University of Georgia

The University of Georgia, Tbilisi

Established in 2004, the University of Georgia, Tbilisi has been at the forefront of health sciences and public health education. There are totally 23 medical universities in Georgia out of which 17 are private ones. In all, every 5th international student within Georgia is studying at the University of Georgia!

Above all, the University of Georgia is considered to be the best medical university in Georgia country. University of Georgia is the only private institution offering MBBS in Georgia + PG in USA under its “Integrated American Program”. Under this special program, the students prepare for the USMLE steps before they graduate ensuring their journey to USA for their PG program.

University of Georgia, Tbilisi - Quick Facts 2024

Here are the course highlights for MBBS studies at the University of Georgia presented in a tabular format:

Established 2004
University Type Private
Intakes September & March
Basic Eligibility 50% in PCB
MBBS Course Duration 6 years
Medium of Education English
NEET Exam Yes, Compulsory
Tuition Fees 6000 USD/Year
Recognition and Accreditations NMC, WHO, WFME & ECFMG
Ranking Country Rank - 3
World Rank - 6124
IELTS or TOEFL Not Required

Accreditation and Recognition of the University of Georgia, Tbilisi

The university of Georgia is considered to be the best medical universities in Georgia for international students due to the global acceptance of the degree issued by them.

The University of Georgia is legally recognized and accredited by:

  • National Medical Commission (NMC)
  • World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)
  • Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)
  • Medical Counselling Committee (MCC)

University of Georgia, Tbilisi Ranking 2024

The University of Georgia Tbilisi is the top MBBS university in Georgia.

  • Among the Private universities in Georgia : Rank 1
  • University of Georgia Country Ranking is 3rd among 67 universities.
  • University of Georgia World Ranking is : 6124

Scholarship to study MBBS at University of Georgia

The University of Georgia cost is reduced due to the scholarships to the first 100 students who have enrolled for the Integrated American Program. Each of the students enrolling for this program would be entitled for a scholarship worth US$ 12,000 for the entire course and would be distributed on annual basis with US$ 2,000 per year for entire MBBS in Georgia duration.

The above scholarship would be distributed on the first cum first basis.

Accordingly, smart students do not just check the MBBS in Georgia cost. They also see what they will get at the end of the journey.

MBBS in Georgia

MBBS in Georgia

At most medical universities, Georgia MBBS fees range from 4000 USD to 8000 USD annually. How to select the best university in Georgia for MBBS? It is essential ...

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Free tuition: The tuition fee for PG programs in the US is completely free. This is a huge financial benefit, especially compared to the cost of medical school

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Integrated American Program

Integrated American Program

The University of Georgia offers an affordable program called the Integrated American Program (IAP). This unique program helps students prepare ..

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Programs offered at University of Georgia

The institution offers comprehensive Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral level programs in English and Georgian language The international students at University of Georgia from 70 different countries opt for programs such as:

  • MBBS at University of Georgia Tbilisi, Georgia
  • MBBS in Georgia + PG in USA (Integrated American Program)
  • Nursing in University of Georgia
  • Bachelor of Engineering in various streams
  • Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in collaboration with UC Berkeley, USA

The highest number of students are from India to study MBBS in University of Georgia. The university has opened a new campus within Tbilisi city to accommodate huge flow of Indian students to this university.

University of Georgia Tbilisi Fees Structure 2024-25

The MBBS fees structure in Georgia vary for every universities. The tuition fees vary between US$ 5,000 to US$ 8,000 per year depending on the medical college you finally choose to apply. The University of Georgia MBBS Fees structure provides an option to study at low cost with high quality teaching.

Detailed University of Georgia Tbilisi MBBS fees structure is as follows:

FEES IN RUPEES (INR) Approx. 5,00,000 Rupees/yr. 83,387 Rupees/yr.

*The program offers to study MBBS in Georgia + PG in USA leading to residency in USA. The University of Georgia offers a special scholarship of US$ 2,000 per year amounting to around INR 10,00,000 for the integrated American Program. You can choose to pay the University of Georgia Fees directly to the university bank account as per your choice.

There are other options available as low cost Georgia Medical Universities. However, these cheap medical universities in Georgia lacks the quality of education, infrastructure, facilities and English speaking teachers.

Since Georgia MBBS Fees as well as the living costs are slightly higher than that of Russia, the costs should be considered before finalizing the country.

