What is Integrated American Program at the University of Georgia (UG)?

Are you an Indian or international student dreaming of a medical career in the United States? Look no further than the Integrated American Program (IAP) at the University of Georgia (UG). This unique program not only offers a pathway to earn your MBBS in Georgia but also paves the way for postgraduate studies in the USA.

University of Georgia's Integrated American Program

Established in 2004, the University of Georgia (UG) is a premier institution in Georgia, offering a wide array of Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. programs in health sciences and public health. Focusing on developing diagnostic skills among medical students, UG ensures critical thinking and patient-centred learning. In 2024, UG attracted over 2,800 international students, solidifying its position as a top choice for medical education in Georgia.

Key Points:

  • Diverse student body from over 70 countries.
  • European MBBS and Integrated American Program options.
  • Affordable tuition fees (European MBBS: $6,000/year; Integrated American: $9,000/year).
  • Integrated American Program accredited by WFME.
  • USMLE exam preparation and clinical rotations in US hospitals.
  • UG prioritizes quality education at an affordable cost.
  • Popular choice for students from India and Gulf countries.
Advantages of the Integrated American Program

Advantages of the Integrated American Program

  1. USMLE Preparation: The program equips you with the skills to excel in the USMLE exam, a stepping stone to a medical career in the USA.
  2. Affordability: Budget-friendly tuition fees and scholarships make studying medicine in Georgia accessible.
  3. Reputation and Accreditation: UG's accreditation by WFME ensures high-quality education.
  4. Career Advancement: Completing USMLE Step 1 & Step 2CK within the MBBS program gives you a competitive edge.

In summary, the Integrated American Program at the University of Georgia offers a unique blend of affordability, accreditation, and career opportunities. Its focus on USMLE preparation and hands-on clinical experience prepares students for success in Georgia and the USA.

Cost Breakdown

Understanding the cost breakdown is crucial for aspiring medical professionals when exploring the Integrated American Program (IAP) at the University of Georgia (UG). Here's a comprehensive look at the expenses involved:

  • Tuition Fees: UG offers affordable tuition fees, with scholarships available. The program is 6 years long, with a yearly tuition fee of USD 9,000. There's a scholarship of USD 2,000 per year, bringing the final cost to USD 7,000 annually.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: UG offers scholarships worth USD 12,000 per year to 100 international applicants, reducing the financial burden.
  • Total Expenditure: Considering tuition, accommodation, and living expenses, the total cost for the program is approximately USD 42,000. However, postgraduate stipends in the USA can help you recover this investment

Why Choose the Integrated American Program at UG?

  1. Affordability: With modest tuition fees and lucrative scholarship opportunities, the program ensures aspiring doctors can pursue their dreams without financial constraints.
  2. Financial Assistance: The Integrated American Program's attractiveness, coupled with the availability of scholarships, relieves the burden of hefty education expenses.
  3. Total Cost Consideration: By factoring in all expenses, including tuition fees, accommodation, and living costs, students can make informed decisions regarding their investment in their medical education.

Comparative Analysis of Total Expenditure

The Integrated American Program at UG stands out as a cost-effective and lucrative option for students aspiring to pursue a medical career. Its affordable tuition fees, generous scholarships, and potential for postgraduate stipends offer a pathway to success without compromising quality education

Aspect UG Integrated American Program Other Options in Georgia
Total Expenditure USD 42,000 Varies
Scholarship Offered Yes, USD 12,000 per year Dependent on university
Postgraduate Stipend Yes Not specified

Hence, make an informed choice and embark on your journey towards becoming a doctor with UG's Integrated American Program.

Program Highlights

  • UG tailors the Integrated American Program to actively prepare students for the USMLE exam, a crucial step toward practising medicine in the USA.
  • We equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel through comprehensive exam preparation courses and clinical rotations in US hospitals.
  • UG ensures a high standard of education with accreditation from the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).
  • Aspiring doctors seeking quality education at reasonable costs find our program's affordability and reputable accreditation an ideal choice.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Integrated American Program at the University of Georgia (UG), applicants must:

  • Attain a minimum of 50% in Class XII Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB).
  • Be at least 17 years old and qualify for the NEET exam.
  • Demonstrate basic proficiency in English, which may be assessed during the admission process.

Application Deadlines

UG offers two intakes per year for its MBBS program:

  • Autumn intake: Application deadline - June 30, 2024 (September 2024 batch)
  • Spring intake: Application deadline - January 1, 2025 (March 2025 batch)


The Integrated American Program at UG opens doors to a promising medical career, offering a blend of affordability, quality education, and international recognition. With a robust curriculum, USMLE preparation, and scholarship opportunities, it's your pathway to success in medicine.

Seize the opportunity to embark on a rewarding medical career with UG's Integrated American Program. Apply today!