Study in Germany for Indian Students

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Study in Germany 2024: Highlights

Parameter Result
Universities in Germany 180+
Cost of Studying in Public University FREE
Cost of Studying in Private University €10,000 to €20,000 / Year (Avg. Rs. 9,02,020 - Rs. 18,04,040)
Average Living Expense € 12000 (Avg. Rs.10,82,424)
Popular Courses in Germany MS in Germany | BBA IN Germany | MIM in Germany | MBA in Germany
Part-time Work Allowance 20 hours / Week
Intake in Germany Summer - March / April
Winter - September / November
Germany Study Visa cost €75 (Avg. Rs.6,765)
Work visa in Germany (post-study) 18 months

Study in Germany

Study in Germany

There are around 423 public education institutes with 108 public universities in Germany for international students covering diverse fields.  Undeniably, embarking on a journey to study in Germany for International students guarantees a transformation with academic experience. Pursuing Masters in Germany has become a dream for thousands of Indian students. A master degree in Germany helps Indian students to settle down in the world’s 4th largest economy. The study in Germany for free at the public universities focusing on engineering courses in German language is widely chosen by the students.

To study in Germany is a gateway to unparalleled academic excellence. The credits earned at these international universities in Germany are well accepted throughout EU region. 

Study in Germany for Indian Students

The top university in Germany such as TUM (TU Munich University) just like IIT in India allure global students with diverse, government-funded programs. Preferred by international students, they expect you German language learning to be done before you reach there.   In the last decade MBA from Germany for Indian students has become extremely popular. These programs allow the Indian students to study in Germany in English.Study in Germany is a natural choice for around 20,000 Indian students every year. Majority of Indian students choose to study in Germany in English at private institutes under paid programs.

To study in Germany for Indian students at Bachelor level is possible only by going through Studienkoelleg (Foundation year consisting of German language learning course up to C1 level). The learning in German during Bachelors course is a different experience altogether along with local German speaking population.  However, the Masters in Germany for Indian students  can be directly done after an approved Bachelor degree in India. These courses leading to the Masters in Germany in English are widely available and chosen by the Indian students.

The hundreds of courses in English apart from the regular courses in German from top uni in Germany add significant value to the career of international students. Accordingly, it is great option to study in Germany for Indian students.

Why study in Germany?

Germany offers a plethora of compelling reasons to embark on your study abroad journey. Read on to explore why studying in Germany is a top choice for international students.

Top Ranked Universities : The top QS 500 ranking shows that there are 28  universities for Masters in Germany. These master program in Germany can definitely lead you to the global corporations around the world.

Cost to study in Germany for Indian students : The free education in Germany is available and limited to the public universities. The private universities always offer paid masters course in Germany.

Germany scholarship for Indian students : The best universities in Germany for MS offer diverse scholarships from the German government. Further, the private institutions also support with Germany scholarships for Indian students for a range of subjects and study levels. One can contact DAAD Germany for their applications. DAAD Scholarship Germany have their representatives in India.

Extended Stay for Job Search : After completion of study in a top university in Germany,  a 18 months of work search permit opens doors to career opportunities for you to work and settle in Germany. 

German Language Proficiency : Learning German in German schools enhances employ-ability and fosters connections, as it is the official language in 29 countries across all continents.

Work Permit Flexibility : After completion of courses in Germany top universities for masters, the Indian students work at global corporations. Once they spend 21 months of working, they become eligible for the blue card.

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Top 10 Universities in Germany for International Students

Germany is a top destination for international students because it offers high-quality education at affordable prices and is known for its research opportunities. Its universities consistently rank among the top 100 globally. Here are the top 10 universities for international students.

S No. University
1 TU Munich University Germany
2 TU Berlin Germany
3 RWTH Aarchen University
4 Arden University Germany
5 TU Chemnitz
6 TU Dresdan Germany
7 Heidelberg University
8 Humboldt University
9 Ludwig Maxmillan University, Munich
10 HOF University Germany

You may contact the MOKSH Study Abroad Germany expert counselor to shortlist your choice of university to study in Germany.

Popular Courses in Germany

Study in Germany offers 1,000+ programs taught in English in private universities of which 350+ are Masters of Science in Germany & 650 are MBA in Germany. If you are looking to benefit from Germany free education system, do not expect to learn in English. These are majorly divided into 6 segments as below:

  • Engineering
  • Management courses
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • MBBS in Germany
  • Nursing programs in Germany

Let us understand each of these options in detail.

