The students must understand that Russia and Ukraine both were a part of former USSR. Ukraine is just a small fragmented country of today’s Russia. Due to the war of 2014 on the East part of Ukraine, it is suggested to avoid going to the Eastern part. The quality of education is very good in both the countries. One of the top most universities of Ukraine, Crimean Federal University is now a part of Russia. Due to the war, the economic situation in Ukraine is not as good as it earlier used to be.Accordingly, we suggest you to choose Russia over Ukraine. You may choose to go to northern part of Russia in Moscow such as Pirogov NRM University or Crimean Federal University. However, if you choose to go to Ukraine, we advise you choose Southern or western part such as Odessa or Ivano-Frankivsk Medical University. You must avoid Donetsk / Lugansk / Kharkiv etc. in Ukraine and you can widely read on internet about the problems in these area.

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