Perfection. A supposedly unattainable state. But a people that don’t mind trying are sure to have a great spirit. Sharing their culture has to be a great learning experience.


You can’t ignore the prestige a qualification from Germany holds. And it is not all ornamental! The kind of respect an academic qualification from Germany commands in the Job market is phenomenal too.

The German Institutions make such an impressive array of great Universities that it will be safe to say only a few nations can compare.

Some of the facts are mind boggling.

Almost Zero Tuition Fee: It is not a myth. The Education in Germany is actually without any Tuition Fee provided you meet the University criteria. Certain administrative and other charges are levied but they amount up to € 300 per Semester approx. which is fairly reasonable.

Reputed Universities: More than 400 state level Institutions exist in Germany, of which, more than 100 are universities. Many of these feature among the top ranked Universities of the world. There is obviously no comparison between the Technical, Management and Medicine courses run in Germany and similar courses provided in other countries.

Access to entire Europe: The conception of the European Union with the advent of the Schengen visa has opened up the major nations in Europe in such a way that a student visa of Germany allows you to travel freely across Europe. The social, academic, cultural and personal growth this can bring about is huge.

Manageable living cost: With the right guidance, you can actually manage your living in Germany quite reasonably. The living in Germany cost you depends on the choices you make. MOKSH Overseas walks with you at every step to assist you in making the prudent choices.

Earn while you learn: The law in Germany allows International students to take up gainful employment during their studies. One can work 20 hrs a week or 120 full working days in a year. Such employment does not require any particular skill set and hence, one doesn’t need any specific Academic qualification.

Learning a new language: Rarely does life give an opportunity to learn something that adds multiple dimensions to one’s personality. One has to gain workable knowledge of the German language which not only opens up avenues to acquire more knowledge but also increases employability manifold.

Culture & Heritage: With the kind of History and cultural diversity Germany has to offer, living in Germany adds facets to one’s personality. One understands the world and its working from different perspectives; the advantages are numerous.


The 3rd well liked destination among the international students is Germany. Every year more than 12% of the students comes and enroll in Germany with the mindset to get degrees. Even the employers here are highly respected and recognized around the world.

The main reasons to study in Germany are:

• The superior quality of teaching and research services it provides. Once you get educated from a particular German institute, you earn an internationally renowned degree which gives you excellent and amazing prospects especially in the global labor market.
• As the German universities provide you with outstanding academic programs, you have more of practice-oriented options than ever before. Thus, it is geared to practice.
• When students study in Germany, he/she develops intellectual and personal abilities to their fullest which further unlocks their potential and brings out their best versions.
• Germany can be considered as one of the safest country when it comes to protection of your ward. Be it a town or countryside, day or night, you can freely roam around.
• Another incredible and fascinating fact about Germany is its diversity. When you think of taking a break from studies, there are more than 1000 ways to feel relieved. For instance, you can go to a museum/theatre/cinema, can sit in a beer garden, can go for a walk on beaches, can swim across a small lake, climb a mountain or can visit an old castle.
• The living in Germany cost is more reasonable and affordable as compared to that of other countries in Europe. Thecomprises of rent, food and other living expenses are approximately the same as the EU average. Additionally, student in Germany can enjoy a variety of concessions. Entry fees to various institutions and buildings, such as theatres and museums are low for students.
• German is among the most spoken languages across the world. While it is possible to study in Germany without any knowledge of German language, international students are bound to pick up the language after living in Germany. This can be extremely helpful when the students enter an international career.
• International Students can apply for a variety of scholarships to finance their studies in Germany. The study in Germany DAAD or German academic exchange service is considered as one of the biggest scholarship institutes of the world. It is easy for student in Germany to apply for scholarship which best suits their needs.
• Germany is definitely one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, especially for the international students. Germany also has a lot to offer especially in the fields of historical heritage, natural wonders and modern metropolises.
• A sizeable portion of the students in German universities come from international backgrounds. The study in Germany for international students’ community makes it easier to get adjusted in Germany. It also provides a great opportunity to interact with various cultures from different countries. Additionally, the universities help the students adopt the new country faster with the help of mentoring programs.
• It is not necessary to be fluent in German Language to study in Germany. Many courses are offered in English, especially those at the master’s level. A huge number of international degrees can be studied in English.
• Germany has approximately 450 universities accredited by the state and there are 17,500 programs for degrees in the country. Almost every subject is catered by the universities at all academic levels. International students can select from study in Germany bachelors’ program, study in Germany masters’ program or even doctorates. Although most universities focus on scientific studies, it is possible to study in Germany art subjects at the top universities.
• Regardless of the study in Germany for free fee policy, studying in Germany doesn’t come entirely for free – you still need to meet the living costs. Therefore many international student in Germany tend to look for a job to support them while studying. It is very easy for EU students to find a job, as there are no limitations. Meanwhile students from non-EU countries have to apply for a work permit, and their working hours are limited to 190 full days or 240 half days per year.
• Finally, after studying in Germany, you have the chance to stay on and seek work after graduation. The law allows international graduates to stay for additional 18 months to seek work, and you may even end up living in Germany for a longer time, if you wish to.
• Universities in Germany offer plenty of choices, including some of the most prestigious institutions in Western Europe. One of Germany’s Highest-ranked university in the QS World University Rankings® 2019 is Technische Universität München (ranked 61st in the world), closely followed by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (62nd) and Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg (64th).
• In addition to world-class universities, Germany also offers high quality of life in Germany, relatively low tuition fees, and extensive support and study in Germany scholarship schemes for international students, and decent post-graduation employment prospects. So, it’s easy to see why so many choose to study in Germany each year.


