NMC Regulation for FMGE 2021

The National Medical Council's 2021 regulation for the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) or MCI Screening Test, has implemented specific guidelines for students pursuing MBBS or medical studies abroad. These guidelines establish eligibility criteria for appearing in the NExT Exam in India. Key aspects of the NMC 2021 regulation include:

  1. MBBS course duration should be at least 5-1/2 years, including internship.
  2. Minimum 12 months of clinical rotation, clerkship, or internship
  3. The medium of instruction for MBBS must be English for the entire course.
  4. The entire study should be on one campus only.
  5. After successful completion of the MBBS course, the student will be allowed to register with a competent body to grant the licence in the respective country.
  6. The student is required to attend clinical rotations in mandatory specialties such as community medicine, general medicine, obstetrics, gynaecology, psychiatry, paediatrics, general surgery, anaesthesia, orthopaedics, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, dermatology, emergency medicine, and casualty services during the MBBS programme.

NMC Regulation for FMGE 2021.pdf

Medical Licensing Exam Process in Russia

It is important to understand the Medical Education system in Russia for Indian students to make sure they are eligible to appear in Licensing Exam or NExT Exam in India. Medical Education in Russia follows a combination of the European system and the old Soviet system.You have to clear two stages in Russia before applying for Indian Licensing Exam.

  1. State Exam or Goss Exam or MD Degree Exam
  2. Accreditation Exam or Licensing Exam

State or Goss Exam in Russia

There is no separate internship system being followed in Russia, unlike India. State or Goss exam is conducted in the final year of the medicine course. The universities in Russia award the MD degree to the student who completes his or her 6 years of medical school after clearing this exam.We can say the Goss Exam in Russia is equivalent to the NEXT Exam in India for an Indian Medical Graduate.

State or Goss Exam in Russia follows a three-step system.

1. Written test : This is a multiple-choice question (MCQ)-based exam, and all the questions are to be compulsorily attempted.

2. Practical Test : This is a patient diagnosis exam, where the patient's history along with certain lab reports will be provided to the student. It is expected of the student to diagnose the disease and recommend treatmentto the patient based on the given information.

3. Oral Exam : Students will be evaluated by faculty members based on their verbal proficiency. Typically, oral exams focus on clinical subjects to assess the student's knowledge.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Goss Exam may be conducted in English or Russian, depending upon the University, despite, the medium of instruction for the course. The Goss Exam is Organised at the university level; neither the Russian Federal Government nor its Ministry of Education is in charge of conducting it.

Accreditation Exam or Medical License Exam in Russia.

This Exam is completely different from Goss or Degree or State Exam in Russia. This Exam is also being conducted in 3 phases namely

1. Online Exam : This exam is conducted fully online, consisting of 40 questions. There is a pool of 800 Sample Questions for this exam, and most of the time the questions are asked from this pool only. The criteria for passing the Medical Licensing exam is 50%. This exam is conducted once a year in June. As of date, The medium of the Licensing Exam is Russian. For students to get familiar with Russian terminologies, universities are mandated to offer classes in medical terminology.

2. Clinical Skills in Hospital : This exam is very similar to the Goss Practical Exam; the only difference is that this is taken by a doctor in a hospital. Patient history, symptoms, pathological, and other relevant diagnosis reports were provided to the student. They need to identify the disease and suggest a treatment plan.

3. Clinical Skills Online : This is again similar to the practical exam; the difference is that this is again an online exam where 12 questions are to be answered.

The entire exam is supervised and conducted under surveillance. The result of the exam is declared within 1 week after the exam. Thereafter, the student is awarded Medical License to practice in Russia.Once you clear the Licensing Exam in Russia, you will get a certificate and Registration No from the Federal Agency. This certificate needs to submit to NMC as proof of Registration to practice as a physician in Russia along with other Academic certificates of your Medicine course.

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