About Mauritius

The connection between India and Mauritius is deeply rooted in historical, cultural, and economic ties. Historically, the Indian diaspora in Mauritius has played a significant role, with the arrival of indentured laborers from India during the 19th and early 20th centuries shaping the island's demographic and cultural landscape. This migration has impacted Mauritius' cultural practices, cuisine, and traditions, fostering a strong connection between the two nations.

In the contemporary context, India and Mauritius maintain strong diplomatic and economic relations. The nations collaborate on various fronts, including trade, investment, and educational exchange. The presence of a large Indian community in Mauritius further strengthens these ties. Additionally, both countries share linguistic and historical commonalities, with English, Hindi, and other Indian languages being spoken and cultural festivals celebrated. This enduring connection reflects the shared heritage and ongoing collaboration between India and Mauritius.

Quick Facts about MBBS in Mauritius

No. of Medical Colleges 3
College Type Govt and Private both
Degree Awarded MBBS
Duration Private - 5 Yrs Govt - 6 Yrs
Eligibility Criteria PCB 50% and NEET Qualified
Admission Process Direct
Indian Students 150 (Across All years)
Total Budget for MBBS 50-60 Lacs
Meeting NMC Criteria No (Internship is not Allowed for Indians)
Medical college Recognition NMC/ECFMG/WHO/ AMC/GMC UK
Study Pattern 1st Year -Pre Clinical
2 Year -Para Clinical
3-5 Year -Clinical
6th Year - Internship
Session Starts Sept
Why choose Mauritius for MBBS studies?

Why choose Mauritius for MBBS studies?

Indeed, there are many advantages to doing the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in Mauritius for Indian students compared to any other destination.

  1. Similar Education Pattern: The education pattern in Mauritius for MBBS is identical to the Indian MBBS course. Likewise, 19 pre-, para-, and clinical study subjects corresponding to India are being instructed in Mauritius. The duration of MBBS in Mauritius is 5+1 years.
  2. High FMGE passing ratio: The FMGE passing rate for Mauritius medical colleges is among the highest compared to any other country like Russia, Georgia, Belarus, etc.
  3. Indian Faculties: Both the popular medical colleges in Mauritius have Indian faculty, which greatly comforts Indian students during their studies.
  4. Affordability: The tuition fees in Mauritius’s medical colleges are lower than that of private medical colleges in India. It is a better choice to study in Mauritius than at a private medical college that recently opened up in India at a higher cost.
  5. Language: The native language of Mauritius is French as large as many Indians in Mauritius, many of them also understand Hindi, unlike Russia, China, Georgia, etc., where they speak in their native language and the English-speaking population is negligible.
  6. Culture: When we talk about culture, you will not feel like you are in a foreign land, as all Indian festivals are celebrated in Mauritius.
  7. Availability of Indian Food: The food in Mauritius is quite similar to Indian cuisine hence, students can hardly detect the change of land when it comes to food.
  8. Connectivity: Mauritius is well connected with India by air from many cities in India.
  9. Weather: Mauritius is an island with a climate similar to that of the Indian coastal area. Mauritius is more comfortable than other cold destinations like Russia, Georgia, and Belarus. It is a beautiful place to study.

Does the Degree of MBBS from Mauritius is recognised by the NMC?

Post-NMC gazette Notification dated November 18, 2021: Every student looking for an MBBS in Mauritius wants to know whether NMC will accept the MBBS degree in Mauritius. As per NMC guidelines, the MBBS course should last more than 4.5 years, with an additional one year of clinical rotation or internship at the same college.

The only challenge with the MBBS degree in Mauritius is its duration and the lack of internship opportunities in Mauritius itself.

Anna and SSR are both colleges in Mauritius, part of the Indian Medical Colleges chain before the NMC Notification, they offered internships in their group of hospitals in India. In current NMC regulations, a program completed on two campuses is not accepted. Both the private medical colleges mention their commitment to meeting NMC guidelines and their 1 year of internships. The MoH Mauritius Letter says it's in process, but there is no official confirmation so far for the change of regulation. (Both private medical colleges charge a fee for only 5 years!)

The World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) website, a reference for all countries, also shows the course duration as 5 years for Anna and SSR, whereas at the University of Mauritius, it is 6 Years.

Mauritius Medical Council's list of recognised universities includes Anna Med University and SSR Univ.

Read NMC Gazette Notification for MBBS Abroad

Read MoH, Mauritius letter for Internship for Indian Citizens

Indian High Commission in Mauritius Advisory for Indian Students

Mauritius Med College details as per World Directory of Med School

Do your research well before deciding to study MBBS in Mauritius. Also read MBBS in Nepal, an alternative to MBBS in Mauritius with a similar budget.

