Youth travel in china

What Is Youth Travel In China?

Youth Travel in China may be categorized as independent tours of short duration (less than 1 year) in China by the youth (15-30 yrs.).

Youth Travel Programs are taken up owing to several factors - the wish to be acquainted with other cultures, createsingular experience& memories and for opportunities of learning from other countries, academic or professional.

Youth Travels are a combination of markets pertaining to youth, student and educational travel.

Youth Travel statistics indicate a meteoric rise in Youth travelling in the past decades. Traveling Youth tend to be technologically more innovative in travelling. Youth travelers are environmentally way more responsible than tourists of other age groups.

In spite of all the growth in the Youth Travel trends, space still remains for a lot more that can be done. So, Official Tourism Organizations, Governments and Youth Travel Companies like MOKSH Overseas have the opportunity to be involved with the endeavor of International Youth Travel.

The youngsters are often the pioneers of innovative tourism as they are ready to take on new ventures, the less travelled path, making new connections. The youth traveling is changing the face of tourism by using Media and Social Networks for getting fresh ideas.

Youth Travel In China

The Youth in the age group of 18 – 21 years are on the verge of deciding their careers. In India, there is an alarming mind set of parents that allows very limited career options for their kids which becomes a burden for them, forever.

The Moksh Educational Tours and Travels in China, exclusively designed by MOKSH Overseas, has the dimensions that make these excursions very productive to the youth. Through these Education Trips,they get a chance to understand their ambition, shape their career and most importantly, to get exposed to the world first hand.

Youth Travels are very different from normal Cultural Exchange Programs. MOKSH Overseas Youth Travel are a combination of Educational and Travelling experience as they involve Linguistic studies providing a real overall cultural experience.

Culture And Language

Highlight of MOKSH Youth Travel in China, the Cultural Workshops are carefully planned events where the participants are subjected to intriguing activities which are a discovery of an alien culture in the most interesting way imaginable. Unlike run of the mill Cultural Exchange Programs abroad, there is no dependency on alignment of two Nations or two Educational Institutions. MOKSH Youth Travel in China Cultural Workshops include lectures, local excursions, interactions and other exercises.

It is rightly said that to understand the cultural pulse of a nation, one must get a fair idea of the language of that place. MOKSH Overseas arranges Language Courses for the participants of Youth Travel in China which are genuinely certified. These certifications not only grant deeper understanding of the culture (in comparison to normal Cultural Exchange Program) of the place, but also, add value to the Resume of the participants.

Impact Of Youth Travel On Career

Research shows that teenagers and adults who Youth/Edu Travel tours had higher incomes than those who didn’t.

52% of the students who chose to take Educational trips reported that the trip influenced their career choice while 89% vouched that the experience had a positive impact on their education &/or career.

Also, 59% students recorded achieving better grades post travelling. And it is worth noting that while 57% of those who went on such tours went on to do PG, only 33% who didn’t take any such trip went for higher education.

And, 90% opined that their tour was engaging, inspiring and fun!

Why Should You Choose Moksh Youth Travel Programs?

The Moksh Youth International Travel is vital not only for the destinations but for the youngsters themselves. Let’s examine why travel is important for youth. A few of the effects that such International youth travel tours have on the youth are:

  • Moksh Youth Travelis a perfectly balanced way to get out of your comfort zone or bubble and have a healthy exposure to the world.
  • Moksh Youth Travel tours are the best way to build your confidence when you learn to survive in foreign conditions.
  • Moksh Youth Travel Programs invariably prove to be a cultural discovery, first hand.
  • Traveling Youth also get prepared to work abroad as it is very common in this era of globalization to get employment overseas.
  • More often than not, you get to learn one or more different languages during Moksh Youth International Travel which is always a great achievement.
  • By all means, such Moksh Youth Travel Programs would enhance your Network which will be quite useful in the long run.
  • Also, an Educational tour or student youth travel would definitely improve your Academic performance.

Factors Determining Choice Of Destination For Youth Travel

Detailed research has been carried out as to the major factors that drive the Youth across the world to choose a particular destination for travelling.

To begin with, factors like age, education,income, work, lifestyle, previous experiences, attitudes, perceptions andmotivations affect travel decisions.

An important factor that plays a role is the Image of the Tourist destination affecting choice processes, evaluation & future intentions.

Travel well-being also has a major impact on the minds of the youth when they decide on a destination. The safety and security, of both guests and hosts, decide the popularity of a place as a tourist destination.

About China

China occupies 9,569,901 km2 of land and 27,060km2 of water in the Continent of Asia. It is the 4th largest nation in the world. China shares land borders with 16 countries.

China hasone of the world's oldest cultures that originated thousands of years ago. The culturally dominant area is in East Asia with customs and traditions changing remarkably between provinces, cities, and even towns.

China spans over many degrees of latitude with complicated terrain& hence, climate varies greatly. China lets you experience a variety of temperature and rainfall zones that include continental monsoon areas. In winter it is mostly cold and dry while in summer, it becomes hot and rainy.

Why Is China A Popular Tourist Destination?

The rate of tourist to China has increased at a very fast pace from the last few decades. After US, Spain and France, China is the 4th most visited country of the world associated with 56.27 million international tourists per year.

In terms of contribution to GDP and employment, China tourism ranks 2nd with a contribution of $943.1 billion to GDP and 66,086,000 jobs in 2014.

As of 2016, china accounts for 21% of the world’s international tourism spending i.e. $261 billion.

As per “The Tourism Rank” in 2017, China has attained 30th place in the global tourism rank. China has categorized its tourist resources into 3 main categories:

  • Natural sites
  • Historical and Cultural sites
  • Folk customs

Hainan Island Of China

Image result for Hainan Island of China “Hawaii of the orient”, commonly known as Hainan island, lies at the southern coast of china. It hosts most of the china’s tropical resorts and is one among the famous tourist places in China from Hong Kong and nearby Asian countries.