MBA in Germany

MBA in Germany

Get admitted to the Top MBA college in Germany and work in a global corporation with upgrade in your quality of lifestyle ...

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nursing in germany

Nursing in Germany

Choose to study Nursing in Germany and work as a nurse in Germany. Get paid more than a MD in India ...

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Medical PG in Germany

Medical PG in Germany

Not getting a Medical PG seat in India due to high competition in NEET PG ? Dont pay heavy cost of a private seat in India. Work as a specialist in Germany ..

Know More
MBBS in Germany

MBBS in Germany

Looking for a MBBS in Germany for free program? Know the secrets of studying medicine in Germany...

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MS in germany

MS in Germany

Looking to study MS in engineering in Germany for FREE and settle down there ? MOKSH can help you do the applications ..

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Bachelors in Germany

Bachelors in Germany

Could not get into IIT through JEE ? Go to Germany for your B.Tech course for free and settle down there..

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Study Engineering in Germany

There is a huge range of universities for international students in Germany for Engineering programs in English.  Courses such as Masters in computer science in Germany and Masters in Data Science in Germany in English are the most popular among Indians.   To study MS in Germany for Indian students is a great choice at Masters level. Germany is known for its engineering brilliance globally and the world arrive to study Engineering in Germany.

For higher studies in Germany, you can choose from top Engineering universities in Germany:

  • Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Germany
  • Mechatronics Engineering in Germany
  • Masters of Automobile Engineering in Germany
  • Industrial Engineering in Germany
  • Electrical Engineering Masters in Germany

The best universities for Engineering in Germany can be short listed for your career. Call MOKSH counselor to short list your choice from the long list of Germany universities and get admission to the engineering universities in Germany

Study Management Courses in Germany

These MBA universities in Germany provide world-class education and equip students with the skills and knowledge for the global marketplace. Among European universities, the maximum Indian students opt for the  best MBA colleges in Germany. On completion of these Masters in Management in Germany, the students are placed globally at a very good salary scale starting from EUR 75,000 and above! The cost at these top MBA universities in Germany would be as high as top business schools of India. The MBA in Germany cost justifies the financial investment due to much better returns after studying at the best business university in Germany for international students!

MBA in Germany at Public University is also possible. The degrees issued by the German MBA programs are globally accepted. Just speak with the MOKSH counselor to be placed there! 

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Accreditation for the business and management schools

The certification after study MBA in Germany guarantees the quality of the training and the degrees awarded by an institute in Germany. Majority of Indian students choose to study MBA in Germany at the best universities for MBA such as OVGU and others. For the top business universities in Germany, you can opt for triple accredited business schools in Germany:

  • AMBA (Association of MBAs)
  • EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development)

In order to shortlist the best MBA University in Germany matching with your academic achievements, you may take the support of an expert MOKSH counselor.

Study Computer Science in Germany

Indian students have a craze to study IT courses in Germany. Few of the best colleges in Germany conducted in English. You may look to study at IT universities in Germany. 

  • Study MSc in Computer Science in Germany
  • MS in Artificial Intelliegence in Germany

The IT universities in Germany are filled with Indians studying their masters program in Germany. If you wish to study IT in Germany Within this degree, one can also become a specialist in UI UX design course in Germany while studying at any of the computer science universities in Germany. 

MOKSH can help you to admit into the best computer science universities in Germany. You may contact MOKSH counselors for any queries to place you in any of the top universities in Germany for Computer Science.

Data Science in Germany

The Master degree in Germany for international students is a natural choice due to the quality education and the job opportunities. The top uni in Germany for these courses are as below: 

  • Data Science Bachelor degree in Germany
  • Master in Data Science Germany
  • MS in Data Science in Germany

Germany is a place of research and innovation. Accordingly, the data science course in Germany has become very popular lately. The MOKSH counselor is a just a call away and will support you choose Germany university for MS programs!

MBBS in Germany for Indian Students

To get into the MBBS in Germany for Indian students is not an easy task. The 6.5 years course is conducted in German language is absolutely free. However, it is mandatory for the students to go through m-course including study German language up to C1 level during their Studienkolleg. It is not possible at any medical universities in Germany to study medicine in Germany in English.