The best thing to observe about life in Germany is to experience its vast culture. The next thing to notice is the soothing environment outside the classroom. It is more than obvious that if a person studies in the same environment for past 20 years, he/she start feeling bored and dispassionate for studies.

The best change from your aloof routine is to come and start living in Germany. Germany has much more to offer than what you can imagine. It has a lot of aesthetic and beautiful spots, theatres and opera house.

Another severe issue faced by international students in Germany is food when it comes to studying in abroad, but when you study in Germany you don’t have to worry much about this. There are a lot many restaurants and cafes which offers high quality dishes and the cost of food in Germany is affordable as well.

Thus, you not only get good education but also develop soft skills while living in Germany.



Studying medicine in Germany is one of the burning topics among students nowadays. This is because Germany offers some of the best medicine universities along with minimal tuition fees.

There are many programmes where one can study medicine in Germany in English language. Foreign students in Germany not only plan for undergraduate course but they also intend to study postgraduate courses in medicine in Germany.

Here you’ll learn about the medical course in Germany, specialist training programs, other degree courses, etc.

• It takes about 6 years for the completion of medical course in Germany following a State level Exam.
• The duration of specialist training in Germany is about 5-6 years long which is essential for medical course in Germany. Further, these trainings are organized either in the medical centres of the university or any other authorized training centre.
• Unlike other courses, the study of medicine is not divided into bachelor’s and master’s level. Nevertheless, there are certain master’s programmes.


German universities provide a lot of opportunity to those who wish to study engineering in Germany by way of TU9 Self-Assessment International that supports the youth in taking decision to study in Germany. There are some of the top engineering schools in Germany that offer programs such as computer engineering, mechanical engineering, automobile engineering and chemical engineering in Germany. Moreover, there are many engineering institutes where one can study engineering in Germany in English language.

In order to pursue engineering in Germany, one must have the following qualities:

• Analytical and logical skills
• Thinking ability
• Innovative
• One must believe in team work
• Good grades in mathematics as well as physics

PROGRAMMES OFFERED: About 3,400 programmes are listed under German universities regarding engineering, out of which 220 are master programmes in English language.


Through Self-Assessment services, you get to know whether you have the potential to pursue an engineering career or not. You need to complete the requirements of these technical programs in order to get selected in TU9 universities. It consists of various activities that examine your analytical as well as problem-solving skills along with some questions associated with your academics followed by a German test. Moreover, this entire service is free of cost.


Engineers graduating from German universities have great career opportunities ahead of them yet the chances of getting a job mainly depends on their skills. Engineering graduates from Germany are considered to be a vital asset as the quality of education is excellent and hence, are highly reputed across the globe.

The demand for engineers has been increasing by leaps and bounds. If Germany wants to dominate the world market then it will need to have as many engineers as possible.


Courses like mathematics and natural science in Germany are available in many universities. They let you expand your educational background by combining a scientific subject with subjects like humanities and social science. Recently, corresponding programmes are encouraged such as nanosciences, biomathematics, molecular life science, etc.

