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About Portugal.

Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries of Europe located at the extreme south-west of Europe. The Portuguese republic has Spain north and east carved along the irresistible coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is known as a land of history, knowledge, culture and innovation. Study in Portugal would be a unique and life changing experience by itself.

Living In Portugal (Hostel).

Living in Portugal is positively different than living in other European countries. Almost all universities in Portugal offer accommodations for students just as other European universities but Portugal universities follow a different system. Students are given accommodation facilities which are spread all along the city or town as against the regular norm of on campus accommodations. Also, shared apartments are very famous in Portugal and students prefer to stay with a group of friends in a comfortable apartment and share the living cost rather than staying by themselves. Some cities like Lisbon are more expensive than other smaller cities due to obvious reasons. Hence, the living cost differs accordingly. Portugal offers a relatively cheap cost of living and high level of education in comparison with other universities in Europe. Rent, food, daily goods, entertainment is relatively much cheaper in Portugal. The National Health Services (SNS) is of great benefit as it provides various health facilities to the people staying in Portugal. The cuisine in Portugal is varied and vegetarian food is also easily available on demand.

Why Study In Portugal?

Why Study In Portugal?

Study in Portugal offers a wide list of programs in one of the best universities in Europe. Portuguese language can also offer various global opportunities to students. There are many emerging English universities in Portugal. Study in Portugal in English is available for international students which truly makes it a wonderful option. Portugal is rich in cultural aspects such as family attachments and preservation of culture which serves as a good ethical background which makes study in Portugal for Indian students more beneficial as Indian culture portrays similar values. Portugal is the right destinations for students with a sports background as the Portuguese love and respect sports and have a great value for it. The cost of study in Portugal is the same as study in India with high quality of education. There are many new upcoming Portugal universities. The lifestyle in Portugal is relaxed and stress free but dedication is inculcated naturally among the students studying in Portugal which helps them in the long run.

Program Format For Study In Portugal.

The program format for study in Portugal is different but quite easy to understand and follow.

It is explained as follows, which provide complete healthcare to the whole population, through which the State guarantees peoples' right to health.

The SNS is made up of all the public entities that provide healthcare - hospitals, local health units, health centres and family health units, or groups of health centres.

Which Universities In Portugal.

Most of the Portugal government Universities are covered in this scheme and offer conditional admission letter or acceptance of the academics for the student to study in Portugal. Generally the Universities accept 10+2+3 format for studying masters in Portugal. There are many public universities in Portugal as well as some of the best private universities in Portugal which serves as a wide variety of Portugal universities from which the students can choose which best fits their needs.


Portugal has well advanced railways, airways and roadways. Students can easily travel to nearby cities or even countries at a very low cost as transportation in Portugal is not very expensive and international students can easily afford it. Travelling within the city through metro is quite famous as it is the fastest and easiest mode of transportation in Portugal.


Portugal does not have extreme climate which makes it a very pleasant destination for international students studying in Portugal. There are four main seasons in Portugal. Monsoon, spring, winter, autumn. The winters are cold but not unbearable and summers are also quite pleasant.

Indian Food.

Universities in Portugal do not generally do not serve Indian food on a daily basis but vegetarian food is quite easily available. There are many Indian restaurants in Portugal in almost all the cities which serve all types of Indian food at affordable rates for students. Study in Portugal for Indian students is actually one of the best choices as there is not much adjustment required and students easily settle down in Portugal as per our observations.

Cost Of Study In Portugal.

Cost Of Study In Portugal.

The fees structure in Portugal for Master’s program is quite affordable and would be only for 2- 3 years after completion of the Bachelor while the basic language level has to be learnt.

*Others include cost towards Medical insurance, Resident permit extension, Text Books etc.

The total cost to study in Portugal at a top ranked Portugal government university, for Bachelor level is below 5 lacs. It is definitely a smart decision since any degree program from an A+/ A grade private college in India would cost you almost the same if you add the tuition fees, hostel accommodation and living costs.

Kindly add the cost of MOKSH service charges towards Counselling, Guidance, Admission, and travel services (Air Ticket + Visa + Hostel Drop) as per the Registration form.

Getting Visa.

It is quite an easy task for the students to get the Visa but one needs to be duly prepared since there are rejections due to very methodical manner in which the whole system works. Lot of documentations need to be done and preparations have to be completed before arranging the Visa interview. Even after the interview, it takes 4-12 weeks to get the Visa stamped on the passport.

It is always better to apply at least 6 months prior to Portugal to ensure your arrival at the right time.


Generally students prefer to study in Portugal in the STEM range (Science, Technology, Engineering and Management) as well as others. Indian students having lower academic such as 60% in PCB and wishing to go for high quality and low cost of Study in Portugal programs choose this option. MOKSH guides the students thoroughly and prepares them for their application to universities in Portugal for their study in Portugal programs.

Most Popular Programs.

Many Students wish to study medical in Portugal and those having lower academic scores at the 10+2 level for Medical programs generally opt to study Healthcare Management leading to high salaried jobs in Portugal. Those students from engineering side who could not make it to IIT, NIT or respected Indian government engineering colleges opt for various types of Engineering programs such as Mechanical, Mechatronics engineering, Power engineering, Robotics Non-conventional energy etc. which are very popular. Apart from these, Bio chemistry, Pharmacy and Bio medical, Diploma courses in art management is also a very popular subject at the Master’s level.

Services By Moksh.

Once you apply for study in Portugal programs through MOKSH, you have several advantages such as:

  • Reliable and honest counselling.
  • Trustworthy university selection with long term success effect.
  • Guaranteed Admission to your selected program to study in Portugal.
  • Perfect Visa application documentations with interview preparations.
  • 100% safe and escorted travel services to drop the students to the Universities of Portugal.
  • Accommodation support at the campus.
  • FOREX and Travel Insurance support.

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