5 Reasons to Study MBBS in Georgia with Top Colleges List

The experience of studying medicine or MBBS in Georgia holds a positive connotation for many students and the country is famous worldwide for its medical education institutions.

While there are several options for Indian Citizens who want to pursue MBBS in a foreign nation, Georgia happens to be one of the most well-loved destinations especially because of its focus on providing quality medical coursework.

There are several reasons available to choose Georgia for doing MBBS. But, in this article, we will discuss the top 5 reasons to study MBBS in Georgia.

Top 5 Reasons to Study MBBS in Georgia

Studying in Georgia opens the gate to opportunities with quality education. Indians get both quality education as well as a globally recognized degree.

Here are some of the major benefits of pursuing an MBBS in Georgia.

1. Recognized by MCI and WHO

The quality of education in universities is top-notch for many reasons. Firstly, there are 18+ universities in Georgia which are recognized by MCI as well as WHO among other medical bodies. Moreover, the fees provided at these MBBS universities in Georgia are on par with those found at a few public and private universities in India.

2. World-class infrastructure

A great deal of technological innovation takes place in the medical industry, and MBBS in Georgia universities are no exception. The nation's top medical institutions utilise advanced laboratories and technologies to bridge the gap between basic science research and clinical practice.

Some institutions even allow first-year students with a strong interest in the healing field to participate in on-campus experiences such as clinical work or laboratory sessions.

3. Elimination of entrance exam

When it comes to studying medicine abroad, the admission process for MBBS in Georgia is very simple. The process is straightforward and standardised: depending on your GPA, you'll be allowed to apply for MBBS.

Admissions to study medicine in Georgia are fairly simple: acceptance into an international program will depend largely on the student's performance during their 12th grade--specifically in their science classes.

To pursue MBBS in Georgia, students must clear the 12th Science subjects - Physics, Chemistry and Biology at the school. Those with a minimum of 50% marks can get admission to study MBBS in Georgia.

4. Affordable and safety

A lot of medical schools in Georgia offer low-cost tuition and accommodation to international students, who can choose from various degrees, including the popular MBBS. Such institutions also provide a 50% discount on travel expenses.

Indian students can afford to study MBBS abroad without worrying about saving for so many costs that are not directly related to education like accommodation, transportation etc.

Georgia is an exceptionally safe country for students – of both genders. It is one of the most highly developed countries in the world and thus has very low crime rates. Students can also safely avail mass transportation that is available throughout the busy city!

Separate hostels exist for males and females, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to safety while living on campus. The European feel of this city paired with its top-notch public facilities and safer environments make it a unique place to be in, to say the least!

5. Option for permanent residency

Some students opt to study abroad in Georgia while pursuing MBBS. Once they're done with their three-year degree, they can apply for a permanent residency in the country.

Any medical graduate in Georgia is allowed to work at a hospital or clinic here under the supervision of a registered doctor.

Top 6 medical universities for MBBS in Georgia

1. Tbilisi State Medical University

When it comes to leading medical colleges in Georgia, Tbilisi State Medical University holds the top position on the list.

Founded year 1918
University type Government university
Location Tbilisi city
Country rank 7
Total fees budget 37.74 lakhs in INR
Accreditation WHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian food and accommodation for student Available

In more than 10 decades of education history, this Medical University has created thousands of quality doctors and professionals throughout the world.

This university provides quality education and has experienced professors who are mastered in their subjects and are committed to providing the best education to all the students.

2. Akaki Tsereteli State University

It is one of the oldest and most famous universities in Georgia. Every year this university produces quality medical professionals and aspiring doctors.

Founded year 1933
University type Government university
Location Kutaisi city
Country rank 12
Total fees budget 20.16 lakhs in INR
Accreditation WHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian food and accommodation for student Available

Akaki University is recognised by the American Medical Council, WHO, Medical Council of India, and European Medical Council.

From innovative methods of teaching to campus infrastructure, this university spends a huge amount of its annual budget. The best thing about this university is it also offers loan based MBBS courses and also provides several scholarship programs for students.

3. University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is known for its high-quality education in various education fields. Even though it was founded in 2004, it gained popularity and holds a place in the top medical universities of Georgia.

Founded year 2004
University type Government university
Location Tbilisi city
Country rank 4
Total fees budget 28.41 lakhs in INR
Accreditation WHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian food and accommodation for student Available

Its popularity is due to the high-quality medical education methods. This university provides better education for all international students, as the medium of teaching is English only.

Every course is structured in such a way that the student gets the perfect balance of theoretical and practical knowledge.

4. Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Ivane University was founded in 1918 and it's also the oldest yet best medical university in Georgia.

Founded year 1918
University type Government university
Location South Caucasus, Georgia
Country rank 1
Total fees budget 31.26 lakhs in INR
Accreditation WHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian food and accommodation for student Available

Through the world-class teaching methods, this university attracts hundreds of medical students all over the world.

The advantage of this university is its course is compatible with the Indian syllabus. This university has become a hotspot for Indian students who are interested in international opportunities.

5. ILIA state university

ILIA university uses ultra innovative teaching methodologies to develop quality medical professionals every year.

Founded year 2006
University type Government university
Location Tbilisi, Georgia
Country rank 2
Total fees budget 25.75 lakhs in INR
Accreditation WHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian food and accommodation for student Available

This university is tied up with 30 around 30 Research Institutes that focus on studying various principles of Applied Sciences.

To provide overall growth for a candidate, this university provides a wide range of student-centric facilities.

6. Caucasus International University

With world-class infrastructure and great employment opportunities, this university attracts hundreds of Indian students every year.

Founded year 1995
University type Government university
Location Tbilisi, Georgia
Country rank 20
Total fees budget 26.64 lakhs in INR
Accreditation WHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian food and accommodation for student Available

Caucasus International University has received Saral acceleration and offers courses in multiple streams.

With better facilities like the auditorium, library, and highly facilitated lab, they are offering every resource that caters to the development of every individual.

Wrapping up

MBBS in Georgia studies have now become the most trending destination among Indian students. It is specifically renowned for aspiring doctors who are keen to build their careers in European countries. The University of Tbilisi and other Georgian universities are famous for offering MBBS programs as well, making it a top choice to study abroad.

However, applying for MEDICAL SCHOOLS ABROAD takes expertise on behalf of the user because many aspects of these universities are still difficult to know about.

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