Now you’ve put months of diligent efforts for one single test day and that day is now a few days away from you. Irrespective of how well you’ve prepared for this USMLE exam day, the anxiety from this experience has been building up gradually for the test day. So, MOKSH contemplates that not only you deal with it mentally but emotionally and physically as well. Below we’ve prepared your to do list for USMLE exam day ensuring a smooth running of the USMLE exam day.


Some of us are early birds while some of us are night owls. With regards to USMLE, you gotta be the former. For instance, if you were to take the USMLE exam at 7 AM, it is likely that you start study for the exam at 8:30 AM. You can then adjust this further by waking up even earlier. Few days down the line, it would be natural for you to wake up 1.5-2 Hours prior to the prescribed exam time. Moreover, not only you are waking yourself up early but also able to fall asleep quicker. In this manner, you’re enabling your body and mind to get adequate and sound sleep which by all means is a good habit. So, be well rested and mentally prepared on the USMLE exam day


Next stop on your to do list for USMLE exam day explains why you should not hit the books on the test day itself. Often there are people who try to cram up concepts or take NBME tests on the test day as well which is not an ideal thing to do. Keep in mind that there’s a 7-8 hours drill lying ahead of you so it becomes necessary that you reserve your headspace for the necessary task. You may put on your favorite playlist on your way to the prometric test center in order to ease your mind.

While for those seeking more of a calm activity to adhere to, try out meditation prior to the exam. Likewise, use your break time doing something that will keep you going for the rest of the day. Head towards the washroom, stretch yourself a bit, have some snacks or maybe practice some meditation.


Most people don’t know which edibles they should bring along at the test centre. Being a 7 hour long dose, you may bring anything easy to go with. Protein bars, energy drinks, smoothie, sandwiches, etc. to name a few. The energy drinks can especially help you giving a boost while a smoothie of your favorite ingredients would definitely content your mind. Moreover, be careful that you take minimal intake of liquids since you’ve got no time for loo breaks in between attempting the blocks.


It is apparent that while you attempt the first block, chances are such that you’ll get stuck at maybe one or two questions. You’ll be looking at them for a minute or two and nothing would strike to you. Needless to say, anxiety takes over you. At these times, all you gotta do is remain calm and keep moving. Attempt those first you know the answer to. Once done with the block and still have got time, go back to those questions and it will seemingly become easy to answer. So here’s the simple technique, for those questions that are too hard to crack, watching the screen won’t help but moving on would do. And when you encounter the ones too easy to answer, again do not spend too much of time on checking your answer multiple times and keep striving for a good score.


If you adhere to what’s all mentioned above, you’ll probably have an easy time going through the process. You’ll get ample enough time to review your performance at each block and decide your strategies to tackle the remaining blocks. But, here I would like to emphasize the need to utilize the break time. Students often get this hurried feeling of winding up this test and while making their way to the endmost blocks, decide to skip the break time.

Such course of actions would be strongly condemned because the break time is necessary to revitalize your mind and body so that you perform better at the forthcoming block. Skipping the break time would lead you to exhausting your mental capacity and eventually performing terribly at a block. So it is better that you utilize this break time allotted to you and thereby do your best at the exam.

So that is all for now from my end. If this feature managed to help you even a bit, we think you might consider taking a look at our other blogs discussing the Step 1 exam day, changes in USMLE exam pattern and many more. For more info and guidance, do reach out to MOKSH Overseas Education Consultants that has been mentoring students aspiring to take USMLE and further preparing them by means of our MOKSH USMLE Coaching – Patient Centered