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Study in France

With 3,500+ reputed institutes and universities in France covering diverse fields from Engineering to Culinary Arts, study in France is a natural choice for more than 7,000 students from India every year. Undeniably, embarking on a journey to study in France for Indian students guarantees a transformation with academic experience. Studying in Paris has become a dream for thousands of Indian students who had French as their subject in school.

To study in France is a gateway to unparalleled academic excellence. The credits earned are well accepted throughout EU region. The Indian students apply to study in France to ensure a better future. 

Quick facts about france

Study in France for Indian Students

The most prestigious universities in France such as IFA Paris University & American University of Paris allure global students with diverse, government-funded programs. Preferred by international students, they offer services like French language course to aid and academic guidance for seamless settlement. Accordingly, every year, around 7,000 Indian students choose to study in France. 

To study in France for Indian students become more attractive due to the financial support, including scholarships, low tuition and living costs. Many of the best Universities in France for international students deliver high-quality education at low cost in comparison with English-speaking countries. The globally acclaimed good universities in France provide diverse programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels as per France education system.

The hundreds of courses in English apart from the regular courses in French from top uni in France add significant value to the career of international students. Accordingly, it is a great option to study in France for Indian students.

Why study in France?

France offers a plethora of compelling reasons to embark on your study abroad journey. Read on to explore why studying in France is a top choice for international students.

International Students in France
  • Top Ranked Universities: The most prestigious universities in France, such as the École Normale Supérieure and the University of Paris-Sud, provide top quality education in France.
  • Cost to study in France for Indian students : A low tuition fees to study abroad in France  typically below 2000 euros per year at public universities in France for international students makes it a super choice.
  • France scholarship for Indian students : The French universities in France offer diverse scholarships from the French government. The institutions also support and scholarship in France for a range of subjects and study levels.
  • Work Permit Flexibility : Upon completing studies, a one-year post-study work permit opens doors to career opportunities across 26 Schengen countries.
  • French Language Proficiency : Learning French in French schools enhances employ-ability and fosters connections, as it is the official language in 29 countries across all continents.
  • Extended Stay for Job Search : After completion of courses such as MBA in France ,an additional year of post-study visa for job seekers to work in France and across Schengen countries.
  • Five-Year Visa for Master's Graduates : Study in France grants a five-year visa to Indian graduates (pursuing Masters in France), allowing 90-day stays in the Schengen area, benefiting alumni of dual degree programs and their families.

Top Universities in France for International Students

France is home to over 3,500 public and private institutions and offers a wide range of educational pathways. The master’s in France for international students is the most sought-after degree level. France for Indian students has emerged as one of the top destinations to study and settle in Europe.

Top Universities in France

The best universities in France and Grandes Ecoles consistently top international rankings, including Times Higher Education, Financial Times, QS World University Rankings, Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, and the European Union's U-multi rank.These top universities in France for international students always provide dream global career. A huge chunk of Indian students look for the best business schools in France for their PG level journey.

Some of the top universities in France for international students include:

The option to study at a public university in France for international students is wide and varied. A long list of top business schools in France and engineering universities in France makes it difficult for the students to choose and apply.

S No. University City QS Rank 2024
1 PSL University Paris 24
2 Institut Polytechnique de Paris Palaiseau Cedex 38
3 Sorbonne University Paris 59
4 Paris-Saclay University Gif-sur-Yvette 71
5 École Normale Supérieure de Lyon Lyon 184
6 Ecole des Ponts ParisTech Paris 192
7 Paris Cité University Paris 236
8 Grenoble Alpes University Grenoble 294
9 Sciences Po Paris 319
10 Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University Paris 328
11 University of Montpellier Montpellier 382
12 Aix Marseille University Marseille 387
13 Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA) Lyon 392
14 University of Strasbourg Strasbourg 421
15 The University of Claude Bernard Lyon 1 Villeurbanne 452
16 University of Bordeaux Talence 465

You may contact MOKSH expert counselor to short list your choice of university for master degree in France.

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Top universities in Paris

Various universities offering master degree in France for international students are spread across the country.  However, Paris, the iconic French capital, stands as an ideal place for higher education. Renowned for its prestigious universities, including the top universities in France such as PSL University and Sorbonne Paris stands as a global hub for higher education. Paris isn't just about studies—it's a cultural haven, perfect for those eyeing art colleges in Paris, France. Paris hosts the best options to study in France at the world ranked universities such as: 

  • CentraleSupélec, 
  • École Polytechnique, 
  • Télécom Paris

There is a long list of the best universities in Paris. However, the cost of living in Paris is far more than the other cities.The cost of studying in France for Indian students is an important factor while deciding the university. 

