applied Science Business, Hospitality & Tourism, Language & Arts Bachelor, Master
2 Kazimieras Simonavicius University Business & Law Bachelor
3 LCC International University Business, Media & Arts Bachelor, Master
4 Lithuanian University Of Health Sciences Health Science Bachelor, Master
5 Vilnius University Business, Hospitality & Tourism, Language & Arts Bachelor
6 Klaipeda State University Business, Health Science Bachelor

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Program Intake

The Lithuanian Universities offer two intakes every year for international and national students. The first intake happens in February (Spring Intake) while the second intake follows in September (Autumn Intake). Generally, September or Autumn intake is most preferred by the students. However, the admission deadlines for enrolling in different programs may vary on the University.

Intake Month Last Date to Apply
Autumn September 2024 1st June 2024
Spring February 2025 15th Nov 2024
Eligibility Criteria for Admission

Eligibility Criteria for Admission

For admission to Lithuanian universities, the candidate must meet the requirements stated below-

  • A minimum score is 55% and above in the 10+2 Standard.
  • The student should have attained 18 years of age or above.
  • Any English proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL are not mandatory.
  • Some Universities may ask for higher academics or additional qualifications depending on their program.

Documents Required

For admission to Lithuanian Universities, the students are required to submit the following documents-

  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Passport or ID card (with validity to the duration of your stay)
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • An essay or a letter of motivation (if asked by the university)
  • Proof of language proficiency (in the English language).
  • Registration fee.

Study in Lithuania at the cost of India

The cost of study in Lithuania, for example, management program ranges from 5 to 10 Lacs while the cost of study for Management Program in India would range somewhere 8 to 15 Lacs. In addition, the cost of studying in top MBA colleges in India would be Rs. 7.5 to 25 Lacs a year. Thus, we can say that the total cost of study in Lithuania is comparatively less than that of India. Besides this, Indian students get the added benefit of global work experience, industry based exposure and management skills.

Scholarship in Lithuania

Scholarship in Lithuania

Loads of scholarship opportunities are available for both international and domestic students. Merit-based full scholarships are offered for short-term, full-time study programs and language and cultural programs as well. These scholarships are made available to students belonging to any nationality. Eligible students can study at partnered universities under a student exchange program. Then, the tuition fees are waived, and living expenses are also provided.

Nonetheless, the call for application for availing these scholarship programs is required to be made beforehand by the students, whosoever is willing to Study in Lithuania.

Hostel or Accommodation in Lithuania

Hostel or Accommodation in Lithuania

An international student can afford accommodation for as little as 100 EUR per month. When considering other add-on expenses such as food, books, and leisure activities, one can easily obtain accommodation for approximately 500 EUR a month or maybe less than that.

Cost of living in Lithuania

Any student planning to head towards Lithuania for higher studies would benefit from a notably low cost of living. The cost of living in Lithuania is comparatively lower than that of the United States by 39.3%. The average cost of living would be 250-300 EUR approximately monthly. However, the overall living cost depends on the lifestyle expended by an individual.

Indian Students in Lithuania

Lithuania is not just a popular study destination but the students often state their will to study here. Lithuania boasts of rich culture, high-quality life, excellent academic institutions, and so on. The major plus point for international students is the inexpensive living cost. In addition, Lithuanian Universities offer qualitative education at affordable cost making it an ideal location for students willing to study abroad.

Since 2014, Lithuania has noted a substantial boost in the number of international students. Currently, about 400 to 500 Indian students are enrolled in different study programs at various universities.

Part-Time Jobs for Indian Students

As per the European Union Law, an International student holds the right to work while studying in Lithuania. Hence, as long as, the students are enrolled in a university, they can work full-time, meaning up to 40 hours per week. Also, working in part-time jobs while you’re studying can help to recompense for your education, monthly expenses, and travel expenses as well.

Visa Processing in Lithuania

Visa Processing in Lithuania

The processing time for the Lithuania study visa is around two weeks or 14 working days. However, students are suggested to initiate the visa application process as soon as possible. The Lithuanian student visa usually costs around 80 EUR. While the residence permit would cost around 28 EUR.

Compared to other European countries, it is much easier to obtain a Schengen visa in Lithuania. Moreover, the eligible students get their hands on the Schengen visa, allowing them to travel and enter the Schengen Area and its 26 participating countries. As per the reports generated by the officials, the country grants visas to almost 98.7% of applicants.

Post Study or Temporary Residence Permit

Any International student who wishes to stay in Lithuania after graduating from his can apply for a temporary residence permit. This permit enables the student to stay in Lithuania for a duration of one-year post after completion of graduation (Bachelor's/Master's/PhD studies) and start working immediately after finding a job. In Lithuania, the registration process for the residence permit takes up to 5 business days. Note that, the application for the Temporary Residence Permit has to be submitted along with the supporting documents.

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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Generally, many students prefer taking a job in the country of their studies. Many students and professionals work on building their careers while studying abroad. Moreover, while studying in Lithuania, all the students enjoy the right to work.

Lithuania offers a wide range of job opportunities for students. While studying in Lithuania, students can stay in the country for 15 months or more and look for a job. Post-graduating or while enrolled in university, students can look for job positions in industries like textiles, clothing, tourism, management, food processing, marketing, and so on.

You can refer to the table given below for the most preferred job titles in Lithuania and the average salaries offered in Lithuania – (1 LTL = 0.28 EUR)

Preferred Job Roles in Lithuania Average Salaries (Per Year)
Allied Healthcare Professional 26,700 EUR
Business Manager 34,000 EUR
Engineer 18,900 EUR
Finance / Investment / Accounting Manager 78,200 EUR
Financial Analyst 21,100 EUR
Hospitality / Tourism 49,500 EUR
Marketing Manager 21,500 EUR

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