Fmge Exam Or MCI Screening Test Coaching (On-line)

The most important step to be taken by the students who decide to pursue MBBS abroad is how to clear MCI test. The main question hovering around for the students studying MBBS abroad is how to prepare for MCI while they are abroad. Now all the students know clearly the extremely poor MCI screening test pass percentage or FMGE results. Just attending the crash course after returning back and solving the MCI screening test papers of the past years is definitely not enough to pass this difficult test. The Indian students need FMGE Exam or MCI Screening Test Coaching (On-Line) with Test series to ensure that you are preparing throughout your 6 years of MBBS abroad program. MOKSH worked hard in last 3 years to solve the problem of more than 30,000 students studying MBBS abroad. A simple solution for the Indian students on how to prepare for MCI screening test and clear FMGE exam. The requirement is to constantly keep in touch with the 19 subjects as you progress your learning journey while you are away in another country pursuing MBBS degree program. Accordingly, for all the students of MOKSH, we have prepared an FMGE Exam or MCI Screening Test Coaching (On-Line) conducted by the best of the doctor professors from India.

FMGE Exam Coaching With Test Series.

This package also includes subject by subject Mock Tests based on 15,000+ FMGE question bank created which can be taken up starting from 1st year of MBBS itself. The students can check themselves as they progress over studies and test themselves for a particular subject constantly throughout the 6 years. The mock tests are created exactly as per the final MCI screening test pattern. During your last year you would be constantly solving the FMGE question papers of the past years. MOKSH tracks the performance of each of the students for every subject and pushes the students to achieve minimum 60% in the FMGE mock test based on MCI screening test sample papers participated by the student. Once the student achieves 60% in every subject, he or she has entered the safe zone of MCI pass percentage. However, this is not an end. One must strive to get consistently 60% during our MOCK tests and improve to enhance their chances further. In case the student is fully prepared at this level in the 6 years, it is time to take up a crash course (also provided by MOKSH) on returning from your course for MBBS abroad. Suddenly, you have prepared for 6 years and not just 6 months as is the case normally!

About FMGE Exam Coaching / MCI Screening Test (Online).

We have designed the Module based on the syllabus for MCI screening test for MBBS by dividing the 19 subjects into 128 topics which will allow us to part with the coaching in a systematic manner. It continues the Indian perspective while doing MBBS in China /MBBS in Russia / MBBS in Philippines or any other country at a MCI approved University. As you progress in your level of MBBS abroad, for example from 1st year to the second year , you would go through the various subjects as per MBBS in India course. Generally, the on-line course for FMGE or MCI Screening Test Coaching is done as per MBBS in India format. It takes you through Pre-Clinical, Para Clinical and finally Clinical subjects. It also gives you complete set of FMGE study material. PREPARE FMGE EXAM WHILE YOU STUDY ABROAD. DO NOT WAIT FOR YOU TO RETURN!

FMGE Test Series.

FMGE Exam or MCI Screening Test Coaching Test seriesWe have created a large Question Bank or FMGE Test series consisting of 15,000+ questions. The test series is supported by a PDF note with detailed explanation for each one of them. This is a huge knowledge bank by which a MBBS student abroad van prepare for the MCI Screening Test created exactly on the basis of FMGE exam pattern. You may appear for all the test series to ensure the best results. In order to prepare you step by step, we have divided the tests in 3 ways to facilitate Self Testing constantly:

  • Topic wise FMGE mock Test series
  • Subject Wise Test Series
  • Grand FMGE mock test (To practice in internship period)

Indian Doctor Support Module

Support ModuleYou may need an experienced professor next to you while taking on line coaching. Naturally, you would always feel the need that if someone was there to help you solve your doubts,to do much better! You basically need a experienced mentor from the Indian medical teaching fraternity. Imagine, this support available with you throughout the journey of MBBS abroad. You may simply request for a support on Whatsapp from our network of Indian doctors! Our services do not provide just FMGE Exam or MCI Screening Test Coaching (On-Line). We provide the top quality video lectures. We also give PDF Notes and FMGE study materials. It even includes the support module available for you to get your queries solved!

Moksh Performance Tracker:

MOKSH PERFORMANCE TRACKER for FMGE or MCI Screening Test CoachingWe are constantly tracking your performance after the FMGE Exam or MCI Screening Test Coaching (On-Line). This is done while you are away studying MBBS in another country. The performance of every test series attended by you is stored for future reference and measurement. The Performance Tracker will constantly guide you on how to pass FMGE exam. The students MCI or FMGE test series on line performance would be compared with hundreds of other on line students. This is bound to push you towards doing better. Also, this acts among the students as the most reliable FMGE forum for interaction. Remember, your motivation would come from competition! No more need to check the FMGE news on MCI passing ratio.

Moksh Improvisation Module:

How to prepare for MCI test or FMGE examThe rich experience with successful history of serving hundreds of students for FMGE exam coaching has helped us to improve over many years. We would constantly be pushing you to achieve these levels. Our aim is to constantly push you and take you to all 19 subjects to the perfection. You would be ready with MCI preparation by the time you return back to India. The student's weaker areas for FMGE exam are identified with the performance in test series. It would constantly communicate to you the areas requiring your attention and need for improvements. This will act as a On-Line mentor with you giving FMGE tips to crack MCI Screening Test. The unique improvisation support is bound to improve your FMGE India or MCI screening test results.

Intelligent Passing Predictor

how to clear FMGE exam or MCI screening testThe unique PTMP technology is implemented would assess your performance of test series constantly. It would keep you updated on your progress to pass FMGE Exam. This intelligent module of our FMGE Exam or MCI Screening Test Coaching (On-Line) would measure your performance. The FMGE exam test series is based on 19 subjects covered in MCI screening test syllabus. It would predict your final MCI screening test marks. Your goal is to reach 150 marks out of 300 in MCI screening test results. On your way to success, you would have your own dashboard showing your exact status. These indicators would surely give you a peep into your preparation level. So now, do not worry with a question like how to clear MCI screening test or FMGE Exam.

FMGE Exam Or MCI Screening Test Crash Course When You Return To India.

You may not need FMGE crash course coaching on returning from China or Russia or any other country. You are already good enough to pass FMGE Exam on your return. We provide free crash course for FMGE coaching to all our students.* START YOUR FREE TRIAL * The free FMGE exam or MCI screening test crash course coaching is provided if you have opted for admission + FMGE coaching module from MOKSH.

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