Top Medical Colleges in Mauritius

We found only three options when we searched for the best medical colleges in Mauritius. Please refer to the table below for the details. Mauritius Govt owns one, whereas the two are part of the Indian Group running medical colleges in India. Below is the list of universities in Mauritius offering MBBS courses.

College Name Type Estd City
Anna Medical University, Mauritius Pvt 2012 Montagne Blanche
SSR University Mauritius Pvt 2002 Belle Rive
University of Mauritius Pub 1992 Reduit

The best medical universities in Mauritius, based on facilities for Indian students, Anna Medical University and SSR University, are equally famous among Indian students.

Best Medicine Universities in Mauritius

Anna Medical College
Admission Open

Anna Medical College

  • Country : Mauritius
  • Degree : Bachelor
  • Course : Medicine
University Type
Univ Grade
Estd. Year
5 Yrs of MBBS, Internship is not allowed
₹45.4 Lacs
SSR Medical College
Admission Open

SSR Medical College

  • Country : Mauritius
  • Degree : Bachelor
  • Course : Medicine
University Type
Univ Grade
Estd. Year
5 Yrs of MBBS, Internship is not allowed
₹54.78 Lacs

Tuition fee for the MBBS course in Mauritius:

Mauritius MBBS Fees can be divided into three parts. First is a tuition fee second is the hostel or accommodation; and third is the food cost.

The tuition fee for the MBBS course in Mauritius is different for all three colleges. Please refer to the fee structure of all the medical colleges in Mauritius below.

College Name Tuition Fee CUR Year
Anna Medical University, Mauritius 3,22,000 MUR 1-5
SSR University Mauritius 8,000 USD 1-5
University of Mauritius 1,89,300 MUR 1-3
2,64,000 MUR 4-6

The fees, as mentioned above, include Library, Exam, Clinical, Student welfare, etc. However, this doesn't include your registration charges for the first year. It may be termed Caution Money or Reg Fee in Pvt. College, which may cost you approximately 2 Lacs–4 Lacs.;

Mauritius MBBS fees for Indian students are approx. 6–6.5 Lacs INR for a year

Hostel or Accommodation costs in Mauritius

Hostel or Accommodation costs in Mauritius

Hostel facilities are available in private medical colleges, as most students are Indian, and staying in a college hostel is mandatory for the first year. After that, students can stay in private apartments on a shared basis. The University of Mauritius is non-residential hence, students need to stay in an apartment from the beginning.


College Name Cost CUR in INR
Anna Medical University, Mauritius 84,000 MUR 1.7 Lac
SSR University Mauritius 1200 USD 1 Lac
University of Mauritius - - -

Please note that Medical College may also charge you for Hostel Reg in the first year, which may be approx. 1000–2000 USD based on the type of room sharing.

Indian Food in Mauritius

As Anna and SSR have most of the students from India, they also have an Indian Mess facility in the hostel. Below is the table for Indian Mess charges.


College Name Cost CUR in INR
Anna Medical University, Mauritius 5,000 MUR 10,000
SSR University Mauritius 100 USD 8,500
University of Mauritius - - -

It is compulsory to join the mess during your stay in a hostel. Those staying in private apartments can go for self-cooking, which usually costs around 6,000–7,000 INR monthly.

Total Cost of MBBS Course in Mauritius

Below is a table comprising the complete cost of the MBBS course in Mauritius this includes Tuition fee, Hostel Fee, Food Charges, registration Amount, Exam Fee, Library Charges, etc.

College Name CUR Amount INR Lacs
Anna Medical University, Mauritius MUR 28,20,000 53.58
SSR University Mauritius USD 64,000 52.48
University of Mauritius MUR; 13,60,800; 25.85

Since UoM doesn't offer a hostel, the above table only reflects accommodation and food costs. For INR cost calculation, 1 MUR~ 1.9 INR and 1 USD~ 82 INR are considered.;

Here, it is also essential that both the private medical colleges give you different payment options, like yearly, one-time payment, etc., which may lead to different costs as you may get discounts associated with these plans. MBBS in Mauritius costs range from 50-55 Lacs for the complete course.

Duration of MBBS in Mauritius

The Mauritius MBBS duration is 5 Years divided into 10 Semesters, followed by 1 Year of Internship. It is crucial to note that the University of Mauritius mentions about 6 Years of course, whereas Anna Medical College and SSR Medical College say 5 Years.

The World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) also endorsed this duration for MBBS in Mauritius for all three colleges on their official website.

Eligibility for MBBS in Mauritius

The requirements to study medicine in Mauritius are similar to those of other Study MBBS Abroad destinations. The eligibility criteria for getting admission to a medical university in Mauritius include

  • 21 Grade or 60% in PCB in ICSE/CBSE/or equivalent in Class XII
  • Must have qualified NEET – UG
  • Candidate should have completed 17 years of age on 31st Dec of the year of applying. They should submit documents like Birth or School Leaving certificates to prove their age.