There are 2 types of Studienkolleg:

  • Public Studienkolleg in Germany
  • Public Studienkolleg

MOKSH can definitely place you at a private Studienkolleg in Germany to start your journey. However, to study MBBS in Germany, if you join these private ones, you will need to pay around EUR 10,000 as fees for the m-course. Accordingly, while arriving at cost of MBBS in Germany for Indian students, we must add this cost apart from the living cost during the course. Remember, free MBBS in Germany for Indian students in English is not an option! It may be a better option to study MBBS in Russia or MBBS in Georgia than to choose Germany MBBS universities.

Though Germany MBBS for Indian students is difficult to get in, the career is far better than in India. This is because, the clinical PG seats are extremely expensive in private universities in India while the doctors earn EUR 4,000 during their PG medicine in Germany. Many Indian doctors choose to pursue Medical PG in Germany after MBBS to settle down there!

Nursing in Germany

After m-course, if you are not able to make to the medical course in Germany, you may choose to pursue Nursing. The nursing in Germany or more popularly known as Ausbildung Nursing in Germany is a learn and earn program. Nursing in Germany is a 3 year program and is conducted in Germany language. Accordingly, the students would have to go through the 1 year of foundation year (m- course) wherein the German language proficiency is at C1 level. Accordingly, it becomes 4 years for course completion of Nursing in Germany for Indian students.

Study Nursing in Germany for free for international students get you a course covering theory as well as practical training. During the practical training of the nursing course in Germany, the students are expected to earn around EUR 1,200 taking care of their living cost. The Nursing Ausbildung in Germany is a very popular course. Due to this learn & earn program, nursing in Germany after 12th has become very popular in India, specially from the Kerala state.

Many Indian Nurses also choose to study special German bound courses at University of Georgia to get direct work within Germany as a nurse. This Germany nursing course conducted in Georgia would be far cheaper than the one conducted directly in Germany. The average earning on completion of nursing study in Germany is EUR 40,000 which is far more than the Indian hospitals.

Study German language course in Germany

German universities offer a diverse range of programs, from certificate courses in German language course in Germany. Immerse yourself in the language of love by taking German language courses near me, or pursue a formal degree in German language to enhance your linguistic prowess. Many students opt to study German in Germany in summer vacations to improvise their proficiency while studying in in Germany in English programs. Learning German in Germany after B1 level is quite a different experience in comparison with learning it in India.

With German language scholarships available, financial burdens are minimized, allowing you to focus on enriching your linguistic horizons. Whether you're seeking to master the intricacies of German grammar or simply gain conversational fluency, The journey of Germany studies start with the language learning. Just do not look for a German language course near me and instead look for the best German language course. Our experienced faculty makes learning German language for beginners a very easy task!

You can call MOKSH Academy and choose to German online course at a very low cost! You may use this pathway to continue with advanced level German course in Germany. 

Start your journey to Study in Germany

The higher studies in Germany offers various academic programs, at both Bachelor's in Germany and Master's degrees level. 

  • Study Bachelors in Germany

There are very few Bachelor programs in English in Germany. Most of the international students do not choose these English taught bachelors in Germany and instead go for France or Georgia. The students opt for a private Studienkolleg followed by a course which is free bachelor degree in Germany. You can take support of Grade A Study Abroad Consultants for Germany such as MOKSH to apply for study in Germany after 12th from India.

For example, for pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science in Germany, one need to complete a 1 year of T-Couse at a Studienkolleg Germany and then get admitted to a Bachelor in Germany for a Indian student at a Public University to study for free. Similarly, the Bachelor program in Germany for business and economics would need the students to complete W-course. Further, Bachelor courses in Germany for healthcare professionals would need to complete a m-course during their foundation year.

Choose from the long list of best courses to study in Germany and apply for a dream career!

You also have an option to complete Bachelor in Germany in English followed by Master’s in Germany in German language provided you are proficient with the German language. Take the support of MOKSH counselors to study in Germany after 12th level in India. There is a huge variety of courses in Germany after 12th for an Indian student.

The study cost in Germany for Indian students after 12th should also include the cost of Studienkolleg.

Study Masters in Germany

Studying Masters in Germany is a different experience all together. There are hundreds of public universities in Germany for Masters. Globally, more than 350,000 international students choose to study Masters in Germany for free every year! The top universities in Germany for MS degree offer such free Masters degree in Germany. 

To get admitted into such free Master programs in Germany, the government has created a centralized university application system namely uni-assist. The best universities for international students in Germany are covered in this system. You can choose and apply here to study from many pg courses in Germany.