Eligibility to study MBBS in University of Georgia, Tbilisi

MBBS in Georgia: Eligibility Criteria

The basic eligibility to apply for Georgia Medical Colleges are as follows:

  • Applicants must achieve a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) in Class XII.
  • Candidates must be at least 17 years old.
  • Aspirants must have qualified for the NEET exam for the application year.
  • Basic proficiency in English is required and may be assessed during an interview process.
  • No requirement of IELTS or TOEFL scores to study medicine in Georgia for international students

To get admission to study MBBS in University of Georgia, you need to approach an authorized study abroad consultants online or in your city. You may apply online by clicking below:

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Documents Required for MBBS in University of Georgia

The University of Georgia admissions are open throughout the year and involves various stages as mentioned below:

Admission Process for MBBS in University of Georgia

Here is a list of the documents required before being admitted to medical colleges in Georgia:

  • Passport with a minimum validity of 18 months.
  • 10th Grade Certificate and Mark Sheet.
  • 12th Grade Certificate and Mark Sheet.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • 10 passport-size Photographs.
  • Official Invitation letter from the Medical University of Georgia.
  • Authorization of all documents from the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  • Legalization of all documents from the Georgian Embassy.
  • Visa fees.
  • Bank receipt of MBBS Fees (1st year) (required for some Universities).

The NEET UG results are generally announced in the last week of June every year and the students pre-apply to block their seats for MBBS in University of Georgia to ensure readiness of their PLAN B (just in case they do not get admission in India). Generally those who get less than 500 marks in NEET apply to this university well in advance.

The students delaying their decision to study MBBS at University of Georgia before the admission deadlines need to opt for the next intake. MOKSH has online and off line counseling as well as application support support to study MBBS in University of Georgia.

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Intakes for MBBS in University of Georgia - 2024-25

According to the program of study, the deadline for admission to the University of Georgia can vary. The annual intake and application deadline can be found in the table below.

Intake Course Last Date to Apply
Autumn September 2024 1st July 2024
Spring February 2025 15th Dec, 2025

It is important to note that the embassy of Georgia takes approx. 4-6 weeks to issue Visa to study MBBS in Georgia, hence, applying early is advisable.

Advantages to study Medicine at the University of Georgia, Tbilisi

The University of Georgia provides numerous advantages for students seeking a robust medical education.

Here are the key benefits:

  • The Medical program at the University of Georgia is entirely taught in English, providing a convenient medium of instruction for Indian students.
  • The university does not require IELTS or TOEFL scores for admission, making the application process simpler and more accessible.
  • High-quality education at an affordable cost, especially for the Medical Degree program.
  • Tbilisi's climate is moderate and similar to India's, providing a comfortable environment for Indian students. This enhances the overall experience of obtaining a Medical degree, coupled with ample opportunities for clinical experience.
  • The University of Georgia, Tbilisi, boasts of satisfactory infrastructure, supporting a conductive learning environment.
  • A medical degree from the University of Georgia, Tbilisi, is valid in India. The MBBS course duration in Georgia matches with the norms specified by NMC regulation of 54 months of theory and 12 months of internship.
  • With the growing popularity of medical studies in Georgia, there has been a surge in the availability of masses that provide Indian food, providing a taste of home for Indian students.

Disadvantages to study MBBS in Georgia

There are few disadvantages to study MBBS in Georgia even if you have chosen to study at the best medical schools in Georgia.

  • The living cost is as high as US$ 3,000 per year. Most of the agents in India show it lesser than the actual one making it attractive to push to choose of the MBBS colleges in Georgia.
  • Out of 23 institutions, around 17 are private medical colleges. The quality of education and the infrastructure at most of these private are very poor. You need to choose the best medical colleges in Georgia such as University of Georgia else this can be a very bad experience.
  • Only University of Georgia has FMGE / NExT coaching as a built in program within their MBBS curriculum ensuring that they not only provide the degree but help you get the license when you return back to India.

Hostel and Accommodation at the University of Georgia

None of the Tbilisi universities provide hostel facilities. Although on-campus housing isn't currently provided, students can find shared rooms or rent an apartment nearby. The team of MOKSH in Tbilisi pre-book the apartments for the students in case they wish to. It is always better to opt for this service else, the students would need to book hotel till they find the suitable apartment.