Admission Process in Mauritius

Admission Process in Mauritius

Below is the admission process to Mauritius for the MBBS course.

Scrutiny of Information

The Admissions Committee scrutinises the applicant's credentials regarding the high school education: courses, grades in the graduating examinations and the applicant's overall suitability for admission into the program. The committee would also inform the applicant regarding the need for any additional documents that may be required.

Short Listing

Applicants whose credentials have been accepted as adequate by the Admissions Committee are informed about the date and time for a personal interview that will be conducted. The Admission Committee will decide on the location and tell the students well in advance.;

Personal Interview

The Admissions Committee conducts the personal interview. The conversation during the discussion will be in English. This will be done in an informal atmosphere, and the applicant will be given ample opportunity to respond to the Quss relatedly. After the personal interview, the Admissions Committee will submit its recommendations to the DEAN concerning the candidate's suitability for admission.

Dean Approval

The DEAN of AMC will finalise admissions after studying the recommendations of the Admissions Committee. The decision of the DEAN on matters concerning admissions shall be final.

Documents required for MBBS admission in Mauritius

The following documents are required to apply for the MBBS course in Mauritius

  • Two copies of the class 12th mark sheet issued by the Govt. recognised education board
  • Four recent passport-size photographs
  • Photocopy of the first and last two pages of your valid Passport
  • Copy of your electronic application form/ print copy of the e-mail invitation from the College
  • Medical fitness certificate from any private Laboratory/Clinic/Hospital for not having infectious diseases/TB/HIV, etc.
  • VISA Application form by courier to the University for Entry (VISA on arrival)
  • Photocopy of five first pages of Passport (including carrier bearing photograph and date of
  • issue).
  • An Original Bank Statement from parents or guardian bearing the signature of the Bank
  • Officer and the seal of the Bank, as evidence of adequate funds to meet the costs of studies and
  • stay in Mauritius.
  • Letter of sponsorship from Account Holder duly signed and a copy of Identity
  • Card/Passport from parent or guardian.
  • A statement undertaking that the applicant will not engage in gainful activities during the period of studies.

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Global Recognition of MBBS Mauritius degree

If we leave the NMC recognition, which is not clear as of now, an MBBS from the medical colleges of Mauritius is recognised by:

  • WHO
  • IMED
  • TEC

After completing your MBBS in Mauritius, you may prepare for USMLE and do a Medical PG in the USA or PLAB to Pursue your career in the UK.

MBBS in Mauritius for Indian students

Universities in Mauritius for International students could be more extensive in offering MBBS courses. Mauritius MBBS for Indian students means Anna Medical University Mauritius or SSR University Mauritius. Almost all the Indian students studying medicine in Mauritius are in these two colleges only. Mauritius Medical University only started accepting Foreign Students for Medicine courses from 2022 onward. You may be curious to know how many Indian students are studying MBBS in Mauritius, so the answer is 450+ Students pursuing MBBS in Mauritius as of date.;

Licensing Exam in Mauritius After MBBS;

The Medical Registration Examination (MRE) serves as the undergraduate licensing test and occurs in every six months a prerequisite for becoming a general practitioner according to section 22(1) (ca) of the Medical Council Act. The Postgraduate Medical Education Board also administers an evaluation for individuals aspiring to register as specialists under section 23(1) (b) of the Medical Council Act. Those who pass these assessments are officially recognised and registered as specialists. It's essential to note that all examinations and assessments are carried out exclusively in the English language.

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Medical License in India after MBBS in Mauritius

During MBBS study, a student realises the importance of being a specialist. They also understand the competitiveness of securing an MD / MS Seat in a Govt. College. Let's look at the success ratio to get a PG Seat in Govt Medical Colleges in India, which is 11% broadly we can say that only 1 out of 10 will get a PG Seat, whereas the chances of getting Clinical speciality is 1 out of 20 applicants. The PG journey will be challenging, or students should have enough money to get a paid seat in Pvt Medical College in Crores!

Total Applicants NEET PG 2023 Specialty Govt Med College Pvt Med College
Seats Success Ratio Seats
2.06 Lacs
MD (Non Clinical) 15K 8.6% 10K
MS (Clinical) 8K 4.6% 5K
Total 23K 11.4% 15K


Will early preparation and the right mentorship pave your dream of becoming a specialist? NMC has already announced the introduction of the NEXT Exam in India in 2024. This Exam will replace all Medical PG exams in India. The Exam will be conducted in two parts: NEXT-1 and NEXT-2.;

The Objective of the NEXT-1 is to assess the Student's Knowledge of Pre, Para, and Clinical Subjects on the National Level. Only after qualifying for NEXT-1 will any medical student be eligible for an internship. After completing the internship, Students must go through NEXT-2, assessing their Clinical skills, Patient Management, and Keeping Medical history. Those who will Clear NEXT-2 will be awarded a license to practice, and Rankers of NEXT-1 will get PG seats of their choice of speciality. You may refer to Page for detailed information on the NExT Exam.

