About The University Visit

University tours are great when it comes to deciding prospective colleges. The superior most reason to choose a university not only depends on academics but also numerous reasons which will affect your experience.

The University tours further help you to determine your ultimate choices with respect to academic levels proportional to your major potential and get acquainted with differences in the atmosphere.

You should visit the university in order to get a real feel of the college which will best fit your needs and personality.

Until and unless you visit your dream institute, you never know about the realities of the same. The University tours further give an opportunity to have your queries answered by numerous professors with different points of view.

Most of the universities assist University tours with a presentation by a guide who familiarize you with the entire campus. This presentation includes history of the institute, current events and upcoming changes.

Many of the universities allow you to even attend classes, club meetings and sports practices. These meetings can also be arranged with professors, admission officers and financial aid officers.

In addition to this, the University tours further involve visits to the mess, in case if the students want to know the taste and quality of food which is offered by the same.

By listening to the information provided by the Admissions department, talking to current students, and touring the university, you will have most of your questions answered, by which you should be able to prioritize your choices.

How Does It Help In The Personality Development Of Teens?

The University tours enable the students to get a learning experience with a wide range of positive outcomes, they are:

  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Ability to empathize and understand new perspectives
  • Increased aspirations and motivation
  • Enhanced team working and communication skills
  • Broader understanding of society

We believe that overall the memorable, creative learning experience from the university and University tours will have a positive effect on the social and emotional development of learners.

It is important to remember that some young people may be overwhelmed by the new environment, so, planning and discussing the upcoming opportunities of the university ease things a lot.

If you’re thinking of booking University tours for learners with additional needs, we encourage you to talk to us so that we can make it accessible to you.

We, at Moksh, are very happy to provide the learners with our packages to meet their needs and to support them for the same. We also provide risk assessments for universities which are way much useful while planning visits and reviewing access needs.

Importance Of Global Exposure

Today’s world is completely technology-driven because of which there is an emerging need to prepare the students for the future.

International schools begin employ native speakers for teaching world languages to the kids at their early age.

University tours are also exposed to various success oriented educational programs with an aim to empower you with a global perspective. Such programs allow you to interact with others you aren’t familiar with.

One of the many benefits of providing the students with the international exposure is that University tours help to enhance and broaden the vision of students.

Learning from international universities visits and attending international workshops/seminars enable students to experience and understand global scenario from a different cultural perspective.

It is important that management institutions do provide their students with ample opportunities to learn and understand the global techniques with respect to their field and equip them with the traits required for working in a global environment. And we aim to provide the same.

With the world converging towards globalization, there are more possibilities today to dilute the barriers such as language, borders, and cultures, and thereby widen the opportunities for students.

As a result, today’s students have better chances to practice business in the global arena and learn about various business practices of different countries.

Diverse Business People’s Hands with Cartography Puzzle

Cross-cultural references and global perspective allows students to have a pragmatic view of the business setting and practices in various countries. When students learn from a multinational faculty, they are provided a holistic view of the business practices across various cultures and territories.

This helps students to get used to various business strategies happening in the modern and upcoming markets and learn to apply the same in their business setting.

Similarly, when students are exposed to international programs, they gain knowledge about global markets and are prepared to leverage the power of international exposure and accelerate their potential by creating new opportunities for their future.

Impact On Academics

If we talk about the merits of university visits in terms of academics, here are the impacts for the same:

  1. The University tours help to gather the first hand information about the different landscapes and experiences, so as to prepare the students to face the challenges of certain cultures and listening to the opinions of people in other nations.
  2. University tours further provide a level of mindfulness that is often tough to shake. In addition, profound experiences are been offered to students to build lifelong values and priorities within themselves.
  3. University tours sharpen the self-awareness within its students.
  4. The University tours give an exposure to the problems and establish a cultural-centric thinking. University tours further prepares the students about the broad awareness of how other people don’t necessarily rely on familiar habits and comforts.
  5. The University tours promote Cultural immersion through travel and service programs can also help break down language barriers and open new channels of lifelong communication.
  6. University tours foster independence through its way of providing enriching experience and challenges to students to open their minds regarding food, friends and basic needs.
  7. University tours demonstrate courage as it leads to Travelling away from the comfort of friends, family and familiar surroundings is tough.
  8. The University tours further ensure character trait that’s very appealing to colleges and employers which is becoming very essential these days.

Why Moksh?

MOKSH Overseas is one of the Top Foreign Education Advisor in India, known ubiquitously for its honest, transparent modus operandi.

Moksh is equally popular for the innovative and unique approach to any endeavor it takes up. Owing to the rich experience of almost a decade in the field of Foreign Education, Moksh is well versed in the art of blending Education and Travel and thereby, provide the youth in India, a memorable and productive Global Exposure.

Your Safety With Moksh

Your safety during the University Tours is a priority for us at Moksh. We have a carefully planned safety procedure that we follow:

Proper Itinerary briefing – Awareness of the minute to minute plan is mandatory to avoid any misunderstanding. Moksh ensures that you understand the daily movement plan properly.

Regular scheduled interaction with parents – We instruct and ensure that all wards make it a point to brief their parents regularly about their well being.

We DO NOT allow any wandering alone – We make sure that you do not wander around companionless under any circumstances.

No venture into isolated areas – Simple but often ignored, not going to desolate areas is a rule that Moksh teams stick to.

Traffic Rules – You will be instructed in detail regarding the Traffic Safety norms of any nation you wish to visit and we will keep a close eye on you at such instances.

Medical History – To deal with any untoward incident, we keep a detailed Medical History of each ward for reference.

Law of the land – We make sure that you are well aware of the Laws established in the Nation of your visit, for obvious reasons.

Buddy System – Moksh University Tours abide by the Buddy System, where in you have to inform a buddy before going anywhere during your tour.


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