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About University

Founded in 1949, the University of Pannonia is located in Veszprem, Hungary. It is a publicly run institution, also known as Veszprémi Egyetem. The University is situated near Lake Balaton in Hungary. Moreover, it comprises five schools- Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Agriculture, Economics and Information Technology. The five faculties, for instance, are the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Georgikon Faculty of Agriculture (in Keszthely), Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Modern Philology, and Social Sciences (former Faculty of Arts).

The University of Pannonia welcomes international students from over 17 nations, and more than 5000 students are studying in different areas. More than 6,000 students are enrolled at the University under different programs, out of which 500+ are International students.

The University of Pannonia's academic staff consists of over 300 national and international professional-level degree faculties. The main focus of University of Pannonia is on communication and Media Studies, Business Management and Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality, and Applied Arts and Media Arts programs.

Program Offered in Pannonia

University teachers the degree programs in English, however, the university offers the following Bachelor programs Business Administration and Management, International Business Economics, Tourism and Catering, Communication and Media Science, English and American Studies and Germanistics and the Master (MA) programs offered are Tourism Management, Marketing, Chemistry, Instruction of English as a Foreign Language, International Studies, Applied Linguistics, English Studies, Computer Science Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Materials Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

Program Type

University Pannonia offers the Bachelors and Master programs listed below:

Program Degree Specialization Duration Fees
Business Bachelor Business Administration and Management 3.5 Year €2,700
Economics Bachelor International Business Economics 4 Year €2,700
Hospitality & Tourism Bachelor Tourism and Catering 4 Year €2,700
Media & Arts Bachelor Communication and Media Science 3 Year €3,000
Media & Arts Bachelor English and American Studies 3 Year €3,000
Media & Arts Bachelor Germanistics 3 Year €3,000
Engineering Bachelor Water Operation Engineering 3 Year €6,000
Engineering Bachelor Chemical Engineering 3.5 Year €6,000
Hospitality & Tourism Master Tourism Management 2 Year €3,300
Business Master Marketing 2 Year €3,300
Health Science Master Chemistry 2 Year €3,800
Media & Arts Master Instruction of English as a Foreign Language 1 Year €4,000
Media & Arts Master International Studies 2 Year €4,000
Media & Arts Master Applied Linguistics 2 Year €4,000
Media & Arts Master English Studies 2 Year €4,000
Engineering Master Computer Science Engineering 2 Year €4,400
Engineering Master Environmental Engineering 2 Year €6,800
Engineering Master Materials Engineering 2 Year €6,800
Engineering Master Chemical Engineering 2 Year €6,800

Admission Intake in Pannonia

Following are the deadlines to apply for the and intake to apply to Pannonia University.

Intake Month Last Date to Apply
Autumn September 2023 1st June 2023
Spring February 2024 15th Nov 2023

Cost of Living in Veszprém

Cost of Living in Sunderland City

If you are a student planning to get higher studies from the University of Pannonia, you must first know the cost of living in Veszprem City. The city offers affordable living and is considered a budget-friendly place in Hungary. In addition, it is 21% least expensive cities in the world.

The total cost of living in Veszprem would be EUR 500-600. The daily expenses will be around 900-1000$ per month. Moreover, your expenses in Veszprem would be around 150-250 EUR for accommodation. Of course, your accommodation, food, and lifestyle will determine the amount you spend.

Hostel & Accommodation

The University of Pannonia hostel is a 5-floor building, located within a 5-minute walking distance from the main campus in Veszprém. The accommodation services include facilities such as bedding, wardrobes, a desk, chair, fridge, etc. Likewise, hostel rooms are allotted on a shared basis. Furthermore, University especially gives priority to International students for easy settlement.

Each student receives a confirmation of their accommodation on time before their travels. Self-funded students applying directly to the University of Pannonia will need to arrange the accommodation themselves. They can either apply to one of the dormitories near university campuses or stay in a rented apartment.


The University of Pannonia runs the Erasmus+ scholarship which enables one to study or pursue internship training all around the European countries. The Erasmus program (European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) has developed into one of the most successful projects of the European Union and nowadays offers a range of different possibilities for you under the new program called Erasmus+. The University of Pannonia gives a great opportunity to study in one of the 33 European Union program countries for a certain period (from 2 to 12 months, depending on the type of mobility). Moreover, students are allowed to study the Erasmus+ program in EU countries by one of the university partner institutions.

Part-Time Job

Part-Time Job

While studying abroad, the students become anxious about how to earn extra, there is no need to worry! As an International student, you are allowed to work 4 hours as a part-time job or a full-time job during the vacation. And hence, while studying the students can work at a part-time job. The students can earn up to 1,300-1,500 Euros per hour. Indeed, this amount is good enough to meet your additional monthly expense while you study in Hungary

Post Study Work (PSW) VISA

Post Study Work (PSW) VISA

After you have completed your studies at University of Pannonia, as a International student, you are eligible to apply for a temporary residence permit. The students are allowed to stay in Hungary for more than 9-10 months for the “study-to-work” permit. The stay duration is sufficient for students to find a job or start their businesses. If you continue to work in Hungary, you can easily acquire a residence permit. Furthermore, the students must obtain the Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) as soon as they arrive in Hungary.

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