Know More;

Medical PG in the USA (USMLE) after MBBS in Mauritius

Most Abroad students also plan to do a Medical PG from the USA because getting PG Seats in India is tough.

With the introduction of NEXT, most students in India are attracted to USMLE prep from 1st year of MBBS since it simulates the new NMC Competency-based curriculum remarkably. The US healthcare system is considered one of the best healthcare systems in the world for numerous reasons, such as high rewards, excellent Infrastructure, merit-based assessment, and open opportunities for super specialities. Most countries try to replicate the US healthcare assessment system for their Medical Graduates. The USMLE exam is divided into 3 Parts. One can appear in USMLE Step 1 after 2nd Year, USMLE Step 2 CK during internship and Step 3 during residency (Medical PG).

Medical PG in USA (USMLE)

MOKSH Coaching focuses on a patient-centered learning approach which helps students score high on both USMLE & NEXT. MOKSH is the leading name in USMLE Coaching. Currently, 1000+ Students from Indian and Abroad medical colleges are preparing for USMLE steps via the MOKSH Platform.

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Medical PG in the UK ( PLAB) after MBBS in Mauritius

The Board Test (PLAB test) is the instrument used;to assess the skills and knowledge of an International Medical Graduate. It also judges whether they can be trained to practice medicine in the UK.;
In short, an IMG's performance in PLAB determines her Eligibility to practice in the UK. The PLAB test has two stages. PLAB 1 is an exam that has 180 MCQs that test your recall. On the other hand, PLAB 2 is a practical OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Exam) that tests your clinical skills.
The GMC ascertains your linguistic skills by assessing your score on specific tests. It may be the IELTS (Band Score 7.0 or higher) or OET (Grade B in reading, writing, listening & speaking).;
After you pass PLAB 1 & 2, you apply for the GP registration. There is one constraint. You have a window of 2 years after clearing PLAB 2, which you may use no later.
By 2024, the UK Medical Licensing Assessment will replace the PLAB. Consequently, the GMC UK will change certain things in PLAB and create the UKMLA exam.

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Medical PG in Germany after MBBS in Mauritius

Medical PG in Germany

PG in Germany after MBBS Abroad is another excellent option, though it requires you to learn the German language. Of the six levels starting from A1 to C2, you need to clear A1 and A2, qualifying you to apply for the;visa.;
Once the Language formalities are done, you get into the phase where you do an Observer-ship from a German hospital approved by the German Medical Council. Residency follows this.
This may sound simple here, but the process is quite complicated. To know more about PG in Germany,

Know More;

Your Chance to get an MBBS Seat in India

The most challenging time for any student is to wait after the NEET counselling process to know whether they are getting a college of their choice. Sometimes, this dilemma continues for a couple of months due to multiple rounds of counselling. It has become more difficult due to parallel counselling of All India Quota and various States due to COVID-19. The counselling process is very complex, where 700+ Govt. and Private colleges offer 1 Lac+ Seats, and fee variation is also huge, ranging from less than 1 Lac to 2.5 Cr for the course.

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Indian candidates searching for the MBBS program in Mauritius must have completed 10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as obligatory subjects, scored a minimum of 50%, qualified for the NEET test, and be at least 17 years old. Some universities may have extra requirements, thus it is vital to verify with the specific university or college for their qualifying requirements.
The Medical Council of India (MCI) has recognized the MBBS curriculum in Mauritius, and Indian students can take the FMGE to register with the MCI and practice medicine in India.
The Mauritius MBBS curriculum lasts five years, with four years of classroom and clinical instruction and one year of internship. Basic sciences are given to students for the first two years, followed by two years of clinical training and one year of internship.
The language of instruction in the MBBS program in Mauritius is mainly English, and students should verify with the relevant institution for language requirements and setbacks. Students may also be required to take a language competence test to verify their command of the language of instruction.
Tuition prices range from 20,000 to 30,000 USD each year, plus other expenses such as accommodation, food, transportation, and healthcare. Living expenditures in Mauritius are between $500 and $800 USD per month, and students should check with their respective university or college for tuition and other costs.
Scholarships are offered for Indian students studying MBBS in Mauritius. Some universities and colleges award scholarships based on academic achievement or financial need. Government scholarships, such as the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) scholarship, are also available.
The visa procedure for Indian students studying MBBS in Mauritius includes applying to a university or institution, obtaining relevant papers, filling out a visa application form, attending a visa interview, waiting for the visa processing, and collecting the visa from the embassy or consulate.