Post-graduate abroad is becoming popular day by day as the post-graduate opportunities abroad are well developed and provide a high quality experience and education. Besides, post-graduate internships abroad and post –graduate study abroad programs are also on a rise. There are various opportunities for obtaining a scholarship for post graduate studies abroad. This is highly true in case of medicine post-graduate course. Post –graduate medicine courses after completing MBBS is always a topic of dilemma for doctors in India. After analyzing the various available opportunities, they consider going abroad for doing their medicine post-graduate. Apart from the USA, Germany is the upcoming destination for doctors to complete their post- graduate medical degree. Indian doctors highly prefer Germany. PG in medicine in Germany after completing MBBS in India is one of the best available options.The process of application and admission for post-graduate medicine programs could get a bit confusing but every minute would be worth the effort.


Applying for post-graduate medicine in Germany needs some efforts. After MBBS in Germany, Post-graduate degree in medicine is pursued by various Indians who gave up trying to crack AIPGMEE for more than 2 times.After failing to do so, they finally decide to move on and take up a different career option.To apply for MD in Germany after MBBS in India is full of challenges. Firstly, you need an experienced and genuine education consultant who understands your approach and needs in detail. It has pre-defined stages. Besides, it takes additional 2 years to study PG medicine in Germany. Ultimately, it gives you an opportunity for PR in Germany as well.


Plenty medical universities in Germany are available which teach the complete MBBS curriculum free of tuition fees. Besides, the process of Post-graduate studies in medicine in Germany is under the German medical council and the medical universities of Germany have no individual say in it. The entire journey up to Post Graduate medicine is simple and smooth if you have studied the bachelor level in a medical university in Germany. Also, if you are planning for MD level directly after MBBS in India, it possesses many challenges in the form of learning German language. Thus, we at MOKSH always make it a point to guide the MBBS aspirants in India to choose a ranked medical university of Germany for a successful individual roadmap up to medical Post-graduation.


Post-graduate medical programs in Germany is always a better option in comparison with post graduate medicine in UK, UCAS post-graduate medicine or to study post-graduate medicine in Canada and so on. In order to study Post-graduation in medical in Germany, students opt for these options in the following ways:

Option 1 ( Student Opted Roadmap)

The doctor would need minimum 6 -12 months prior to the departure due to the following criteria:

  • Learn German language in India up to B1 level.
  • We highly recommend a Masterdegree program in Healthcare Management in Germany (Conducted in English) in situations wherein the students have not completed their language program in India. Here, the doctors get a complete access to various hospitals and a chance to prepare themselves for German language up to level B1. Prior to departure, the doctor must complete the language program up to A2 level compulsorily.
  • Obtain the admission letter from a test and language learning center which is approved by the government for TELC B2 and TELC C1 . Normal and standard B2 and C1 level would not be enough.
  • Receive your Observer-ship from a German hospital approved by the German Medical Council to further pursue Medical PG in Germany.
  • Finally, complete the “Approbation System” i.e. to register yourself as a Medical Practitioner with German Medical licensing authorities. (MOKSH would do it through its German office).


Medical PG in Germany Roadmap The students look for their own accommodation after the observer-ship and the “Approbation” application (Licensing) is completed. Every student is eligible for 18 months of work permit on an official basis since they have a Master’s degree. MOKSH office in Germanywould guide you to get your accommodation as per your needs. This depends a lot on:

  • Language level proficiency.
  • Letter of recommendations obtained during observer-ship
  • Passing certificate for the Kenntnisprüfungexam (Non -competitive)


Sr. No. Course Fees (EUR) Fees (INR)
1 Language Program (A2-B1) in German university 3,000 Rs. 200,000
2 Language Program TELC B2 & TELC C1 separately in Berlin 6,000 Rs. 450,000
3 Finalizing the Observer-ship 900 Rs. 75,000
4 “Approbation” Service* 5860 Rs. 445,000
  TOTAL EUR 27,300 Rs. 11,70,000
5 Blocked account EUR 8,040 Rs. 600,000
6 Exam Cost for TELC B2 and TELC C1 EUR 300 Rs. 25,000

*Add pre-departure costs charged by MOKSH including travel costs MOKSH has not fixed the departure date. So, MOKSH does not advise students to go directly for this program. This can make the entire process quite time consuming especially if the observer-ship confirmation takes longer than assumed. Besides, the Visa process could be a matter of issue for some people. Accordingly, MOKSH has designed a concrete roadmap for post- graduation in medicine in Germany wherein the guarantee and authenticity of the program is preserved. It might cost a bit more but it every penny spent would pay off in the long run. Post- graduate study abroad scholarships for post-graduation courses in medical are available to a large scale in Germany.

