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Crimea Medical University / Crimea Federal University

crimea state medical universityName: Crimea State Medical University / Crimea Federal University.
Tuition Fees: Rubles 21.88 Lacs.
Duration: 6 Years
Application Deadline: September 2022 (MOST CHOSEN UNIVERSITY AMONG INDIAN STUDENTS).
MCI Status: Approved (List of MCI Approved Universities)  

About Crimea Region In Russia.

Till 2014, study MBBS in Ukraine was as popular as MBBS in Russia among Indian students due to the fact that the temperature is moderate in this region. Crimea Peninsula is usually known as Crimea. Crimea State was a part of Ukraine till 2014 and after the war broke out in Dec, 2014 in the eastern region of Ukraine; Russia took over the complete control of this region. Crimea being on the southernmost tip of Ukraine, it never got affected by the war situation. This is the reason many people are confused if this region is in Ukraine or Russia. However, it is amply clear that the region is completely controlled by Russia and one can easily search that on the internet. Further, the Medical Council of India also has confirmed in the latest list of approved MBBS universities abroad that the university is present in Russia.

Crimea Federal University / Crimea State Medical University.

Now under the federal control of Russia, Crimea University Russia is again becoming popular among Indian students. Crimea Federal University is named after V.I. Vernadsky. established in 1918 with a dedicated medical faculty under the name of Taurida Academy. It is completing exactly 100 years when the new batch would arrive in 2017-18! Currently, students from 45 countries are studying at Crimea State Medical University. Crimea State Medical University ranking in the world is 13,572 out of 40,000 universities. The Crimea federal University is particularly proud of its highly qualified academic staff, which totals 799 persons: 106 Doctors of Science, Professors, and 524 Candidates of Science (Ph.D. holders), Associate Professors. 40 Academy professors are academicians and corresponding members of domestic and foreign Academies of Sciences; 14 are State Prize laureates, 60 have honorary titles. Crimea State Medical University pictures are just breathing taking as it’s a combination of both ancient and modern infrastructure. Crimea State Medical University wiki states some interesting facts as the university is named in honor of Mikhail Frunze and later named Joseph Stalin. Crimea State Medical University Campus covers a huge area having 16 educational buildings 5 hostels, covered tracks and filed athletics arena, sports center, and several cafes. Crimea State Medical University hostel spreads across 17.3 hectors. Crimea Medical State University provide all the possibilities for students and lecturers to realize their aspirations among foreign students

Crimea State Medical University pictures are just breathing taking as it’s a combination of both ancient and modern infrastructure. Crimea State Medical University wiki states some interesting facts as the university is named in honor of Mikhail Frunze and later named Joseph Stalin. Crimea State Medical University Campus covers a huge area having 16 educational buildings 5 hostels, covered tracks and filed athletics arena, sports center, and several cafes. Crimea State Medical University hostel spreads across 17.3 hectors. Crimea Medical State University provide all the possibilities for students and lecturers to realize their aspirations among foreign students

Benefits Of Studying At Crimea Federal University.

Fully in English

There are several benefits to studying MBBS Russia at Crimea State Medical University (now known as Crimea Federal University).

  • Crimea State Medical University is a government university and one of the best medical colleges in Russia teaching fully in English.
  • Crimea Federal University is MCI approved medical college in Russia (Sr. No. 10).
  • The highest passing ratio in MCI Screening Test in 2021. Around 40% students passed in the first attempt! The ratio among MOKSH students was more than 75%! Go for it.
  • The university has 100 years of dedicated medical studies being taught to thousands of graduates in the past. The university has teaching experience of 19 years to teach in the English language.
  • The entire program taught at Crimea Federal University is fully in English. You also have an opportunity to study medical in Russian at half the cost. Most of the Russian universities still teach in bilingual such as 3 years in English and 3 years in Russian.
  • It is very much suitable for the students looking for low-cost MBBS universities in Russia. The total fees structure at this university is only Rs. 12 Lacs! Crimea State Medical University fees structure is unbelievable for such a large, reputed and experienced university providing all the grand infrastructure of Russia.
  • The university offers a dedicated Indian mess at a very low cost of only USD 100 per month for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Both the options of north Indian food and South Indian food plans are available. This saves a huge time for the Indian students since most of the other Russia MBBS colleges do not offer Indian food facilities. This forces the students to spend huge time for the self-cooking options.
  • The Crimea medical university hostel fees are extremely low such as only USD 200 per year (from 2nd year to 6th Year). It is even lower than India! Also, they offer a new building at the campus for the international students.