Programs taught in English

Study in France offers 2000+ programs taught in English under public and private universities, of which 1850+ are Master's programs in France & 150 are bachelor's programs. For a unique international perspective, students consider top universities in Paris from around the world. These are majorly divided into 9 segments as below:

Study Programs in France

Art, Design & Media Programs

Paris, a global fashion capital, hosts renowned art and fashion colleges in France, including Sorbonne University France, attracting creative minds worldwide. Discover art colleges in Paris France, a world of creativity and innovation at: 

  • École Polytechnique, 
  • Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL), 
  • Université Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne (UPEC)

These are few of the best uni in Paris to study and get into the global fashion world!

Business & Management Programs

Business & Management Programs

INSEAD University in France is considered to be one of the best universities in France for MBA. However, very few students can get admitted here due to high competition and extremely high academic requirements. Accordingly, you can select any one of the top MBA colleges in France by talking to an expert counselor at MOKSH.

For international students looking for top business universities in France but cannot get into INSEAD look for other best business schools in France. include:  

  • The American University in Paris (AUP France)
  • HEC Paris
  • ESCP Europe
  • SKEMA University
  • IFA Paris University France
  • Paris V University

These MBA universities in France provide world-class education and equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the global marketplace. Among European universities, the maximum students opt for the  best MBA colleges in France & Germany. On completion of these Masters in Management in France, the students are placed globally at a very good salary scale starting from EUR 100,000 and above! The cost at these top B schools in France would be high initially but pays off in the end. Your career is fully set once you study at the best B school in France!

Accreditation for the business and management schools

The certification guarantees the quality of the training and the degrees awarded by an institute in France. Majority of Indian students choose to study in France at the best universities for MBA. For the top business universities in France or MSc finance in France, you can opt for triple accredited business schools in France:

  • AMBA (Association of MBAs)
  • EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development)

Such business schools in France are the unique opportunity found otherwise only in Germany.

Computer Science and IT Programs

Computer Science & IT Programs

Indian students have craze in the IT & Computer Science programs. Few of the best colleges in France conducted in English. You may look to study at IT universities in France including:

  • École Normale Supérieure (ENS Paris-Saclay)Université 
  • Paris-Sud (UPSud - software engineering and networking), 
  • Télécom ParisTech ( Telecommunications)
  • ENS Paris-Saclay (theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence)

Engineering & Technology Programs

Engineering & Technology Programs

There is a huge range of universities for international students in France for Engineering programs in English. INSA Lyon is a leading institution fostering innovation and technical expertise. These institutions are renowned for their masters program in France with specializations in electrical engineering, science and mathematics, and aerospace engineering, respectively. These good universities in Paris and other cities in France would allow you to work within French industries. The MS in France for Indian students is a great choice at Masters level.

While doing this course, the universities generally provide certificate course in French language to ensure seamless integration into workplace.

Environment & Agriculture Programs

Environment & Agriculture Programs

The top uni in France for these courses are as below: 

  • AgroParisTech
  • École des Ponts ParisTech
  • INSE 

These are leading institutions offer the best options to study in France in the field of agriculture, civil and environmental engineering, and environmental sciences, respectively, with a strong focus on sustainability.

Humanities Programs

Sciences Po is a leading university globally for social sciences, political science, and international relations. Some other prestigious institution for humanities, like Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, École Normale Supérieure (ENS Ulm), etc., focus on literature, social sciences and philosophy. However, very few Indian students choose to study in France for these programs. These public colleges in France are ranked among the top in the world.

Law Programs

The top universities in France for Masters in  Law & Political Science are available such as Panthéon-Assas University. Also, following universities offer masters program in France for international students in the same space: 

  • Université Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Université Paris Panthéon-Assas 

Medicine and Health Programs

Medicine & Health Programs

The list of France Medical University include prestigious & old institutions such as:  

  • The University of Paris 
  • The Université Claude Bernard Lyon
  • Université de Montpellier that offers strong curricula for medicine and health sciences.

The nation is an ideal destination to study MBBS in France for Indian students looking for good colleges in France.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Programs

Natural Sciences & Mathematics Programs

There are multiple universities which are famous study mathematics in France. 