Option 2( Mokhs Recommended Roadmap)

An alternative roadmap is always better than taking a 1 year Master’s degree in healthcare instead of going for TELC B2 and C1 level language program directly (In English). During this time, Indian doctors can learn German language up to TELC C1 level while pursuing the Master’s program (It is an upgraded course from MPH – Masters in Public Health since the financial and accounting part for running a hospital is also taught). This roadmap gives them a higher competitive edge and provides them with an amazing opportunity to be associated with various hospitals. Medical PG In Germany So during the first 2 years, the doctor completes 4 programs:

  • Learning A1 language level (preferably A2) in India leading to visa application
  • 1 year Master’s (If you are willing to learn German language) / 2 year MBA in Healthcare Management (If you want more time)
  • Learn German Language up to C1 level in the same city while completing the course.
  • Obtaining an Observer-ship in a hospital in Germany as per German Medical Council.
  • Approbation Application to convert temporary license to permanent German medical license allowing you to avail of the residency for MD / MS.
  • The residency period of 4 years on average and 5.5 years maximum for Neurosurgery. The council constantly changes the period for betterment purpose. The student is paid a stipend of EUR 4,000 per month (Around Rs.3 Lac) while going through residency. The normal living expenses for a doctor to stay in Germany is around EU 100 saving almost EUR 3,000 amounting to Rs.2.25 Lac. Thus, the student would save approximately Rs.25 Lac every year during the period of residency.

Post 2 Years Of Medical PG In Germany:

At the end of the 1st year, the doctor receives the work search permit (Visa extension) for 18 months based on the Master’s degree achieved in Germany and is allowed to stay back in Germany. The Approbation application issues a license by the German medical authorities. This applied through its counterpart based in Germany. However, the student needs to ensure passing of the language level as described above in order to pursue PG medicine in Germany. Based on the recommendation letter received from the doctor while doing the observer-ship and the personal interview at the hospital, the doctor could pursue his residency (Minimum 3 years – but depends on the specialization) in a German hospital. The German medical council felicitates the student with a board certified MD degree at the end of his residency.

Securing Your Interests:

Even if you are not able to get the residency leading to post graduation in Germany after MBBS immediately after the observer-ship, the doctor can get a job in the hospital towards management work while the clinical residency could always be continued to be applied. Also, The doctors get a huge back up for the immigration if required.The first 2 years of program recover the costs incurred in the next 2 years of residency and the net cost to received MD is ZERO!


There are few advantages of this program over doing Medical PG in USA:

  • To pursue medicine PG in Germany, there is no need to appear for the competitive entrance test like USMLE and if the doctor learns the language and passes the “TestDaf”, it is good enough to ensure Residency. Besides, the doctor needs to pass a test called “Kenntnisprüfung” which is non- competitive for converting their temporary medical license to the permanent medical practice license


  • The competition to get the residency is much lower in comparison to USA since Germany has a very stable population and the flow of international students is very low compared to USA.


  • The doctor pursuing medical PG in Germany would be able to get the specialization of his choice such as Neuro / Cardio / Ortho / Radiology while in USA, the international doctors are given General medicine, Family medicine or internal medicine as options during residency.


  • The cost of doing the program in USA is almost 75% more than that of Germany.


Sr. No. Course Fees (EUR) Fees (INR)
1 Master’s Program in Healthcare Management 12,300 Rs. 925,000
2 Language Program (A2-B1) in Germany 3,000 Rs. 2,00,000
3 Language Program TELC B2 & TELC C1 separately in Berlin 6,000 Rs. 450,000
4 Finalizing the Observer-ship 900 Rs. 75,000
5 “Approbation” Service* 5860 Rs. 445,000
  TOTAL EUR 27,300 Rs. 20,95,000
6 Blocked account EUR 8,040 Rs. 600,000
7 Exam Cost for TELC B2 and TELC C1 EUR 300 Rs. 25,000

*Add pre-departure costs charged by MOKSH including travel costs download_but In all, the doctor can get the language proficiency and Medical license to work in German hospital backed with a Master’s degree in Healthcare Management at one of the best post-graduate medical schools allowing him to stay in Germany for 18 more months. A chance for residency with stipend leading to master in medicine in Germany in your chosen field is available at Rs27 Lac. However, learning a language to the expected proficiency level and completing the process as per the dynamic German medical council are the 2 challenges that you would have to face. Now choose between Rs.2 to 3 Crore of expense Vs. above achievements!


  • Registration with MOKSH
  • Submission of CV to various hospital network in Germany
  • Enrolling of doctor in India for A1-A2 level ( 6 months)
  • Enrolling for the German language program in Germany from B1-B2-C1 level
  • Confirmation of the observer-ship in Germany (6 months from submission)
  • Opening of Blocked account in German bank for Rs.6 Lac
  • Processing visa (3 Months by German consulate)
  • Pursuing their post graduate medical courses.

The total process takes around 1 year and an expense of around Rs.25 Lac to complete medical post-graduation abroad especially in case of PG in Germany after MBBS in India. On completion of the observer-ship in the hospital, the doctor would be placed in the same hospital for the residency and as per the rules of the German medical council, would have to proceed for the board certified degree. This degree would not be valid in India. But on average, the doctor would earn Rs.1.00 Cr per annum towards salary from the hospital to start with. Many Indian students have opted for this route to post-graduate courses in medicine after MBBS in Germany which is challenging in the beginning but very practical road map for their future is created with an added advantage of low cost with guarantee of observer-ship in the selected are for MD medicine in Germany. Besides, opportunities for medical research abroad are plenty. Thus, Go ahead and pursue your post-graduation in medicine abroad!