Results of MCI Test in Russia Crimea State Medical University latest news states that currently 4560 students are trained in Crimea State University. Crimea State Medical University world ranking is at 69th place of higher schools of Ukraine within UNESCO projects and tops 2011. The university is also called as Crimea Federal University and is recognized and approved by MCI (Medical Council of India).

Affiliations And Medical Programs At Crimea Federal University.

Crimea State University Medicine created the coordination council on the implementation of “Family Medicine” program region. Crimea State University Ukraine health care direction is “maternity and childhood”. On the basis of joint order of the ministry of public health of Ukraine (before Russia took over) and Crimea State Medical School “about the further enhancement of obstetric-gynaecological aid to the public in the cities and rural areas of the Crimea” the Crimea State Medical College administration intensified treatment. The diagnostic activity at the departments of the paediatric and obstetric-gynaecological profile.

In 2006 supervisory system of the Crimean towns and regions was renewed: obstetric-gynaecological and pediatric teams including Crimea University professors and doctors visit different areas of the Crimea. The Crimean Medical Institute provides all the facilities for students and lecturers to go in for sports and keep them fit. Crimean State Medical University has one of the largest sports facilities where professional sports competitions in different kinds of sports take place.

About Simferopol City, Crimea State, Russian Federation.

The surrounding and the campus situated in the city of Simferopol is extremely peaceful. Crimea state medical university, earlier in Ukraine is a very beautiful city to study and a lot of Indians are already there. The patients flow is limited in comparison to the Russian hospitals. Crimea State Medical University Russia foreign students stay in comfortable hostels in the campus which is built on the bank of the river Salgir. Crimea Ukraine Medical University is situated the oldest, top and best of all the 47 clinical bases throughout the Crimea State.

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Top & Best Low Fees Russian Medical Colleges For Indian Students 2022.

Crimean Federal University Pirogov Russian NRM University Rostov State Medical University
Fee Ruble 3,00,000/Year x 6 Years = Ruble 18,00,000 Fees Ruble 4,40,000/Year x 6 Years = Ruble 26,40,000 Fees Ruble 2,80,000/Year x 6 Years = Ruble 16,80,000
Duration 5.8 Years Duration 5.8 years Duration 5.8 years
Apply By Aguest 2022 Apply By Aguest 2022 Apply By Aguest 2022
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Cost Of Study For MBBS In Crimea Medical University.

Crimea State Medical University - MBBS Russia fees structure is given below.

Cost (RUBLE)* Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5 Year-6
Tuition Fee 2,50,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000

Download Brochure with Costsheet.

*Others include cost towards Medical insurance, Resident permit extension, Text Books, Development charges, Freshman registration charges etc.

The costs are calculated at 1 RUBLE = 1.29 INR and it generally varies within +/- 10% range.

The total cost to study MBBS in Russia at ‘A’ Graded University – Crimea Federal University would be Ruble 18,88,350 for 6 years. Crimea Federal University fees-: Total Cost of Study MBBS in Russia at Crimea State Medical University including hostel and others are Ruble 18,88,350. The first year cost for the university shall be Ruble 4,95,000. This amounts to USD 6,485.

Kindly add the cost of MOKSH service charges towards Counseling, Guidance, Admission, Travel services (Air Ticket + Visa + Airport Pick up & Hostel Drop) as per the Registration form.

The calculations are based on 1 USD = INR 75. However, you can check the current rate of exchange from USD to INR.

Admission Deadline For Crimea Federal University, Russia.

In order to guarantee your place for MBBS in Russia programs, you shall really have to time your application perfectly. The ideal time to apply is always before September 2022 every year in Russia and latest by 30st October (Without guarantee for admission to MBBS). The problem is not with the admission letter but mainly the Invitation letter which takes around 4-8 weeks to be issued from Ministry of Education, Russia. Visa is issued by the Russian consulate in India only on the basis of the Ministry invitation letter. In case you apply late, you tend to go in Oct end while if you apply within time, you reach there in Sept along with other batch mates. It took just 1 week in 2021 after opening the Crimea State Medical University admission system to fill them up all the seats in Crimea State University Russia!

This year, MOKSH has reserved 50 seats in Crimea Federal University and a batch of these students would be escorted to the Simferopol city by MOKSH team.  

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Eligibility For Admission To Study MBBS In Russia At Crimea Federal University.

