Are all medical universities worth studying at for an MBBS in Russia?

Not All that Glitters is Gold: Is Every Medical University in Russia Right for You?

Russia has become a most famous spot for international medical students, particularly from India. However, with over 50 universities offering MBBS programs, is every one of them a guaranteed path to a successful medical career? Not! Like most things in life, the answer is a nuanced "it depends."

This blog explores the worth of studying MBBS in Russia, helping you choose the perfect fit for your medical dreams.

Pros of Studying MBBS in Russia:

Pros of Studying MBBS in Russia

Excellent Education: Many Russian medical universities have a strong academic foundation, well-equipped facilities, and experienced faculty. All these universities are recognized by WHO and the NMC (formerly MCI) in India, which makes their medical degrees globally recognized.

Affordable Costs: Compared to private medical colleges in some countries, the cost of Studying MBBS in Russia is comparatively lower. This makes it an attractive option for students seeking quality education without money issues.

Focus on Practical Training: By studying at Russian medical universities, you will benefit from practical training alongside theoretical knowledge. This gives students an opportunity to students who want to gain hands-on experience early in their careers.

Cons to Consider:

University Reputation Matters: Not all Russian medical universities are equal. Some may have lower education quality or lack proper accreditation. Thorough research is important to ensure you choose a reputable university with a proven track record.

Language Barrier: Before selecting any university, make sure to check the language of the university study program. Many agents give you false information while you are admitted, as the university is English-taught. Still, when you reach the university, you will find that the study program is taught in Russian. This can be a challenge for students who are not proficient in the language.

Cultural Adjustment: Living and studying in a new country with a different culture and climate can be difficult. Be prepared to adapt to colder weather and a potentially different social environment.

What are the fees of Russian universities for Indian students?

The tuition fees for MBBS programs in Russia for Indian students can vary depending on the university but typically range between ?4.5 lakhs and ?8 lakhs (US$6,000 - US$11,000) annually. This is a significantly lower cost than private medical colleges in some other countries.

** Tuition Fees: Rs. 4.5 lakhs - Rs. 8 lakhs (US$6,000 - US$11,000) per year. Your budget can go up to 25-30 lakhs for 6 years. 

Top 10 medical Universities in Russia

Accreditation and Recognition:

One of the key factors to consider when evaluating the worth of a medical university in Russia is its accreditation and recognition. Choosing a university recognized by global medical bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Medical Council of India (MCI), and other relevant authorities is essential. Accreditation ensures that the degree earned from the university is recognized internationally, enabling graduates to pursue further education or practice medicine in their home countries or elsewhere.

So, How Do You Choose the Right University?

Research, Research, Research! Don't rely solely on agents. Look for universities recognized by the NMC and other international bodies. Check student reviews and online forums for insights into the university's reputation and facilities.

Consider the Language of Instruction: Are you comfortable studying medicine in a language other than English? If not, prioritize universities with English-language programs.

Think about Climate and Culture: Be honest about your ability to adapt to a colder climate and a different cultural environment.

How to apply for MBBS in Russia

How to apply for MBBS in Russia

Step 1: Research and Choose a University:

Start by researching different medical universities in Russia that offer MBBS programs. Consider factors such as accreditation, recognition, curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, and student support services. Choose a university that aligns with your academic goals and preferences. You'd better download the MOKSH career app for the fastest and best selection of the university.

Step 2: Check Eligibility Requirements:

Review the eligibility requirements set by the university you're interested in applying to. Universities typically require applicants to complete their secondary education with a recognized board and meet specific academic qualifications. Some universities may also have language proficiency requirements.

Step 3: Gather Required Documents:

Before applying, gather all the necessary documents for the application. Commonly required documents may include:

  • High school transcripts or certificates
  • Proof of language proficiency (if applicable)
  • Passport or identification documents
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Letter of recommendation (if required)
  • Statement of purpose or personal statement

Step 4: Fill Out the Application Form:

Once you've gathered all the required documents, complete the MOKSH application form. Provide accurate and up-to-date information, and pay attention to any additional requirements or questions asked.

Step 5: Submit the Application:

Submit your completed application form and all the necessary documents to the MOKSH online platform. On your behalf, the MOKSH study abroad consultant will submit your application process.

Step 6: Wait for Admission Decision:

After submitting your application, wait for the university to review it and make an admission decision. MOKSH will notify you of the decision via email or phone. This process may take several weeks, so be patient.

Step 7: Apply for Student Visa:

If you receive an admission offer from a Russian medical university, you must apply for a student visa to study in Russia. Contact the nearest Russian embassy in your country to obtain information about the visa application process and necessary documents.

Step 8: Prepare for Departure:

Once you've obtained your student visa, start preparing for your departure to Russia. You have two options: use an accommodation service by MOKSH or Arrange your own travel, accommodation, and other logistics. We recommend going with our batch as you are new to the country.


While Russia offers a wide range of medical universities for aspiring MBBS students, not all universities offer the same level of value in terms of education, recognition, facilities, and support services. Students must carefully evaluate these factors and conduct thorough research before choosing a medical university for their MBBS studies in Russia. By selecting a MOKSH abroad consultant students have a smooth path to a fulfilling and rewarding medical education in Russia.