It is not true that the first year fees are almost 5 times in comparison to the next 5 years MBBS in Russia course. This is a very important question. Few agents in India are wrongfully charging the students very high tuition fees such as Rs. 6 Lacs and above in their first year. The subsequent years fees would be kind of Rs. 1 Lac per year only! You must be very careful with this structure. This is due to the fact that the fees of the medical colleges in Russia are almost uniform. The first year additional cost is just due to the Registration Fees, Medical Check up, Resident Permit extension, Travel cost etc. The total cost of these additional fees is hardly Rs. 1 Lac to 1.50 Lacs and no more. For example, Crimea Federal University in Russia (Which was earlier in Ukraine) has a fee structure of Rs. 180,000 per year only. However, for the first year, the total fees is Rs. 260,000 only. Once you have given huge amount in the first year, you would play in the hands of the agent. In case the agent does not pay the next year fees, you would have to pay it over there!

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