There is a multitude of options available to you for preparing for USMLE series. You can further divide these options into 4 types, namely online material, books, videos & audios and study applications. So let’s move further to examine all these sources and decide which would be suitable for you.


The material available on the online platform undeniably covers a large portion of the USMLE curriculum. On the web, you can find USMLE sample questions for all stages such as USMLE Step 1 practice questions, USMLE Step 2 practice questions and USMLE Step 3 practice questions. You can avail the preparation material provided by numerous organizations in the form of question banks, self-assessment modules, mock tests, etc. Below are some reasons as to why you should decide on the online material.

  • By selecting the online material, you can experience the real examination situation as all the exams under the USMLE series are taken online.
  • Being on an ever-evolving platform, the questions are updated from time to time while some modules are made in such way as to match the level of the real exams so that you can compare your score to the real exam score and hence, prepare according to these USMLE practice questions.
  • You can purchase online materials from services like USMLEWORLD, USMLERx etc. that provide the materials as per your needs by offering subscriptions specific durations.


The concepts provided in the books form the core of these examinations. Although there is a plethora of books available in the market for USMLE preparation, there are a few books that are considered to possess fundamental material for USMLE preparation. You can buy these books from E-commerce sites like Amazon and other book selling websites. It would be also suggested to you not to buy the free materials available on the internet which is mostly outdated and is likely to hinder your USMLE preparation. Likewise, you need to beware while buying USMLE books from the stores as you will find many copied material there which will again hinder your USMLE preparation. So better would be if you take guidance from your seniors and prepare wisely. The First Aid by Le and Bushnan is so far one of the best comprehensive reference for preparations of USMLE Step 1 and has been considered one of the best USMLE step 1 books. Many students have found it useful to refer to ‘First Aid’ and so make sure you go through this book 4-6 weeks prior before your Step 1 Exam.

Below you can find some more books that we recommend for USMLE preparation.

  • Master the Boards.
  • Board Review Series.
  • High Yield Series.
  • USMLE Secrets.


You can further study for the USMLE through videos and audios. The online videos enable you to interact with the professional USMLE faculties while you can save the audio files on your smartphones and listen to them whenever you get time. The Goljan audio lectures are very helpful and can be downloaded from the web legally. Seminars and webinars are also very popular among the examinees as they help you by giving guidance in your USMLE preparation and can be attended without any charge. Again it would be suggested to avoid downloading the outdated material from the internet since the entire curriculum has undergone through a transformation.


In this era of technology, you can now study for your USMLE exams through mobile applications too. The various service providers of USMLE usually have their mobile applications which can be downloaded by the students from the application store of the mobile. By searching for USMLE on your mobile’s application store, you will find the USMLE apps which can be either free of cost or paid. The Cram Fighter is one of the best USMLE study schedule apps and let you create personalized study schedules for the USMLE exams. Another app for you USMLE preparation is the USMLE world that offers USMLE practice questions, USMLE practice tests and other assessments.

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