Do medical universities in Russia meet all NMC criteria?

Medical education is critical to training future healthcare professionals. For many aspiring doctors, pursuing medical studies abroad, particularly in countries like Russia, is an enticing option.

However, an essential consideration for prospective students is whether the medical universities in Russia meet the criteria set forth by the National Medical Commission, formally known as Medical Council of India.

In this blog, we'll examine whether these institutions align with NMC standards and what prospective students need to know.

NMC Recognition

The Importance of NMC Recognition

The NMC is the regulatory body overseeing medical education in India. Its approval is crucial for MBBS degrees obtained from abroad to be valid for practising medicine in India. Graduates from NMC-listed universities can appear for the National Exit Test (NEXT) exam, but if you want to opt for the United State Medical Licence Exam (USMLE), your university must be approved by NMC and ECFMG.

NMC Criteria for Foreign Medical Universities

The NMC, established in 2020, is the regulatory body overseeing medical education in India. It plays an important part in ensuring the quality of medical professionals by setting and enforcing stringent criteria for MBBS degrees obtained abroad. These criteria encompass various aspects, including:

NMC Criteria for Foreign Medical Universities
  • University Recognition: The university must be recognized by the Ministry of Education of the respective country.
  • Course Duration: The MBBS program should be a minimum of 54 months, including 12 months of integrated clinical training.
  • Medium of Instruction: The MBBS course should be taught primarily in English.
  • Faculty Qualifications: The university must have qualified faculty members with relevant medical degrees and teaching experience.
  • Infrastructure and Facilities: The university should possess adequate infrastructure, including well-equipped laboratories, a functional library, and a teaching hospital with a sufficient number of beds.
  • Clinical Rotations: Students must have exposure to various clinical rotations during their studies.
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: The NMC mandates a favourable student-teacher ratio to ensure quality individual attention.

Do All Russian Medical Universities Meet NMC Criteria?

While Russia boasts a strong medical education system, not every university automatically qualifies for NMC recognition. Individual universities must demonstrate compliance with the NMC criteria.

Here's a breakdown of the situation:

NMC-Listed Universities: Fortunately, a significant number of Russian medical universities are listed on the NMC website. These universities have been evaluated and deemed to meet the required standards.

Continual Scrutiny: The NMC maintains the right to periodically review the status of listed universities. This ensures ongoing adherence to the criteria.

Importance of Verification: It is crucial to verify its NMC recognition status on the official NMC website before applying to any medical university in Russia. This verification ensures your eligibility to practice medicine in India after graduation.

List of NMC-Approved Medical Universities in Russia

 NMC-Approved Medical Universities

Benefits of Choosing NMC-Approved Medical Universities in Russia

Choosing an NMC-approved medical university in Russia offers several significant benefits for Indian students:

Eligibility to Practice in India: Completing an MBBS degree from an NMC-approved university in Russia allows you to appear for the National Exit Test (NEXT) in India. Successfully qualifying for NEXT makes you eligible to practice medicine in India.

Globally Recognised Degree: An MBBS degree from a reputed NMC-approved Russian university is recognized internationally, opening doors for potential career opportunities abroad.

High-Quality Education: Russian medical universities strongly emphasise theoretical knowledge and practical skills, preparing students for successful medical careers.

Affordable Fees: Compared to some other countries studying MBBS in Russia offers a more cost-effective option with lower tuition fees and living expenses.

Exposure to Diverse Clinical Settings: Clinical training in Russian hospitals provides valuable exposure to various medical cases, enriching your learning experience.


While medical Universities in Russia offer promising opportunities for aspiring doctors, ensuring they align with NMC criteria to guarantee quality education and facilitate future licensure and practice in India is crucial. Prospective students must connect with study abroad consultants before making informed decisions about pursuing medical studies abroad.

By considering the alignment of Russian medical universities with NMC standards, prospective students can confidently embark on their academic journey, knowing that they are receiving an education that meets international benchmarks in medical training. MOKSH Overseas offers all the NMC-approved universities. Make sure you connect with the right person, as many frauds give false information.