You may also choose to study Master in Germany in English at a private university and on paid basis. The MBA in Germany for example, is one of the most famous options chosen by Indian students under this segment. Accordingly, the Masters in Germany cost depends if you are studying at a public university or choose to study at a Germany private universities.

To know the actual MS in Germany for Indian students cost, connect with MOKSH counselor.

Germany Study Abroad Consultants

For the undergraduate studies, best courses in Germany after 12th lead to a career in healthcare, engineering, IT and business. While the best courses in Germany at 2 years of Masters level are much more specialized and provide internships within the global industry. Very few student choose to go for 1 year masters in Germany.

There are very few Germany study abroad consultants in India to study free Masters in Germany for Indian students. However, most of the education agents for Germany PG courses place the students to the paid courses. Majority of the students are suggested English taught Masters in Germany leading to MSc in Germany or a MBA in Germany degree.

Your journey to Germany Master program in English can be done with MOKSH with an ease & confidence to finalize from a long list of courses in Germany for international students. For private universities applications, you can also get the free consultancy for study in Germany. It is not important to search for Study in Germany consultants near me, it is better to get the best advisory and execution services, even if the consultant is online!

Study in Germany for FREE for Indian Students

A unique opportunity exists to study in Germany for free for Indian students.  The government covers full tuition costs for those in public universities in Germany for international students. Over 18% of students choose private institutions, especially business schools, where fees range from €8,000 to €20,000 annually. The free education in Germany for Indian students is available at the public universities. Majority focus is on Engineering and the courses such as MBA in Germany for Free are not available.

Study in Germany for FREE for Indian Students

The free education in Germany for international students attracted 458,000 foreign students in Germany in 2022-23. Most of the tuition free universities in Germany conduct courses in German language. The free universities in Germany for international students serves the entire Europe with skilled manpower in various courses it offers. In order to settle down within EU, Germany for Indian students has become a popular destination.

You can take the support of MOKSH to apply study in Germany from India.

Scholarships in Germany

German public universities subsidizes tuition costs for international students pursuing higher education providing full scholarship to study in Germany. The public universities are fully funded by the government offering full scholarships in Germany. The scholarship for Germany Masters level are widely available even at the private universities based on your academics. The Masters program in Germany in English are conducted by the private universities who may be approached by your consultants for the scholarships.

In case you wish to study in Germany free masters program, you would need to choose the public universities offering various postgraduate courses in Germany. The Government of Germany scholarships for international students has given a huge boost to the education segment in this country. Germany study abroad has evolved as a gateway to Europe due to such offers from the Government of Germany.

Cost of Living in Germany for Indian Students:

The cost of living in Germany for Indian Students ranges from 10,500 EUR to 12,000 EUR annually, depending on the city's location. For instance, cities like Berlin and Munich are relatively higher compared to other areas. Most universities do not charge tuition fees, as they are government-run. Students will be required to pay enrollment and administration fees each semester.

Expense Monthly Cost (EUR)
Germany Accommodation for students €450 - €600
Groceries €200 - €250
Entertainment €50 - €100
Insurance €100 - €150
Utilities (including electricity, water, and internet) €50 - €100
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Blocked Account towards annual living cost

In order to ensure that the student is self sufficient during their study period while pursuing postgraduate in Germany, they need to open a blocked account in Germany for an amount (Approx. EUR 11,300) as specified by the government. The PG in Germany is a 2 year program and it is important to consider to work on part time and earn EUR 250 per week making the total cost of study in Germany for Indian students at par with other European options.

In spite of such strict conditions, Germany for students from across the world has become a hub of education in Europe. The engineering graduates from the world across look to apply to the top 10 universities in Germany for MS!

Application Period in German Universities

It generally takes 12-15 months to complete the process as per the system of education in Germany. in case you are going for the public universities in Germany for international students free. However, getting into these universities is very difficult and most of these universities provide programs taught in German language.The students are expected to have B2 level of German proficiency before applications.

However, in case of private MBA university in Germany offering paid programs, it takes just takes 6 -9 months to process the applications.Do not just look for cheap universities in Germany. One has to be very careful in selecting English speaking universities in Germany since the fees need to be paid in advance and they should refund the same in case of Visa rejection. MOKSH can help you select and apply to the Universities that teach in English in Germany are are safe to apply.

