Nursing in Germany

There is a huge demand for nurses in Germany. An estimated 1,850 hospitals are established which offers great job opportunities for Indians to settle down as a Nurse in Germany. An estimated 20,000 nursing jobs in Germany are vacant which needs to be filled by 2030 in 16 states of Germany. 

In order to fill the nurse vacancy in Germany, you can opt from any of the 3 options given below based on your suitability:

  • Study Nursing in  Germany for free via Ausbildung
  • Study Nursing in Georgia and work in Germany after 12th
  • Work after BSc Nursing in India

This article will help you to study, work and settle down as a Nurse in Germany and become a contributor to the German healthcare system.

What is Nursing Ausbildung in Germany

When it comes to study Nursing at Germany, the students have a choice to study at these vocational Training centers. The Ausbildung or a vocational training centers in Germany which adapts to unique dual education system consisting of theoretical and practical training.

The apprentice can be started at any time and also allows you to switch to a different profession matching with your passion. It is a highly flexible system in which you can join the Ausbildung at any age of 18 to 25 years making study Nursing in Germany for free for international students a very interesting option.

This dual education German system known as Ausbildung is globally renowned to gain professional skills and enter the workforce. Due to its strong focus on practical skills and close links to the industry, the demand is filled with the international students for programs such as Nursing in Germany.

During your nursing apprenticeship, you would paid a salary at the part time job while you study in Nursing course in Germany in the classroom. This makes nursing in Germany for Indian students a very good option leading to opportunities to settle down in Germany.

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Option : 1 Study Nursing in Germany for free

In order to study Nursing in Germany for free, the Indian students can join Nursing Ausbildung in Germany (Apprenticeship). The practical phase of the program is conducted at a hospital or a healthcare facility where the students gain hand on experience caring the patients under a licensed nurse.During the Nursing in Germany course at Ausbildung is conducted, the students learn basic care to patients, including monitoring vital signs, administering medication and conducting basic physical examinations. They will also learn the diagnostic procedures and treatments.

The Nursing in Germany at Ausbildung is a 3 to 3.5 years course after which the student will appear for a state exam. These exams consist of written and spoken papers in German language. On completion of the course and successfully passing the exam, the student can practice as a licensed Practical Nurse in Germany. In case you prefer to reach the supervisory and managerial role in a German hospital as an Indian nurse in Germany, you need to take further education to become a licensed Registered Nurse.

Popular Programs

Since the Nursing in Germany for free is conducted in German language, one must have the  German language proficiency of B2 before enrolment. It is mandatory to clear the German language course up to B2 level to get the Visa to study Nursing Program in Germany. 

The Indian students can opt for Nursing in Germany after 12th by enrolling at these Ausbildung. It will also involve an interview by the healthcare company or an institution  before you are issued the final letter. MOKSH can help you make your career as a Nurse in Germany and settle down in this beautiful country. At Ausbildung, you will be employed on part time basis while the classes are conducted at the vocational school. In Germany nursing course attracts lot of attention from Indian students.

MOKSH online German language courses are provided to the Indian students as a part of the service to ensure they are being prepared to study Nursing in Germany for free. Further, we are in a position to select the right Ausbildung for you and enrol you there to start your Nursing course in Germany for free. The Visa acceptance rate for the programs at Ausbildung for Indian students is low due to high expectations of language proficiency by the embassy.

Option 2 : Study Nursing in Georgia and work in Germany

This is a specially designed program to fill the Nursing in Germany demand gap. The students can study Nursing in Georgia after 12th in India for a 3 years degree program with the tuition fees as low as US$ 4,500. During this degree course, the student will learn German language up to B2 level at the university. 

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In the 4th year of the course, all the practical training / internship would be provided at a Georgian hospital with quality and standards matching with that of Germany. The university will provide you with a Bachelor of Nursing degree acceptable throughout Europe.