  • École Normale Supérieure (ENS Paris-Saclay), 
  • Université Paris-Sud (UPSud)
  • Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Refer to the table below for the availability of English-taught bachelor programs in France.

Course Name Bachelors Masters
Business and Management 55 453
Tourism, Hotel and Catering Management 7 28
Sciences, Environment, Health Science 9 363
Agriculture and Agroindustry 1 47
Mathematics 3 111
Engineering and Technology 15 472
Law, Economics 22 169
Humanities, Languages, Literature 20 131
Architecture, Arts, Design, Fashion 14 81

Undoubtedly, graduating from a French university unlocks a world of opportunities. The French degrees are globally accepted and makes you employable in any country! If you are looking to study in France top colleges, pick up your cell and call MOKSH expert counselors now!

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French Language Courses in France

French Language Courses in France

French universities offer a diverse range of programs, from certificate courses in French language to master in French language. Immerse yourself in the language of love by taking French language courses near me, or pursue a formal degree in French language to enhance your linguistic prowess.Many students opt to study French in France in summer vacations to improvise their proficiency while studying in in France in English programs.

With French language scholarships available, financial burdens are minimized, allowing you to focus on enriching your linguistic horizons. Whether you're seeking to master the intricacies of French grammar or simply gain conversational fluency, France provides an unparalleled learning environment. Just do not look for a French language course near me. You can call MOKSH Academy to learn French online course at very low cost!

Duration of the Course

France offers various academic programs, spanning Bachelor's in France and Master's degrees. The Bachelor's typically lasts three years, while Master's varies from one to two years. The duration of a master's in France depends on prior academic qualifications. 

Duration of Bachelor's and Masters programs in France:

Degree Duration
Bachelor's 3 years (4 years for professional courses)
Master's 1-2 years
M2 Course 1 year (for students with a 4-year Bachelor's degree)
Master's Program 2 years (for students with a 3-year Bachelor's degree)

For those Indian students with four years of undergrad such as an Engineering graduate, a one-year M2 program awaits. An Indian students having a B.Com degree who have completed a 3 year graduation in India opts for a two-year Master's. The masters programs at all the top France business schools require a minimum six-month internship in the industry, offering hands-on experience crucial for success in their field. 

Internship Requirements

Every master's program in France mandates students to complete a six-month internship. This hands-on experience equips students with the practical skills and expertise necessary to thrive in their chosen field. The training can be undertaken in France or abroad, subject to the approval of the student's academic advisor.

Tuition Fee in French Universities

Tuition Fee in French Universities

France ensures affordable higher education for international students. The government covers two-thirds of tuition costs for those in public universities in France for international students. Over 18% of students choose private institutions, especially business schools, where fees range from €8,000 to €20,000 annually. 

Public university fees are fixed by the government. Private university fees vary. Indian students can access scholarships and financial aid to ease their study expenses in France.

Cost of studying in French Universities for Indian students:

Degree Public Universities Private Universities
Bachelor €2,770 €8,000 to €20,000
Master €3,770 €8,000 to €20,000
Doctorate €380 €8,000 to €20,000

Accommodation and Cost of Living

France offers a diverse range of accommodation options for international students, catering to various budgets. Students can typically budget between €600 and €1,000 per month for renting a studio or shared apartment.

The total estimated monthly cost of living in Paris would be €500-850. Certainly, it is relatively high compared to other French cities, but it is still lower than in many other major study-abroad destinations.

The Living cost to study in France:

Every city has its own living cost. However, a table shown below shows an average living cost to study in France:

Expense Monthly Cost (EUR)
Transportation (bus, metro) €50-70
Groceries €150-250
Entertainment €50-100
Textbooks and study materials €50-100
Utilities (including electricity, water, and internet) €50-100
Scholarship in France

Scholarship in France

France subsidizes tuition costs for international students pursuing higher education. Certainly, the availability of France scholarships for Indian students provides excellent opportunities for educational advancement and cultural enrichment. To check the scholarship in France for Indian students, visit the official website www.inde.campusfrance.org

International students are eligible to apply for the following scholarships in France:

  • French Foreign Ministry Scholarships
  • Eiffel Excellence Scholarships
  • Regional Scholarships
  • ERASMUS+ Mobility Scholarships
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees
  • Bilateral Agreements
Scholarship Program Description Eligibility Benefits
French Foreign Ministry Scholarships Comprehensive scholarship program for Indian students worth Rs 12 crores (approximately USD 1.5 million) Indian students Financial support to pursue higher education in France
Eiffel Excellence Scholarships Designed to attract top international students to France Outstanding international students Full tuition fee coverage, monthly stipend, travel allowance, comprehensive health insurance
Regional Scholarships Scholarships covering tuition fees, living expenses, or a combination of both International students Varies by region
ERASMUS+ Mobility Scholarships Mobility bursaries for international students Students pursuing academic or professional opportunities in Europe, including France Varies by program
Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees Funding options for Master's students pursuing specialized fields through a multi-institutional research and coursework program Outstanding students worldwide Varies by program
Bilateral Agreements Scholarships covering relocation and accommodation costs for students participating in exchange programs Varies by agreement Varies by agreement

Admission requirements for study in france

The language requirements for international students depend on their academic aspirations. Let's delve into the language requirements for international students aspiring to study in France. The requirements to study in France for Indian students is same as above.

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Admission Deadline in French Universities

It generally takes 12 months to complete the process as per the system of education in France..In case you are going for the government universities in France. However, getting into these universities is very difficult and most of these universities provide programs taught in French language.The students are expected to have DELF / B2 level of French proficiency before applications.

While applying for the best business universities in France in private ones, the Indian students must remember that it takes time to process the applications to study in France. If you wish to go for the Sept intake, ideally your applications should have been done by March in the same year. There is no need of English proficiency test scores for these universities.

Study in France Eligibility Criteria

As you embark on your journey to study in France, you may wonder: Who can apply, and what are the eligibility criteria? Here's the breakdown:

Eligibility Bachelor's Program Master's Program
Academic Background At least 65% marks in 10+2 or High School (International Schools) Secure a minimum grade of 60% in your Bachelor's studies.
Language Proficiency No IELTS required for English-medium courses. IELTS scores required for candidates with regional language backgrounds. No IELTS required for English-medium courses. IELTS scores required for candidates with regional language backgrounds.
Study Gaps Gap certificate required for candidates with breaks in their studies. Gap certificate required for candidates with breaks in their studies.
Age Criteria Age should be over 18 years at travel and should not exceed 22 years. Parents must provide an affidavit of responsibility if the candidate is a minor. For non-professional courses, the age limit is 26 years. For an MSc, candidates can apply up to 33 years.

Admission process in France

The admission process for French universities can be daunting, especially for international students. To streamline this process, here's a step-by-step guide to gaining admission to a French university in France:

Step 1 : Apply to your preferred university and begin your academic adventure.

Step 2 : Your application gets a thorough evaluation by the Program Director and Search Committee, ensuring you meet all essential criteria.

Step 3 : Shortlisted candidates undergo a detailed interview to assess interests, program fit, and communication skills.

Step 4 : Successful candidates receive official offer letters from the university, marking a milestone in their academic pursuit.

Step 5 : Confirm your admission by making a tuition fee payment, securing your place in the program.

Step 6 : After payment, receive the Final Acceptance Letter crucial for the visa application and, if needed, for securing financial support from a bank.

Each business universities in France sets its own admission criteria, considering the student's background and the program's requirements. Certified documents are required for admission, often involving apostille, translation, and notarization to ensure equivalency. Campus France is India's designated agency for document approval.

How to Apply to Study in France

France student visa requirements

To obtain a French student visa, you must meet specific eligibility requirements and submit the required paperwork. The documents needed for the France student visa requirements for Indian citizens include:

visa requirements
  • Valid passport
  • Visa application form
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs
  • Proof of financial means
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Medical insurance
  • Letter of acceptance from a French university
  • Language proficiency test (For French taught programs)

Additional Documents (if applicable)

  • Parental consent form (if under 18 years old)
  • Birth certificate (if applying for a dependent visa)
  • Marriage certificate (if applying for a dependent visa for spouse)

The processing time for a France student visa typically takes 2-4 weeks. Apply for your visa well in advance of your planned departure date. The validity of a France student visa depends on the duration of your study program. The final step requires registering with your local prefecture within two months of your arrival in France.

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The majority of students go for MBA colleges in France or for Engineering for scientific breakthroughs, or artistic mastery, France has a university tailored to your aspirations. From the long France university list, MOKSH study abroad consultant will help you to select the right one for your dream career! 

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