Indian students having average academic scores such as 75% in Chemistry / Biology / English are eligible to apply to Crimea Federal University. They get the high-quality education at low fees MBBS in Russia programs by taking admission to Crimea university. You can easily apply online via MOKSH since 50 Seats are blocked for 2022 at Crimea State Medical University. It is relatively difficult to get admission to the University of Crimea since it has the largest number of MBBS seats in Russia.  

Indians At Crimea.

MOKSH has been placing Indian students for MBBS in Russia in general & at Crimea medical school as its exclusive & authorized representative in India for the last 2 years. All these students understood the difficulty level of getting into Indian government medical college through NEET and applied through MOKSH for this English taught MBBS in Russia. Accordingly, Crimean Federal University is still opted by Indian students since the degree is accepted by Russian authorities in the education ministry. Currently, there are around 800 Indian students studying at the grand old Crime State Medical University. This is the highest number of students in any other MCI appropved medical colleges in Russia.

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Many of the qualified students who wish to become a physician or a doctor in USA lack sufficient budget. MOKSH is the largest company recruiting Indian students for MBBS in USA program. Every year, we place around 200 Indian students for USA. However, there is a bigger lot of Indian students who wish to become doctor and practice in USA. We have this alternative route for them. Now, the students can learn MBBS in Russia and start preparing for USMLE Step 1 exam coaching online & USMLE step 2 CK online coaching during their MBBS abroad studies. The USMLE step 1 coaching guide will consist of various materials:

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The students must note that USMLE step 1 and USMLE step 2CK are online exams. MOKSH is the top MBBS abroad consultants in Mumbai providing the option of MD in USA while you are studying MBBS at top medical college in Russia. Once you clear these exams (Step 1 would require minimum 230 to ensure entry into Medical PG in USA), we would assist you with clinical rotations in USA. The green book rotations would be conducted in ACGME accredited hospitals during which you are expected to get the letter of recommendations (LOR) to enhance your residency (PG) in USA. During these rotations, you would also appear for USMLE Step 2 CS exam in USA.

So always have 2 coaching options with you:

  • MCI Screening Test coaching (To be replaced by an exam namely 'NEXT')
  • USMLE Step 1 & 2CK exam coaching to end your medical journey to USA.

Benefit To Pursue MD In USA After MBBS In Russia.

The biggest benefits of completing MD / MS in USA is that you do not have to write MCI Screening Test before or after MBBS in abroad. It means, on completion of MBBS in Russia, you can go for PG level (MD / MS) in USA without clearing MCI Test. The PG degree completed in USA would be valid in India as well as USA. Also, all the money that you spent while doing MBBS would be paid back by way of a monthly stipend (USD 4,200 Approx.) while pursuing Medicine in America! Enquire Now for MBBS in Russia + MD in USA

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In 2021, many of the students were waiting for NEET 2 exam. These students are making a big mistake since the application deadline for most of the MCI approved MBBS abroad universities would pass. In turn, they would waste one more year by repeating the year. MOKSH offers you an innovative solution by reserving your seat and taking the admission letter in your hand as your PLAN B. In case you get the admission through NEET 2, you need not go to your chosen university for MBBS abroad. However, in case you do not make it, at least your back up plan is ready! It would be a smart decision for those students who already booked their medical seats. You must take note of important points:

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Admission Process For MBBS In Russia 2022.

The admission process for MBBS in Russia for Indian students 2022 is made very simple by MOKSH. The direct admission for top Russia MBBS university is now available on-line. The only thing that you must take care is the timing of the application. If you apply within the application deadline, there is absolutely no problem to complete the admission process. You would depart by 1st week of September to study MBBS at top medical university in Russia. MBBS in Russia admission 2022 season is already on. With the current confusion and unreasonable situation that is poised to the students due to NEET-1 and NEET-2 exams, it is suggested to reserve a medical seat in your name. You just need to finalize the list of MCI approved Russian medical colleges/universities and Apply here!

The On-line and direct admission system ensures complete transparency for the Indian students applying for MBBS in Russia. The students are able to track the entire admission system progress through our latest technology “SATS”. A completely hassle free admission to MBBS in Russia is now available for Indian students!

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Service / Consultancy Charges Of Moksh.

We are a top overseas education consultant in India for MBBS with Head office in Mumbai. MOKSH has been successfully placing Indian students for Admission to MBBS in Russia. As an official representative of many low fees medical colleges in Russia in India, you get the benefit of online direct Admission System. Till now, 550+ students for MBBS abroad programs have been placed by successfully. The Indian students can apply directly to MOKSH or its network of Premium Partner. It would give the Indian students a chance to get an honest guideline to select the right university suitable for MBBS in Russia.

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