Furthermore Hainan provides visitors with plenty golf courses, beaches, significant cultural artifacts and long ago dynasties which leaves a very significant effect on its tourists.

Five Sacred Mountains

Beginning from its mountains, china has a lot to deliver in terms of natural beauty. Some of its mountains are:

Mount Tai (in the east)

Mount Hengshan (in the south)

Mount Hua (in the west)

Mount Hengshan (in the north)

Mount Song (in the center)

The above mentioned mountains are well known as “Five sacred Mountains”. Another appreciable mountain provided by Chinese inbound tourism is, Hungshan which is located in southern Anhui and is known for its graceful pines, unusual rocks, Cloud seas and hot springs.

Fairyland Valley

Jiuzhaigou situated in northern Sichuan is a beautiful “fairytale valley” which runs over 40km through snow-covered mountains, lakes, waterfalls and forests.

Another admirable beauty of China’s attraction is “Guizhou” which is a group of waterfalls. It lies 18 feet above the ground and 4 below. It can be heard even from 5 km away.

Three gorges and Yangtze River is the most renowned places in China’s tourist attractions accompanied by many other scenic and historical spots.

Historical And Cultural Sites

The history of tourism in china is huge in terms of its scales and grandeur. One of the prime examples of its magnificence history is the Great Wall of China which is the symbol of Chinese Nation reflecting the history of human civilization and it was built more than 2000 years ago.

“Mogao caves” also known as “treasure house of oriental art” reflects the most precious and priceless sculptures of Chinese inbound tourism with 492 caves and 2100 colorful statues. It spreads over an area of 45,000 sq. meters.

Another religious place in china is “The Shaolin Temple” in Henan. It is known as the birthplace of Chinese Zen Buddhism and is popular for its Shaolin Kung Fu Martial arts. It dates back to 495 AD.

China’s Tourist Attractions

  • Changbai Mountainsan important nature reserve home to the rare Siberian tiger
  • Grand Canal of China
  • Great Wall of China
  • Silk Road, abandoned cities along this famous ancient trading route.
  • Huangshan, Anhui
  • Mount Jiuhua, Anhui
  • Mount Tianzhu, Anhui
  • Forbidden City, Beijing, once the center of the 'Chinese imperial universe' and off-limits to the masses - now open to all
  • Summer Palace, Beijing
  • Temple of Heaven, Beijing
  • Dazu Rock Carvings, Chongqing
  • Three Gorges, Chongqing and Hubei
  • Xiamen, Fujian -- Gulangyu Island, famous for its colonial architecture
  • Mogao Caves, Dunhuang, Gansu these 1,000-year-old man-made caves on the old Silk Road contain some of China's most impressive Buddhist heritage
  • Guangzhou, Guangdong where the finest of the classic Cantonese breakfast dim sum is tried
  • Li River, Guangxi, where boat trips are taken to see the contorted peaks that have been immortalized in Chinese scroll paintings
  • Caohai Lake, Guizhou, where many experience being punted along this shallow lake to see many of China's varied birdlife
  • Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, Harbin, Heilongjiang, where extravagant and bizarre sculptures can be seen from life-size ice castles with rainbow lighting to fantastical snowy tableaux
  • Yabuli Ski Resort, Heilongjiang, the country's largest ski resort where many Chinese take their skiing holiday.
  • Longmen Grottoes, a parade of Buddhist figurines and reliefs, near Luoyang, Henan
  • Wudang Mountains, Hubei
  • Mount Lu, Jiangxi
  • Old Yalu Bridge, Dandong, Liaoning, a half-demolished bridge to North Korea is still an important relic of the Korean War.
  • Terracotta Army, Xi'an, Shaanxi, the former ancient capital, these 2,200-year-old life-size soldiers guards the tomb of China's first emperor.
  • Confucius Mansion, Qufu, Shandong, home to nearly eighty generations of the great sage's clan.
  • Mount Tai (or Tai Shan), Shandong, a holy peak home to immaculate temples and pavilions
  • The Bund, Shanghai, an elegant parade along the Huangpu River of colonial architecture juxtaposed with Shanghai's skyscrapers
  • The Hanging Temple at Mount Heng, Shanxi is a temple clinging to a precipice and a series of grottoes containing a panoply of Buddhist statuary
  • Yun gang Grottoes, near Datong, Shanxi is a renowned Buddhist site.
  • Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan
  • Leshan Giant Buddha, Sichuan, the world's largest carved Buddha
  • Mount Emei, Sichuan
  • Mount Qingcheng, Sichuan
  • Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet originally built by King Songtsän Gampo in 637 to greet his bride Princess Wencheng of the Tang Dynasty.
  • Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan, home to one of China's most unique minorities - the Dai people
  • West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Host Families In China

Most of Moksh host families in China stay in large cities s/as Beijing, Shenzen etc. They are mostly wealthy and highly educated, having open minds, friendly attitude and willing to participate in cultural exchange.

You will also be involved in information exchange as the Chinese wish to know about you and your culture and language as much as you wish to know about theirs. You will be participating in independent as well as social behavior and joining family activities.

We strongly believe that the best way to know about the language and culture of a civilization is staying and interacting with a well cultured family and that is exactly what you get at Moksh Youth Travel.

Why Moksh?

MOKSH Overseas is one of the Top Foreign Education Advisor in India, known ubiquitously for its honest, transparent modus operandi. Moksh is equally popular for the innovative and unique approach to any endeavor it takes up. Owing to the rich experience of almost a decade in the field of Foreign Education, Moksh is well versed in the art of blending Education and Travel and thereby, provide the youth in India, a memorable and productive Global Exposure.

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