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Establishment in the year 1919, the University of Latvia was named the Higher School of Latvia at the earliest. However, in 1923, with the approval of the constitution, the school revised its name to the University of Latvia. The University of Latvia has achieved the position as a national leading and most prominent higher education institution in Latvia. The University shares affiliations with Campuses in Europe, Utrecht Network, EUA, UNICA, IAU, AUF, Talloires, Educause, etc.

The University of Latvia offers study programs such as bachelor's, and master's in different study areas. The University consists of 14,000 students including almost 9,500 Undergraduates and 3,500 Postgraduates, and Ph.D. and exchange students. About, one-third of the study programs at the university are in the field of business and economics.

The University of Latvia is known for modern research and professional academics, which enables students to attain education opportunities in research work. Moreover, the university conducts research in the field of natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, technical sciences, and medicine for the residents of Latvia and other countries.

The University of Latvia provides an environment with the latest infrastructure for outstanding achievements in the research field and student studies. University conducts several scientific activities and carries out research in more than 50 areas of the study program. Above all, the university ranks amongst the top 100 universities in the world.

Program Offered at University of Latvia

The University of Latvia provides Bachelor-level and Master-level programs. The University of Latvia accommodates 13 faculties, for instance, the Faculty of Biology, the Faculty of Chemistry, the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry, the Faculty of Business, Economics and Management, the Faculty of Education, Psychology, and Arts, Faculty of Geography and Earth sciences, Faculty of History and Philosophy, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social sciences, Faculty of Theology and Faculty of Computing. Each faculty has a different department. However, University mainly focuses on the Medical program. The Programs are taught in English to all International students.

Program Type

The University of Latvia offers the Bachelor's and Master’s programs as follows:

Program Degree Specialization Duration Fees
Computer Science Bachelor Natural Sciences in Computer Science - EUR 2900 per year
Geoinformatics Bachelor - 3100 EUR per Year
Business Administration Bachelor Social Sciences in Management and Administration - 2700 EUR per Year
Cultural and Social Anthropology Bachelor Social Sciences in Sociology and Cultural studies - 2550 EUR per Year
International Economics and Commercial Diplomacy Bachelor Social sciences in Economics - 3300 EUR per Year
English, European Languages and Business Studies Bachelor Humanities - 2880 EUR per Year
Optometry Bachelor Natural Sciences in Optometry - 4950 EUR per Year
Cultural and Social Anthropology Master Social Sciences in Sociology and Culture Studies - 3000 EUR per Year
Educational Sciences Master Education Sciences - 3700 EUR per Year
European Studies and Economic Diplomacy Master Social sciences in Economics - 2585 EUR per Year
Epidemiology and Medical Statistics Master Health Sciences - 6000 EUR per Year
International Business with specialization in Export Management Master BA - 2585 EUR per Year
Project Management Master Project Management - 2585 EUR per Year
Optometry (Clinical) Master Clinical Optometry, qualification “Optometrist” - 4950 EUR per Year
Sports science Master Health and Sports Sciences - 4000 EUR per Year
Technological innovations and design for education Master Education Sciences - 4200 EUR per Year

Admission Intake at University of Latvia

Following are the deadlines for the intake at University of Latvia.

Intake Month Last Date to Apply
Autumn September 2023 1st June 2023
Spring February 2024 15th Nov 2023

Cost of Living in Riga City

Cost of Living in Galway City

If you are a student planning to do higher studies at the University of Latvia, the very first thing you need to know is the cost of living in Riga City. In Riga, the cost of living is way lower compared to studying in India. The cost of living in Riga approximately would be 500-600 EUR per month. Of course, the type of accommodation, food choices, and lifestyle will determine the amount you spend. Likewise, the accommodation cost in Riga would be around 200-250 EUR and 100-200 EUR for your daily food and drink.

Hostel & Accommodation

The University of Latvia provides accommodation services for international students in two hostels named Prima and Reznas. The Prima is a 9-floor building and Reznas is a 5-floor building. The cost of staying at university hostels (shared rooms) depends on the number of beds taken and the person living in the rooms. The University of Latvia hostels comprise kitchens, wash areas, etc, and are well-equipped with essentials. The University hostel charges would be roughly 150-200 EUR per month. However, if you opt for a private/ apartment/ room it will cost around 300-500 per month.


While studying in abroad, students have many opportunities to earn a fee discount! Yes, while studying at the University of Latvia, as an international student, you can effortlessly acquire scholarships. The University of Latvia delivers a handful of scholarships such as the Patron Scholarship, State-Funded Scholarships, and Latvia State Scholarship. All these scholarships can be availed by national and international students as well.

Nonetheless, these scholarships are offered based on the calculative assessment of the Academic Performance of the student in the previous Semester. In addition, the University of Latvia offers an ERASMUS+ exchange program for students studying in a bachelor's or master’s program. University gives ERASMUS+ exchange programs for studies and traineeships.

Part-Time Job

Part-Time Job

Moving abroad for higher education is nowadays a trend. Thinking about how to fulfill your necessity needs? As an international student, while studying in Latvia you are eligible to work part-time. As per the rule of Latvia, international students can work 20 hours a week as a part-time job during semesters and 40 hours per week during breaks semester.

Moreover, international students can easily work part-time on a student visa without requiring any work permit. The students can earn a minimum amount of 300-400 Euros monthly. This not only allows the student to earn a good amount for a living but also to manage their additional monthly expenses.

Post Study Work (PSW) VISA

Post Study Work (PSW) VISA

After studying at University of Latvia as an International student, you are eligible to apply for a temporary residence permit. After graduating, students are allowed to stay in Latvia or any of the Schengen countries for 12-15 months, which enables them to look for jobs or get self-employed. Furthermore, the students must obtain the Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) as soon as they arrive in Latvia.

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