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The growth that Youth Travel has seen in the last couple of decades indicates that it is here to remain. Youth Travel Programs have come up as a full-fledged industry, totally researched and self-sufficient.

It has come to pass that Governments across the world, Educational Institutions, Employers and Official Tourism Organizations are evidently acknowledging the Economic, Social & Cultural significance of Youth Travels.

Youth Travel statistics indicate a meteoric rise in Youth travelling in the past decades. Traveling Youth tend to be technologically more innovative in travelling. Youth travelers are environmentally way more responsible than tourists of other age groups.

In spite of all the growth in the Youth Travel trends, space still remains for a lot more that can be done. So, Official Tourism Organizations, Governments and Youth Travel Companies like MOKSH Overseas have the opportunity to be involved with the endeavor of International Youth Travel.

The youngsters are often the pioneers of innovative tourism as they are ready to take on new ventures, the less travelled path, making new connections. The youth traveling is changing the face of tourism by using Media and Social Networks for getting fresh ideas.

As of now, Youth and student travel accounts for around 190 Million international movements annually and it is estimated to cross 300 Million by 2020.

Youth Travel – Benefits

The Youth International Travel is vital not only for the destinations but for the youngsters themselves. Let’s examine why travel is important for youth. A few of the effects that such International youth travel tours have on the youth are:

  • Youth Travels is a perfectly balanced way to get out of your comfort zone or bubble and have a healthy exposure to the world.
  • Youth Travel tours are the best way to build your confidence when you learn to survive in foreign conditions.
  • Youth Travel Programs invariably prove to be a cultural discovery, first hand.
  • Traveling Youth also get prepared to work abroad as it is very common in this era of globalization to get employment overseas.
  • More often than not, you get to learn one or more different languages during Youth International Travel which is always a great achievement.
  • By all means, such Youth Travel Programs would enhance your Network which will be quite useful in the long run.
  • Also, an Educational tour or student youth travel would definitely improve your Academic performance.
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Family Vacations & Youth Travel – A Comparison



Family vacations are mostly recreational Education travel includes focus on linguistic cognizance, cultural exposure & getting to know people constituting a global experience
Purpose of a Family vacation – Spending quality time with family members Education travels have multiple purposes – especially enhancing the capacity to handle Cultural Shocks!
Family vacation ideas include sight-seeing & visiting new places Education tours travel as a learning experience is like a lesson on living life independently
Vacation for a family is all about seeing as many popular spots as possible Indian youth needs much more than sight-seeing and Global Education travel in itself is a teacher imparting a lot of valuable hands on experience
Families on vacation travel as Tourists Education Travel students travel as young, independent explorers
Cultural exposure during a vacation for a family is unplanned and optional A planned exposure to gaping cultural differences during student Educational Travel becomes a huge learning experience
Family vacations packages remain limited as an International travel experience Educational Travel experiences expand into a Global exposure.
At Family vacation getaways, more people travel to more places at lesser cost Number of places visited during Youth Travel programs may be less, but the exposure is in-depth.
Families traveling together in Familyvacations generally do not get closer to the natives and they come back with few new contacts You come back from an International Youth Travel tour with many new friends and expand your social network greatly.
You return from even the best family vacations ever only with fond memories of family The experience of a Student Youth Travel widens your horizons and gives you practically productive memories
Few fundamental changes in ideology or perspective are the outcomes of Family trips Global Education Travel brings about a major change by making one more positive, tolerant & independent
Obviously there are no direct effects on career of a Family vacation Candidates with Global Exposure and multi-cultural awareness from such student educational travel are always preferred by Employers.


Travel is an education in itself and when it is planned to go beyond a pleasure trip, it becomes all the more so. It is really hard to fathom the tremendous value of the changes Educational Travel for students brings among the youngsters – building confidence, self-reliance, adaptability and cultural awakening.

At a younger level – 13 – 18 years of age, Educational Travels are mainly encouraged by teachers for enhancing their cultural awareness. Educational Travel Tours are not only superior to standard teaching methods but also much more productive compared to Computer-based learning too.

An Educational Travel Group may be defined as: A Group of Students and Guides which takes up a journey, the individuals in the Educational Travel Groups may not be related in any way (classmates or friends), moving out of their residential area with a plan to be followed by all. The Educational Travel Groups are generally headed by one or more teachers or leaders who contribute to improve their learning experience.

Creating a unique blend of Youth Travel and Educational Travel, MOKSH Overseas has come up with a range of programs designed to cater to the needs of different age groups and interests.

MOKSH Overseas Youth Travel programs & Educational Travel packages are designed on the basis of different age groups.

Moksh Educational Travel packages are accepted to be the best among the ones offered by the best Educational Travel Companies and Educational Travel Agencies . To give you a bird’s eye view, the packages are:

  • ‘Learn with Fun Tours’:
    These Educational Travel for Students packages are designed for 13 – 15 years old to provide an exposure that would be an unforgettable memory all their lives and a very close exposure to cultures entirely alien to their young minds. You can imagine what International Educational Travel package like a Summer Camp in Switzerland and other locations would mean to a teen who has seen the world through media, so far.
  • ‘Discovery Tours’:
    These highly informative and enlightening Educational Travel packages are designed to provide 16 – 18 years olds an insight into the highest centers of learning like NASA, United States and best Universities abroad. Such Educational Travel and Cultural Trips would be like an initiation for those who wish to go for education in these top rated Universities across the globe.
  • ‘Exploratory Tours’:
    18 – 21 years – Being the age group that would find MOKSH Overseas Youth Travel programs & Educational Travel packages, Exploratory Tours would include Educational Travel and Cultural Trips having language course, cultural workshops, adventures, interactions with natives to name a few. The destinations would be France, Spain & China.

