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Franchise Opportunity in Medical Education & Healthcare!

Get the benefit of high returns on your fully secured investments into education as well as healthcare industry under one hub!

  • Associate with a Public Limited company leading to transparency in revenue sharing
  • Service experience of last 10 years in the industry by MOKSH group
  • FOCO Model with operational investment support from the company.
  • Annual Minimum Guaranteed Revenues
  • 100% ownership of assets by the Franchisee for 5 years leading to security
  • Asset buy back values returned after 5 years

This is one of the most unique project in India addressing the supply gap of both the industry such as medical education and healthcare delivery.

About MOKSH Group!

MOXSH Overseas Educon Limited is a public limited company listed on NSE Emerge platform. It is the only company in its industry category to be able to reach this stage after serving students for the last 10 years.


Placing students to abroad


Teaching Doctors online


Healthcare Delivery Solutions

About MOKSH group
  • Market leader in Study Abroad area with 1,000+ medical students served in 6 countries
  • Launching multiple universities in India providing non-medical courses via Studiums
  • India’s most prominent online test prep solution for global medical license exams
  • Experience of online career counselling provided to more than 75,000 students
  • Serve the huge demand of healthcare delivery in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of India

What we have been doing for the last 10 years was majorly online. It is time to launch a Phygital model consisting of Online + Off-line services facing the customers in person. The Studium are our centres parting with the current services on off line basis!

We are now ready to share our success as well as revenues with the Studium owners. In order to ensure that a dedicated team works towards implementation of this project, MOKSH has launched its subsidiary namely Meduclinic Healthcare Private Limited (MHPL) which is signing contract with every Studium Owner.

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Why become a Studium Owner?

A Studium offers 4 different types of services to the multiple targeted customers. All these services would be available under one roof! The company is already serving the demand in each of these segments making it easier for the implementation and revenue generation.

ServicesTarget AudienceMarket Size
1Career counselling for Study Abroad Students for higher education 421,000 students
2Global Medical License Test Prep Medical Students 300,000 students
3Primary Healthcare Delivery Patients US$ 372 Billion
4Paramedical Courses Employable skills in healthcare Gap of 6 Mn Jobs

India’s first concept of Edu-Clinic ! Earn from the two industries such as Education and healthcare within the same Franchisee!

Become a part of this huge industry by opening a Studium in your city.

Who can open Studium Franchise?

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We are looking to open Edu-Clinics in 500+ locations in India in the next 12 -24 months! We invite you to join the revolution in medical education and healthcare delivery segment.

  • Investors with a capital of around Rs. 20 Lacs
  • Looking to have high and secured returns with minimum guarantee
  • Invest in socially impactful education and healthcare segment
  • Owning a space of 1,200 Sq. ft near a medical college will be an added advantage

You need to define right from the beginning if your participation would consist of:

  • Only financial investment limited to Rs. 20 Lacs in the business
  • Financial Investment with your own space
  • Devote your full time to run the business with investment & space.

The process to open a Studium is very professional and fast while returns are based on your level of participation!

What is FOCO Model?

The chain of Studium is built in India on Franchise Owned and Company Operated (FOCO) model. It means while you set up the centre in your allocated city, the company will take care of day to day operations including investment into the doctor and local marketing expenses.

This brings equal responsibility on both the partners to ensure success!

FOCO Model

10 Super Benefits to become a Studium Owner!

MOKSH brings huge benefits to set up your Studium.

  1. Existing brand recognition in the market
  2. Technology driven business leading to absolute transparency in sharing revenues
  3. Branding campaign on social media
  4. Central marketing and lead generation
  5. Fully ready Online counselling / academic delivery / healthcare delivery modules
  6. Dedicated team for implementation of local marketing plans
  7. Secure your investment with minimum guaranteed returns
  8. Low competition due to extremely niche market segment
  9. The Studium would be operated by a respectable doctor funded by us
  10. Minimum returns on your investment guarantees security of capital.

Open a Studium NOW!

The confidence to launch Studium under FOCO model comes from the fact that most of the services are already being provided currently by online mode and Studium is our local presence in your city to take to the Phygital mode. This will help the company to grow and tap the market further for products such as:

  • Career counselling leading Study abroad options for the students
  • Global medical license online test prep coupled with face to face mentoring by a doctor
  • Healthcare delivery centre
  • Create a pool of healthcare workforce with launch of Para-medical coaching centres

If you are looking for an opportunity to start your business, it is time to be present in Education and healthcare industry!

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