The living costs to study at the best universities in Georgia are very low in compared to other European cities. The cost of accommodation is contingent on the amenities and resources provided, with an individual's estimated living cost averaging around USD 180 per month. Students opting for private apartments should budget between USD 180-300 depending on the accommodation type and sharing of the students. Generally, the students would have to pay for the entire year. However, few of the hostels allow you to pay on semester basis with a condition to extend the stay for the next semester in case you have paid in the 4th month of the first semester. Always sign a lease agreement with the apartment owner in order to ensure legal stay within Tbilisi.

Generally, an international student spends USD 3,000 per year throughout the MBBS duration in Georgia towards living expenses towards hostel, food, local conveyance and other personal expenses.

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MBBS in Georgia: Eligibility Criteria

Indian Food in Tbilisi, Georgia

There are 3 ways that Indian students can access the Indian food in Tbilisi, Georgia while studying at University of Georgia, Tbilisi:

  • Students can choose to cook for themselves while staying at a shared private apartment
  • Indian Mess options are also available, costing around USD 120 per month.
  • Explore the variety of 12 Indian restaurants and cafes in the Tbilisi city

Generally speaking the ecosystem for Indian food is well established. It may be noted that around 65% of the Indian students are from South India and the Indian food based on South Indian cuisine is quite popular there!

Syllabus of MBBS in University of Georgia, Tbilisi

Below is a list of all subjects for each semester from the first to sixth years-

Year Subject Topics
1st Cell Biology, Body Systems, Biophysics and Medical Physics, Clinical and Professional skills, Introduction to Information Technologies, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Body Function, Bioethics
2nd Body Systems, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Histology, Imaging, Immunology, Body Function, Neuroscience, Introduction to Psychology, Clinical and Professional skills, Skills for Academic Study, Public Health, Research Skills
3rd Pathology, Pharmacology, Methods of Diagnosis, Microbiology, Public health, Physical Diagnosis, Radiology, Laboratory Medicine, Immunology, Surgery (General)
4th Internal Medicine, Surgery Research Skills (Epidemiology and Biostatistics), Dermatology, Pediatrics, Clinical and Professional skills, Surgery, Infectious Diseases Public Health, Leadership in Healthcare
5th Internal medicine, Neurology, Surgery, Forensic Medicine, Clinical and Professional skills, Public Health, Psychiatry, Surgery, Clinical and Professional skills, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Research Skills (Evidence-Based Medicine), Elective Courses, Child Neurology, Quality and Safety in Healthcare
6th Internal Medicine, Surgery, Medical Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy, Clinical and Professional Skills, Clinical Radiology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Palliative Medicine, Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Family Medicine and Geriatrics, Clinical and Professional Skills, Research Skills

Comparison of Integrated American Programs

Among all the MBBS colleges in Georgia, only two top medical universities in Georgia are allowed to conduct the Integrated American Program. Under this program, the international students are prepared for USMLE steps and provided clerkship in USA for getting the ECFMG certification. On clearing these exams, the students are able to get the residency in a US based teaching hospital leading to Medical PG in USA. Both of these are Tbilisi universities and are the best to study medicine.

The comparison between these two programs are given as below:

- University of Georgia Tbilisi State Medical University
University Private Public
Fees in USD per year US$ 9,000 per year US$ 13,500 per year
Scholarship US$ 2,000 per year 0
USMLE Step coaching Included Included
Campus Tbilisi Tbilisi
Indian Students from India 2,000 1,000

Around 50% of the students at TSMU for American program are from GCC countries such as UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia etc.


The language of instruction at University of Georgia is English.
 Yes, the University of Georgia is accredited by the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement.
The tuition fee for the MBBS program at the University of Georgia is in the mid-low range. The estimated budget for Indian students studying MBBS would be around 22-24 Lacs in Rupees. This budget will include all your living expenses.

Many of our students studying at UOG have provided excellent feedback. The quality of education and facilities make it a top choice for international students.

Yes, the University of Georgia offers scholarships to Indian students. The criteria of scholarship are fully based on merit score and other criteria.


The University of Georgia's world ranking is #514 and it varies across different ranking systems and criteria. Make sure to check the latest rankings of the university.

The University of Georgia is a Private university.

Generally, the Universities of Georgia offer two intakes per year for the MBBS program: The first intake is in March, and The second is in September.

Choosing between the two cities is easy because Tbilisi is always the better option. It's more popular, and living and working there is easier compared to other towns in Georgia.