Exploratory Tours

The Youth in the age group of 18 – 21 years are on the verge of deciding their careers. In India, there is an alarming mind set of parents that allows very limited career options for their kids which becomes a burden for them, forever.

The Educational Tours and Travels product ‘EXPLORATORY TOURS’, exclusively designed by MOKSH Overseas, has the dimensions that make these excursions very productive to the youth. Through these Education Trips, they get a chance to understand their ambition, shape their career and most importantly, to get exposed to the world first hand.

EXPLORATORY TOURS are very different from normal Cultural Exchange Programs. MOKSH Overseas EXPLORATORY TOURS are a combination of Educational and Travelling experience as they involve Linguistic studies providing a real overall cultural experience.

The destinations include France, Spain and China. There is a specific purpose of Educational Travel Packages to each of these countries with a separate outcome. France is the haven for fashion and all those youngsters interested in visiting the country that actually sets the trend around the world. China, of course, is the birth place of Digital and other Technology.

An EXPLORATORY TOUR designed by MOKSH Overseas typically includes:

  • Travel: The journey itself is an experience. We at MOKSH Overseas make the entire experience of Global Educational Travel memorable for all the participants. The process of travelling involves number of interactions with individuals from various corners which contributes to the learning in a big way.
  • Accommodation: The experience of living at a new place forms a major chunk of the memories associated with the Student Educational Travel. During MOKSH Overseas Youth Travel programs & Educational Travel packages, the participants get to choose whether to stay in Home Stays, Apartment or University Hostels. This freedom is widely appreciated by our clients and their parents.
  • Cultural Workshops: Highlight of EXPLORATORY TOURS, the Cultural Workshops are carefully planned events where the participants are subjected to intriguing activities which are a discovery of an alien culture in the most interesting way imaginable. Unlike run of the mill Cultural Exchange Programs abroad, there is no dependency on alignment of two Nations or two Educational Institutions. EXPLORATORY TOURS Cultural Workshops include lectures, local excursions, interactions and other exercises.
  • Certified Language Course: It is rightly said that to understand the cultural pulse of a nation, one must get a fair idea of the language of that place. MOKSH Overseas arranges Language Courses for the participants of EXPLORATORY TOURS which are genuinely certified. These certifications not only grant deeper understanding of the culture (in comparison to normal Cultural Exchange Programme) of the place, but also, add value to the Resume of the participants.
  • Local Sight-seeing tours: Naturally, an educational travelling to such picturesque and historically rich destinations like France, Spain & China holds numerous opportunities to visit the local spots, famous either for scenic beauty or for historical value. MOKSH Overseas carefully plans each day of your stay so that you get the opportunity to not only visit these places but to actually feel the reason of their fame.
  • Adventure activities: Adventure – the word that makes every young heart beat. The EXPLORATORY TOURS are all laced with brilliantly designed and SAFE adventure activities. The intention is to make the International Educational Travel a memorable experience to the young minds so that a sense of achievement is instilled in the youth.
  • Culinary delights: It is obvious that every culture has a distinct flavor of food. The EXPLORATORY TOURS are menu specific which means that the foods served are pre-approved. It is one of those factors which make the Student Educational Travel unforgettable.
  • Inter Cultural Activities: Wherever possible, the EXPLORATORY TOURS are planned in a way that there is a cultural interaction between both countries – the guest & the host. The Inter Cultural Fests are events of grand scale that is equally enriching for both the Nations.
  • Local Excursions: A guided tour that takes you deep into an aspect of the destination which has a comparatively longer duration than a normal tour. It may be a cultural, educational or recreational excursion.
  • Team Building Activities: Corporate careers depend on Team work and the youth must be adept at working in a team. The MOKSH Overseas Youth Travel programs & Educational Travel packages product EXPLORATORY TOURS include many fun-filled activities that require Team Spirit in action. These activities instill that quality in the youth which helps them in their professional life.
  • Project based activities: Cultural, Culinary, Educational & Recreational Projects are included in MOKSH Overseas Youth Travel programs & Educational Travel packages that contribute to enhance the creativity and team work too. Every project adds significantly to some aspect of the participants’ personalities which they keep with them for the rest of their lives.
  • Local Shopping Trips: Every youngster’s dream would be going for Shopping in a foreign country. Not much needs to be said about a Shopping spree for clothes in France, for gadgets in China and sports goods in Spain.

Why Moksh?

MOKSH Overseas is one of the Top Foreign Education Advisor in India, known ubiquitously for its honest, transparent modus operandi. Moksh is equally popular for the innovative and unique approach to any endeavor it takes up. Owing to the rich experience of almost a decade in the field of Foreign Education, Moksh is well versed in the art of blending Education and Travel and thereby, provide the youth in India, a memorable and productive Global Exposure.

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