The Berlin Mathematical School in Germany is very popular among international students for its unique concepts as well as excellent teaching methods. Foreign students in Germany also prefer to complete their masters as well as PhD in mathematics in Germany.

There are more than 2,500 courses available regarding study of mathematics and natural science out of which 200 are in English language.

In order to apply for a natural science program, you need to be adroit in areas such as analytical skills, team spirit, good understanding of mathematics, etc.

The advanced German technology is one of the reasons why foreign students in Germany get attracted towards natural science degree programmes in Germany. Further, scientists from Germany are highly reputed across the globe.


However, the job possibilities may differ depending on the course, yet there is a huge demand of graduates from technical colleges in Germany. In the words of Kolja Briedis from HIS Institute, natural scientists, mathematicians, computer scientists have great possibilities in the market.” The companies are facing scarcity of required specialists and in order to meet this challenge, an initiative called MINT Initiative is launched to attract the youth for the STEM Degree programmes, namely science, technology, engineering & mathematics.


There are many popular degree programmes for economics and social sciences in Germany. There are some of the best German universities for social science and economics. For instance, the University of Bonn in Germany is regarded as the first and foremost choice for studying economic and social science in Germany.

If you’re planning a career in economics and social science, then you must have a good command over mathematics as well as statistics. Being an economist, one must focus on internationality. As it is important to find a good job.

Recently, economics has broaden its aspects by promoting advanced subjects, namely international sales, supply chain management, trade management, etc. Apart from this, preference is also given to sports, travel, tourism, etc. In economics, studies are carried out on a global scale such as addressing international issues, education tours, etc.


International training plays a vital role in the field of economy as knowing more than one language will provide higher job opportunities. One must also work on soft skills such as management, team work, presentation skills, etc.


Being a social scientist or researcher, one must carry on his work in a well-organized manner. Moreover, job opportunities for such profession can be found mostly in marketing fields.


Germany is one of the most popular countries in terms of education. Students prefer to study in Germany as German degrees are of high repute in any part of the globe.

Germany also offers many management programmes for students who wish to become great leaders as well as managers. It has the best management schools that are listed among the top management schools around the globe. They comprise of a series of courses such as event management, supply chain management, business administration, organizational management, project management, aviation management etc.

After getting a master’s or bachelor’s degree of management from a German university, you can even settle in Germany as there are very high opportunities of managerial jobs there. Not only Germany but you can settle in any part of the globe without facing any troubles.

Also, there is no tuition fee to be paid to German universities. All you have to bear is your living cost, food, travel expenses, etc. However, your overall study expenses in Germany would be based on the city you stay, yet you can do part time jobs which will make you financially independent as well as providing an opportunity to gain work experience.

Moreover, you must know German language while you’re pursuing higher education in Germany. There are many ways in which you can German language such as taking German lessons, learning German language through YouTube tutorials, interacting with the people there, etc.


Studying humanities in Germany is not an easy thing as German universities are very strict in such matters. You must have a good understanding regarding German culture. Furthermore, one should gain specialization in any one of the areas based on his interest as well as gaining experiential knowledge.

German Universities offer around 6,000 humanities program courses to select from. You might get confused as to which program to select. Though there are different names of program, yet the courses sometimes appear to be the same.

While pursuing humanities in German universities, you can either opt for a mono-bachelor degree where you study only one subject or a dual-subject bachelor degree where one of the subjects is major while the other one is minor. However, combination degree programs vary in each university as to what kind of combination they offer.


In order to pursue humanities in German universities, you must possess the following traits:

• Good command over German language
• Writing and reading skills
• You must be fond of reading

Unlike other universities, German universities are not so supportive regarding humanities. Therefore, foreign students in Germany must be well prepared right from the beginning as well as they have to manage their lectures, collect literature materials from libraries, make study groups, etc.


Graduates from humanities may find it difficult to get a job as the requirements of courses differ from employer to employer. This is why great emphasis is given on specializing in any one area together with practical knowledge which will enhance your job opportunities.

Many degree programs offer students to complete one semester in another university at abroad as internship programs. The main sectors where a humanities graduate can get a job are journalism and mass communication, publishing offices, etc.


What could be better than earning your own bread in a foreign land and not relying on your family for your expenses? Your visa allows you to work in Germany for 120 days (working full days) or 240 days (working half day). There are a number of ways for international folks to do work in Germany while they are pursuing their education.