This is the best option for the students to pursue Nursing career in Germany due to various reasons:

  • Readiness for the state Nursing exam conducted for practical Nurse license in Germany
  • Opportunity to work as a Nurse at the German hospitals during internship
  • Improvise the German language to C1 level in Germany 
  • Make your CV very attractive for the hospitals. 
  • Very high chances of job & Visa

At the end of this, you would be directly inducted into the German hospitals as a licensed practical nurse with a degree. With 2 years of additional experience, you can get the status of a registered nurse within Germany. Most of the students choose this option to fulfill their dream of Nursing at Germany.

The students would have to pay the tuition fees and the living cost for their Bachelor of Nursing course almost equal to Indian fees at a good nursing college. However, on completion of the program, the acceptance rates of the students as a Indian Nurse in Germany is as high as 90% with a approx salary of EUR 36,000 (INR. 22 Lacs). The whole program can be funded under education loan due to its employment orientation.

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Option 3 : Work after Indian B.Sc. Nursing in Germany

Many Indian nurses who have already completed the B.Sc Nursing in India and have 2 years of working in India are looking for a better salary and quality of life. The benefits of working as a Nurse in Germany are:

  • Salaries after Nursing in Germany touching almost 10X in comparison to India
  • Fixed 38 hours per week working hours
  • Highly hygienic environment at the healthcare facilities
  • Huge demand for Nurses leading to confirmed employment

The easiest way to get your license as a registered nurse within Germany is to learn German language up to B2 level. All your academic documents would be translated into German language and attested by the German Embassy. An equivalency certificate of your Indian degree would be done by MOKSH for your application to work as a Nurse in Germany. This equivalency certificate would allow you the application to be processed further.

In the meantime, MOKSH will support you to prepare your CV in English and in German language to ensure it reaches out to various healthcare institutes within Germany. On clearing the interview and the state exam, you would be able to get the work visa and settle down as a Nurse in Germany.

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Salary after Nursing in Germany

On completion of Nursing in Germany course, the salary scales are much higher than that in India.

Sr. No. Stage Estimated Salary
1 During Ausbildung as an Nursing Apprentice EUR 26,000
2 As a licensed Practical Nurse on passing exam EUR 36,000
3 As a Licensed registered Nurse in Germany EUR 55,000

Once you start your professional journey as a nurse in Germany by working in a hospital for 2 years, you get automatically eligible for PR or a blue card.

Nursing in Germany Consultants

There are very few reliable & specialized Nursing in Germany consultants in India who can deliver the career till you settle down. With MOKSH you can get the high quality and transparent career advisory services for Nursing program in Germany. 

Various services are available from MOKSH to hundreds of students departing every year for Nursing in Germany program:

  • Language learning till B2 level
  • Application to Ausbildung / European University based on your selection
  • ASP for academic equivalency certificate
  • Approval of Federal Employment Agency within Germany
  • Arranging interview meeting with the German healthcare facilities
  • Obtaining German labor department approval
  • Opening blocked account in Germany
  • Visa documentations
  • Travel package
  • Accommodation support

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It is not important to search for Study in Germany consultants near me, it is better to get the best advisory and execution services, even if the consulting is conducted online! Enquire for a free German language online class with MOKSH to start your journey!

Nursing in Germany Eligibility

In order to apply for the best Nursing program in Germany, the students need to have the required eligibility. Following documents required for the application for your journey for a Nursing at Germany:

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  • Academic 
  • B2 Level German proficiency
  • Mark sheet for the last Diploma / Degree certification
  • Copy of Passport
  • Letter of Recommendation (Minimum 2)
  • CV / Resume for the professional nurses
  • Police Verification Report
  • Work experience certificate if any

You may call MOKSH counselor to get high quality free German language course.


If you have appeared for 12th in India, choose the 2nd option leading to a guaranteed employment in Germany as a Nurse on completion of Bachelor in Nursing in Georgia. In case you are a working nurse in India having minimum of 2 years of experience, choose the 3rd option for your dream to work as a Nurse in Germany.

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