Study abroad is no more a matter of dilemma and stress anymore. There are various opportunities available for students wherein they would be provided with a door to door service in terms of admission, travel and accommodation. It is highly authentic, systematic and genuine here at MOKSH. Many students are choosing Germany as their study destination for MBA. This is due to many reasons apart from its geographical benefits. They are high quality education, low cost of studying, wonderful culture, low cost of living, post study benefits, global employment opportunities, amazing internships and most importantly, one of the growing economies of the world. Universities in Germany like GISMA university, university of Jena, university of Zwickau are rated as some of the best German universities.

  • Master’s Programs conducted in English language at private universities.
  • Master’s Program conducted in German language at Government Universities.

ABout GISMA University:

imagegen A dual education system is adopted by Germany wherein the classrooom teaching and industry internship for practical training is given equal importance. MOKSH recruits the students to the top ranked private university in Germany with CHE 5 Seals quality having 2 prestigious campuses in Central Berlin and Grenoble

GISMA has 2 huge, wonderful campuses at Grenoble and Berlin and is known for its industry connections providing Paid internship to more than 80% of its students & 100% of the international students. The advisory board of the GISMA university consists of impressive list of senior management people from MNC such as Lufthansa, DRV, TREUGAST, GCB, E&Y, KPMG etc.

MBA In Germany (Overview):

There are many universities in Germany for MBA. MBA schools in Germany are of course one of the best. MBA programs in Germany are available in a format which is quite appealing to international students. Thus, MBA in Germany for international students is a wonderful option. Among EU countries, Germany MBA is known globally as one of the strongest as it provides ample employment opportunities. Further, the quality of education in MBA schools in Germany is world class. Also, the falling population has created wide gap in demand and supply of skilled workforce. This has led to great and rewarding global career opportunities for Indian students.MBA in Germany for Indian students is a great option.

There are many online MBA programs in Germany along with a one year MBA in Germany, executive MBA programs, distance learning MBA, Part time MBA in Germany and many more. MBA from Germany at the best MBA colleges in Germany are at par with programs such as Harvard executive MBA, Wharton executive MBA and Columbia executive MBA. Besides, it also gives a tough competition to MBA in UK, MBA in London, MBA in Dubai and MBA in USA. MBA in Germany cost is negligible. MBA in Germany without GMAT and MBA in English in Germany are becoming popular now.

In case you wish to immigrate to Germany and work there, this is the best route since Germany follows dual education system meaning the classroom and the practical industry training for the students almost match. The cost of the MBA in Germany in English at the top most university would cost.

Why Study At GISMA?

There are many reasons to study at GISMA, Germany but the major reason is the employment / placement ratio for the students who graduate from this university. GISMA offers the best MBA in Germany. MBA in Germany fees at GISMA is quite affordable. While the economy of USA and Canada has gone down drastically offering little opportunity for the fresh graduates, Germany still offers a good stable employment options for international students. Business schools in Germany have taken a lot of efforts to widen the quality of students in terms of culture. They want international students to study MBA in Germany in English and take the advantage of studying in an upcoming country like Germany.

The main reason is the main language of learning in Germany is German and very few selected universities offer English taught programs in Germany. GISMA offers MBA scholarships to local as well as international students on a large scale. The international students in Germany get the dual advantage of learning in English while learning the German language at their own pace to get a job in a German MNC having operations outside Germany. That’s a huge opportunity.

Extra Benefits Of Studying MBA In GISMA:

  • The rankings for GISMA are MBA ranked top 100 in the world, top 25 in Europe.
  • Berlin is a large city, but more affordable in terms of living costs than London, Frankfurt and other large cities in Europe.
  • 18 months post study VISA for Master’s graduates to find work.
  • Career Services Support for all MBA students.
  • Access to GISMA and GGSB Alumni Network.
  • Invitation to all workshops and guest speaker events in Berlin and Hannover.

Process Of Admission To Gisma, Germany:

To Study Master’s business program / MBA program at GISMA is every Indian student dream. The 9 step process involves application documentations and skype interview with the filtered students. Currently, GISMA opened its brand new campus in the capital city of Germany, Berlin and more students could be accommodated now.

MOKSH would take care of your entire process of Guidance, admission, Visa application and Travel. Just meet the expert at MOKSH office. You can also have a brief career goal discussions over phone or Skype. This would give you a clear picture of the university. Also, you can then decide whether it would suit you well. You can confirm and decide your own eligibility for the top ranked university.

Eligibility Criteria:

The university accepts students for both Bachelor and Master’s level based on their academic performance at the earlier level. Apart from the academic, personal interview performance and IELTS score of minimum 6.0 band is mandatory.

Further, prior work experience always proves handy in these applications. There are absolutely no considerations for Indian exams such as CAT / NMAT / IBSAT etc. However, GMAT score is not mandatory but helps you to scrap through the admission process.

MOKSH, Admission cell takes complete responsibility of the application documents and is prepared with utmost perfection.

Global Employment Opportunities:

Top universities in Germany for MBA provide plenty employment opportunities on a global level. Apart from providing one of the top MBA programs in Germany, it is rated as the top university among various MBA colleges in Germany for international students. Once you are enrolled in any of the GISMA program at Master’s level, your eyes are set for a lucrative global career. The employment opportunity does not remain in Germany or EU only. Rather, the degree entitles you for climbing the corporate ladder very quickly. This is due to the large alumni network well placed in German companies by the university through its 3 campuses.

Most of the German companies across the world provide opportunities to graduates and places them at a senior position. The mix of classroom and practical training during the MBA in Germany gives wide insight into the working of a German company. The vast advisory board consisting of the top executives from MNCs also play a major role in building your global career!

Choice Of Specializations:

There are various areas of Specializations while studying at GISMA. This is applicable for both at Bachelor and Master’s level.

  • International Business & Marketing.
  • Finance & Accounting.
  • Project Management.
  • Innovation Management.
  • Leadership
  • Management consulting
  • International business development

Once you complete the Masters level of 2 semesters, you have an option to extend it by 3rd semester and the internship to get the final MBA degree. However, you can choose to join the work after your Master’s degree itself.

Cost Of MBA In Germany:

Tuition Fees (Master’s / MBA) / Semester Rs. 4,75,000
Living Cost during Masters Rs. 600,000
Travel / Visa / Application Rs. 100,000
Others* Rs. 50,000
TOTAL (APPROX.) Rs. 15,00,000

*Others includes the annual cost of text books, Insurance & resident permit.

The total cost of studies would be around Rs.15,00,000 including the living costs. However, you would have the permission to work for 20 hours per week in Germany while pursuing your Master’s degree. The living cost would be negligible in case you choose to work. Every Indian work there. In fact, they get enough money to come back to India during their vacation period.

GISMA Brochure MBA

GISMA Brochure MIB

GISMA University Placement Programme

Moksh Charges:

MOKSH is one of the most popular and reputed counseling and Consultant Company to guide the students to MBA in Germany. In India, there are not many companies which can serve the students to both type of programs such as in English and in German language (100% Tuition Free).

MOKSH does not charge for counseling, guidance and application on behalf of the student. In case the student requires special services such as support for SOP creation or Visa interview guidance by a German legal company, MOKSH charges are separately mentioned.

The application fees (Non- refundable) to the tune of EUR 400 for the university would have to be paid by the student to MOKSH. The only other cost is towards the courier packages which are fixed at EUR 200.

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