Moreover, as per the regulations laid down by Universities, you cannot work for more than 20 hours a week. However, you can take full time jobs during your vacation days. Working in Germany isn’t all about earning money. Although these jobs provide you with some extra cash to enjoy your stay in Germany, they put forward fruitful opportunities too. For instance, while working in Germany, you will be daily encountering different Germans and while interacting with them, you can enrich your knowledge about German language.

If you’re planning to put your back into something while you study in Germany, then here are some popular jobs that might match your capabilities.

• Teacher & Research assistant at a University- Such kind of jobs include the work of assisting the professors, preparing research sessions, working as librarians, etc. These are the most preferred jobs and bring with them a decent amount too. You can usually find the endorsements for them at the University notice board.
• English teachers- Another wonderful opportunity would be to teach English to the German students (and learning German from them maybe). Classes are often conducted as private tuitions and it offers a good payout also. However, you need to be adroit at the language and so; the students from UK and USA are often considered to be more eligible for this job than the Indians.
• Jobs at cafes and pubs- This is the most popular job among the international folks. Not only the students engage in these jobs for a pay, but they get a chance to explore the German cities and build new relations with people that come along their way.


The people, language and customs together enhance the grandeur of German culture. The culture of Germany not only influences the current German lifestyles but plays a vital role in defining the European history. While you call it Germany, the German folks address their nation as Duetschland. The great poets and thinkers that dwell in the heart of Germany are a justification of Germany being known as the land of ideas. Germany’s historical events have been of crucial importance in carving the German culture. The German land is home to more than 80 million people. The capital is Berlin yet Munich, Cologne and Hamburg are also popular hubs in Germany. As far as language is concerned, you will find German running through the lips of more than 95% German residents.

Even though you will observe western attires in the German streets, yet there are traditional dresses that differ from region to region. Take the case of Bavaria where the men wear leather trousers going not below the knees while the women would allure you through their bodice and skirts worn along with the apron. Moreover, wearing these costumes during celebrations and carnivals brings a different level of joy to them. Needless to say, Germany leads the way when it comes to literature. If you are fond of reading, then Germany invites you to attend the International Frankfurt Book Fair, the most important book event in the world.

Christianity is the predominant religion in Germany with more than 65% Christians and out this percentage, 29% are Catholics. Muslims further comprise 4% of the population. Interesting fact is that you will find 36 out of every 100 Germans who do not identify themselves as Christians nor the Muslims. Either these people are Atheists or belong to a religion other than Christianity and Muslim.

Ever heard of the deep affection Germans have toward the beer. Well, no jokes, but Germans drink a lot of beer. Let alone beer, they are a big fan of sausages and breads too! The German cuisines are also packed with tantalizing traditional delicacies. Even if you have a picky habit in terms of food, the German cuisines are ready to bewilder you because whatever you choose to eat or drink, it will be undoubtedly amazing!


Well, obvious things first. Germany is the third most popular destination among international students for pursuing higher education. You can never doubt the quality of education imparted at the German Universities. The programs at German Universities are designed for the purpose of coping with the modern times and in the same way furnished to the students. They are packed with the latest scientific researches of the world and are ideal for students willing to make a global career.

The curriculum is always advancing and attempts to produce comprehensive approach to teaching and research. After you have completed the course, you are awarded a global degree which is highly reputed and is considered a valued qualification all across the sphere. You gain a very high esteem in the eyes of worldwide employers as they are fully aware of the quality of education you possess, increasing your chances of getting hired by leaps and bounds.

Thus, once you have this degree, be prepared for a bundle of attractive offers to select from. You ultimately trust your professional skills and believe that your adroitness will help them grow their company.

With these things being said, no matter if you’re planning to do a job or not, or moving to your home country, you will always be able to get a hold of a high paying job because of your German degree.


Once you get a visa, you can also avail of the residential permit that assists you in finding a shelter and move around the country. With this residential permit, you are also eligible to move throughout the Schengen area without any visa! This comes forth as a marvelous opportunity to travel in the countries of your choice during your weekends or vacations. Once you have attained the letter of acceptance from your respective German University, it’s time for you to start applying for the visa and this should be done 3 months before your departure.

As far as residential permit is concerned, your documents will be delivered to the immigration office in the region of your university and once all the procedures are completed, a residency permit will be issued in your name.



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