Studium - Digital Classrooms

Studium - Digital Classrooms

MOKSH is setting up countrywide digital classrooms for interactive live classes suitable for group study environment. These fully equipped digital classrooms would have the latest interactive Video and Audio facilities connected to our central studio. Further, a small group of 20-25 students can simply connect with top rated faculties for:

  • Doubt clearance sessions
  • Guest Lectures
  • T & D sessions

While live classes including MCQ Review sessions are conducted online by top rated MOKSH global faculties in a structured manner which are accessible on your mobile or laptop, the interactive test assessment sessions are available in these digitally enabled classrooms.

Welcome to a hybrid learning experience at our Studium!

Studium - Face to Face Mentoring

The opportunity for Indian doctors to reach a PG or a specialist course is very limited due to the high competition in NEET-PG exam. Every medico prepares to score over 93 percentile in this exam to get a seat in an Indian Government Medical College.

Every Studium is operated by a licensed physician with minimum 2 years' experience to diagnose and treat patients. The doctor at the Studium will dedicate a fixed time everyday so that students can:

  • Be assessed for test results and performance
  • Be mentored individually for weaknesses
  • Get personalised guidance to reach the top
  • Recent Events interactive sessions
  • Give feedback
  • Study live cases by the doctor

You would be preparing for the license exam under the mentoring of a passionate and an experienced doctor.

Face to face mentoring
Doctor patient

Studium – Access to Patient Case Study

Every Studium is a primary healthcare delivery center. MOKSH is building India’s largest chain of such edu-clinics to deliver healthcare in an affordable and accessible manner. The doctor at the Studium spends at least 3 hours in consulting patients daily. These live patient case studies would also be included in the group study conducted for the medical students.

Interactive sessions are conducted at Studium at regular intervals to discuss the OPD patient's symptoms, diagnosis, suggested treatment and finally the results of the advisory. This will enhance the medical student's capability in both theoretical knowledge as well as practical application leading to high success ratio in NEXT 2 or USMLE Step 2CK!

Paramedical Courses

In order to deliver healthcare services to the remotest part of India, we need skilled healthcare workforce. Physicians alone cannot support the huge patients inflow. Along with the creation of a quality pool of doctors and specialists, MOKSH Academy aims to create a skilled workforce in the healthcare industry.The COVID 19 pandemic threw light on the huge gap in demand vs. availability. The government of India estimates a gap of around 6.4 million skilled health force in various categories such as:

  • Phlebotomist
  • General Duty Assistant
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Geriatric Care Assistant
  • Medical Record Assistant

Many of these courses are to be made available to those who wish to serve in the healthcare industry and make a living by serving patients.

paramedical courses

Inviting Doctors to operate Studium

The biggest challenge in the life of a doctor is after becoming a doctor. With a highly skewed ratio of UG to PG ratio in India, doctors take an estimated 4 attempts to get into a government medical colleges for a PG seat, in case they get success! Till this time, they are always in a dilemma whether to focus on preparing for a competitive exam such as NEET PG / NEXT or USMLE or to start working in a hospital. Studium affords an opportunity where they get respectable and stable earnings in the same field plus the flexibility to prepare for the exam!

Another challenge is to starting your own clinic. It is a very difficult decision for most doctors. Studium doctors the opportunity to become stable early in life and improvise their CV by participating in patient consulting along with student mentoring. This whole experience leads to a patient-centred learning creating excellence in test prep for license exams.

Start Your Own Clinic
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