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About University

The University of Sopron was established in the year 1992, with the motive to provide academic training in Economics and Business Management to economics students. However, in 1994, the University began its journey as the Institute of Applied Arts and started the Faculty of Wood Sciences with a training module designed for artists. In September 1996, it was reformed as the University of Sopron.

Sopron university features as a top university within the United States of America in Forestry and Wood Industry. The university is driven by the goal to render international-class education in Economics and Pedagogy. The university is regarded as one of the strongest Global Higher academies in Hungary. The graduates not only receive a diploma but also acquire proficient knowledge that matches the demand of the marketplace.

The University comprises four faculties: the Benedek Elek Faculty of Pedagogy, the Faculty of Forestry, the Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics, and the Simonyi Károly Faculty of Engineering, Wood Sciences and Applied Arts.

Program Offered in Sopron

The University tutors the degree programs in English. Nonetheless, the university merely offers Bachelor's programs in International Business Economics, Hospitality Management, Teaching professionals, Economics and Business, Nature Conservation Engineering, Environment Engineering, Timber/wood Engineering, and Timber Industry Engineering.

Program Type

The University of Sopron offers the Bachelors and Master programs listed below:

Program Degree Specialization Duration Fees
Economics Bachelor International Business Economics 3 Year+1 Year (internship) 3700USD
Hospitality & Tourism Bachelor Hospitality Management 3 Year+1 Year (internship) 3700USD
Engineering Bachelor Timber/wood Engineering 3.5 Year 6000USD
Media & Arts Masters Teaching professionals 2 Year 5000USD
Economics Masters Economics and Business 2 Year 5500USD
Engineering Masters Nature Conservation Engineering 2 Year 5500USD
Engineering Masters Environment Engineering 2 Year 5500USD
Engineering Masters Timber Industry Engineering 2 Year 6000USD

Admission Intake in Sopron

Following are the deadlines to apply to the University of Sopron.

Intake Month Last Date to Apply
Autumn September 2023 1st June 2023
Spring February 2024 15th Nov 2023

Cost of Living in Sopron City

Cost of Living in Sopron City

If you plan to do higher studies at the University of Sopron, the first thing you need to know is the cost of living in Sopron City. Sopron is located 220 km away from Budapest, 60 km from Vienna, and 90 km from Bratislava in Hungarian, Austrian and Slovakian capitals. The city has a diverse cultural lifestyle. The town combines western European and Hungarian architecture.

Sopron is one of the safest cities to reside in Europe. In Sopron, students can live without facing budget issues; get a pass for traveling around (Only for International students). The city is considered budget-friendly and affordable living in Hungary. The cost of living in Sopron is approx. 400-500 USD per month which includes your daily expenses.

Hostel & Accommodation

The University provides accommodation services, but students mostly prefer to live in a University of Sopron hostel as they get numerous facilities and the traveling will be easy and money-saving. The hostel at the University of Sopron is named as VUK hostel. University of Sopron hostel rooms comprise a bed, a bathroom with a toilet, a small hall, a kitchen, a refrigerator, etc. VUK you will get four sharing partners in one apartment and two students in a room. The hostel is within the walking distance from the main campus.


As an international student, studying in Hungary you get the opportunity of a scholarship. The University gives different types of scholarships; however, scholarships are offered to give you support through discounts on tuition fees and also in your living expenses.

Part-Time Job

Part-Time Job

While studying in abroad university students get worried about how they will earn extra, no need to worry! You have a great opportunity while doing your studies to work at a part-time job. As an International student, you are allowed to work 4 hours as a part-time job and a full-time job is allowed during the vacation. The students can earn up to 1,300-1,500 Euros per hour. This amount is good enough to meet your living expense during your studies in Hungary.

Post Study Work (PSW) VISA

Post Study Work (PSW) VISA

After studying at the University of Sopron, as an International student, you are eligible to apply for a temporary residence permit. After completing graduation students are allowed to stay more than 9-10 months in Hungary for the “study-to-work” permit. The stay duration is sufficient for students to find a job or start their businesses. If choosing to continue the job in Hungary you get a chance to of getting your residence permit. Furthermore, the students must obtain the Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) as soon as they arrive in Hungary.

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