Indian students every year plan to study abroad in different countries like US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Russia, China, and Ukraine. More than 20,000 students every year select their destiny to do their studies in abroad, like MBBS, BBA, B.Tech and many more. This year as we are fighting with COVID-19 kids who are in abroad are facing problems. Evacuation plan for students studying abroad India while adults suffer not having jobs, students who are doing their MBBS abroad COVID-19 are stuck as the Universities have closed the hostels. The Government of India has facilitated Corona virus foreign students to return back to India from abroad by arranging the largest evacuation in history of mankind.

To guide evacuation plan for students studying abroad India, the government has updated information on Embassy of India. Students and parent can check the details on given link below.

Points to keep in Mind for people who are returning back to India:

  • Government of India has announced that the people who are coming back to India have to pay flight expenses.
  • As soon as you will be back in India people will be kept in Quarantine for 14 days.
  • All the expenses of quarantine will be born by the people who are coming back to India.

Government is conducting large scale, all encompassing surveys to ascertain the number of Indians stranded in foreign countries. So that, they can rescue people and drop them at their specific locations like (Delhi, M.P, Haryana, etc). Indian Embassy is taking all the information through student’s universities and local government.

The Government of Indian is firstly giving priority to those people who are in trouble. If your child is not facing any problem in foreign universities COVID-19 then you can wait calmly and get in touch with your child via phone or other media like WhatsApp. Students who are doing their medicine studies in abroad are safe and secure in their location. Indian expatriates in Ukraine Universities in Ukraine like Lviv, Bogomolets, Bukovinian, Pirogov, Ivano, Ternopil Medical University and Indian expatriates in Russia like Crimea, Kazan, and Rostov are living safely as MOKSH is in touch with COVID-19 Indian abroad students continuously.

In conclusion to know more visit on Embassy of India.