Brief Course Checklist to Study in Germany

There are so many courses in Germany for Indian students that it becomes confusing to choose. We give here below few of the affordable universities in Germany to kick start your process.

Eligibility Bachelor's Program Master's Program
Healthcare At least 65% marks in 10+2 or High School (International Schools) Masters in Physiotherapy in Germany, Masters in Pharmacy in Germany,
Engineering Bio technology Universities in Germany MS in Automotive Engineering, Mechatronics courses in Germany
IT & ITeS Bachelor in Computer Science in Germany, Universities in Germany for Masters in Cmputer science
Business Age should be over 18 years at travel and should not exceed 22 years. Parents must provide an affidavit of responsibility if the candidate is a minor. MS Finance in Germany, Business Analytics masters Germany,
Social Science Law universities in Germany Psychology Masters program in Germany, Masters in economics in Germany

Germany student visa requirements

The students should have gone through the basic German language course in India while applying for a free MS in Germany for Indian students.  The documents needed for the Germany student visa requirements for Indian citizens include:

  • Valid passport
  • Visa application form
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs
  • Proof of opening a blocked account
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Medical insurance
  • Letter of acceptance from a German university
  • Language proficiency test (For German taught programs)
visa requirements

Additional Documents (if applicable)

  • Parental consent form (if under 18 years old)
  • Birth certificate (if applying for a dependent visa)
  • Marriage certificate (if applying for a dependent visa for spouse)

All the academic documents are scanned by the Academic Evaluation Center (ASP ) attached to the science section of the embassy before providing the slot for the Visa slot for the interview. It means only APS certified students will be able to get the visa appointment at VFS. 


The majority of students go for MBA colleges in Germany or for Engineering for scientific breakthroughs, or artistic mastery, Germany has a university tailored to your aspirations. From the long Germany university list, MOKSH will help you to select the right one for your dream career! 


Yes, Germany is one of the safest study abroad destinations for Indian students looking to study abroad. There have been no major criminal activities reported in the country in recent years. 
Yes! Indian students can get tuition-free education in Germany at public institutions. Some may have minimal fees, but they are generally very low.

Requirements to Study in Germany: 

  1. Study Program Selection
  2. University Admission Requirements
  3. University Application Documents Submission
  4. Proof of Financial Resources
  5. Health Insurance Arrangement
  6. Student Visa Application
  7. Accommodation Search
  8. University Enrollment Process
Germany's high academic standards and free public universities attract students from around the world, making it a top choice for studying abroad.

The cost of studying MBBS in Germany varies from 150 EUR to 2000 EUR per semester. 

When you study abroad in Germany, you need to have “HZB”. It is a kind of higher education entrance qualification. Formats for Hochschulgangberechtigung (HZB), varies differently especially for foreign students.
For a detailed overview, click here.
International students can study in Germany without having to learn German. Most universities offer programs in English, especially at the graduate level. However, some programs may require German proficiency or language tests during admission.
  1. Choose a University
  2. Review Admission Requirements
  3. Arrange Finances
  4. Submit Your Application
  5. Obtain Health Insurance
  6. Secure a German Student Visa
  7. Find Accommodation
  8. Enroll
Indian students applying for MBBS in Germany must have completed 10+2 or equivalent, scored 60%, qualified for NEET, and be at least 18 years of age. Additional requirements may be required.
Yes, a medical degree from Germany is recognized in India by the Medical Council of India (MCI). However, Indian students who complete their MBBS in Germany need to take a screening test by the MCI to practice medicine in India.
The total duration to complete MBBS in Germany's top universities is typically 7.5 years. However, some colleges with more affordable fees may have different program durations.
The language of instruction for the MBBS program in Germany is German, but several universities and schools offer English programs.
The cost of studying MBBS in Germany is relatively low, with public universities not charging tuition fees. Tuition rates at private institutions in Germany may range from 10,000 EUR to 30,000 EUR per year, but students must pay for other expenses such as accommodation, food, transportation, and healthcare.
Scholarships are available for Indian students studying MBBS in Germany, such as the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship and other private organizations or foundations. Universities and colleges offer scholarships based on academic merit or financial need.
The visa application process for Indian students wishing to study medicine in Germany involves applying to a university, gathering required documentation, filling out the visa application form, paying the visa fee, scheduling a visa interview, giving all relevant documentation, waiting for the visa processing period, and collecting the visa from the embassy or consulate.

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