Understand China!

Heard of the “Great wall of china”? Yes it is the mightiest work of humans on the earth. Though it was built 30 years before but till today it would be easily visible by the human eye when looking from the Moon. But then again no one had been there in space, before 30 years.

In any aspect be it the army, economy, history, sports, art or politics, China has highlighted its name as one of the most popular country. It is very well known for its rich tradition, history and culture.

It terms of size, 3rd rank is given to China right after Russian and Asia. When coming to Olympics, china has proven to be the massive giant.

Speaking about the gun powder, needle acupuncture, printing press or the tiniest compass, China is known to be the “mother of inventions”. The superpower of Chinese people is their innovations which is known and considered across the whole world.

Terms like huge mountain range, large population, vast history, immense culture and ancient government, constitute and make China altogether.

Youth travel to China can prove to be the perfect tour for you when talking about the best place to pick up jewelry, necklaces and bracelets. You will come across the attractions and more of market attractions during your visit to China.

It is a vital fact for you to realize that when you are wandering around the local markets of China, you won’t get any real silver or jade and the quality you get is also not very incredible. But if you are the “Bargaining Champ” then you will make it all worth it.

You know why many tourist visit to China? It’s because of the Terracotta army which serves as the main attraction. The “must know fact” about China is, their history related their ancient warriors and also how the tomb of Emperor “Qin Shi Huang” which was heavily guarded with the “Terracotta army”.

More About China

Are you a panda lover? Then you must visit China at least once in your lifetime! Indeed these cute fluffy being can’t be despised. Yes seeing the panda now days is quite rare but China can still show it to you. But don’t expect them to be of pouch size because China is known for its “Giant pandas”.

Pandas are though rare creatures but China still has provisions to keep them safe. Yes you are correct, Pandas are dependent on bamboos but China is no way lacking in this instead you can see a crowd of tourist visiting china, just to see the “Giant pandas”.

Remember those firecrackers that we burn every Diwali, every new year and on every festive season? Know where they come? Yes you guessed it correct! China is the birthplace of these firecrackers.

At present the population of china is 1.351 billion which makes it of the most populated country, worldwide.

The temperature in China varies radically, so the decision is totally on you, when you would like to visit China which further depends on the kind of weather you like the most.

Speaking about the comfortable season of all, it is the autumn season in China. This begins from the month of September and last till the first week of October. The average daily temperature during this season is 220c with essence of rain. However during the season of spring, the average temperature is rarely the same as the autumn.

Taking you to the summer season of China (which last from June till the early days of October) where the average temperature is 250c. Summers in China are also the rainy season in China. In case of winters, the temperature can be really high especially in the north regions of China.

Know About Chinese Culture

In the language of Chinese, they don’t call their country as China but as “Middle kingdom”. It is just an indication of how they felt being in the central region, throughout the forgone history and as of now.

You may find linguistic and cultural variations in different regions of China but if take it as a whole, China is relatively uniform in terms of culture. Speaking about minority groups in China, they are 55 in number and all of them language, customs and culture of their own.

The official language that prevails in China is, “Mandarin Chinese” which is also termed as “Putonghua” and is probably based on the “Beijing Dialect”. The Chinese language which is now prevalent in China has replaced the ancient classical language which is termed as “Bai Hua”.

Believe it or not but the written format is not yet changed, it is same over thousands of years and is same for all of the dialects that prevail in China. It is hard and complex when it comes to learning and understanding it.

The people in China are very egoistical with respect to their profound culture and long history, which you are likely to notice during your youth travel to China or when you try to communicate with them. Also, when you visit the tourist attractions in China, you will notice that they have signs to emphasize the importance of their global history.

Just like you, they pay greater importance to their family which is undoubtedly a very good feature on their part.

The fascinating fact about the Chinese grandparents is that they tend to live with their grandchildren even when they grow and marry and have their own grandchildren. The obligations of children are to look after their parent while they start working and marry.

Whether or not you get holiday from your routine business, still during the festive season, the Family gatherings are what actually matters.

Here in Chinese words, table tennis is termed as “Ping Pong” which is in circa played by 300 million players on regular basis and is the most predominant amateur sport in China.

Your social status in China is determined by looking at the way you sip the tea and the kind of tea you sip, after all it is the national beverage of China!

Currently, having a pot of tea is the way of paying a hearty welcome to the visitors in China. Sipping tea is a part of Chinese culture specifically during closing a deal of business.

Chinese people often pay visits for “Tea ceremonies” that are quite frequently held in China.

Food In China

The food of china is not only of china anymore! It is not mandatorily required to be mentioned as you are much aware of this when you go for outing and order Chinese food in your own country.

Coming back to the origin, China waits you with its biggest yet fanciest Chinese restaurants and of course the street corners of Chinese food. Scientifically speaking, Chinese food is really good when it comes to your health.

Unlike India, China has its own different food habits. You know why it is different and what all it include? Well the answer to this is worms, lizards, snakes, bugs and many numerous animals. Irrespective of what the food elements are, China is known for its food dishes.

The most appreciated and liked Chinese dishes are:

The superior most is, Sweet and sour pork: It is a deliciously flavored sweet of China with a twist of sour taste and is bright orange-red in color.

Another mouth-watering dish is the Kung Pao Chicken: it is of Sichuan-style specialty which is crazily demanded among both, immigrants as well as the Chinese. The major elements are dried chili, fried peanuts and diced chicken.

The next one is most popular one in the history of China for more than last 100 years; it is “Ma Po Tofu”. This reveals a spicy and hot taste which it derives from the pepper powder and special kind of condiment which is used in the Chuan Cuisine.

The already faced dishes, which are yet most famous in the country of China, are: wontons and dumplings. Talking about the shape of wontons, they should be rightly shaped like the right triangle like that of the Italian tortellini. The fillings are usually of diced shrimp or minced pork.

Jumping over to the dumplings, it is more widely accepted as the traditional food in China. It consists of chopped vegetables and minced meat which wrapped into thin piece of dough skin.

Accommodation In China

While you stay in China, you will face no shortage of options. Relatively speaking, youth travel to China, is although a fledgling industry which is becoming one of the top market, globally. The service rendered is one and the same for all the youth travelers.

There is a stiff competition between all the hotels that really strive hard for rendering deals for accommodating the visitors in China. They mostly act like rivals, all the time and try really hard to obtain as much visitors as possible in their respective hotels.

If you wish more for a luxurious one, they do not need to worry because as far as you could possibly go while your travel in China, you will find more options open for you. It is quite easy for you to get accommodation in China.

The specific property is not cast in stone, but still the normal class of hotel is determined. You can yourself figure out the kind of accommodation you want in China.

In case if you are looking for a rental apartment for spending you vacations in China, there are homestays available for you that can easily fit for your need at an affordable price.

So if you are staying in China for an extended period of time, from the cost standpoint, you can easily get an accommodation which can be more suitable for you like for example: you can cook a meal every now and then which is a definite plus for you.

Learn The Chinese Way Of Living With A Local

The harmony among the Chinese is reflected to their culture, family members and friends. The most influential and vital element of the society is the blood relation among the individuals.

The next principle, which is more predominantly prevalent in the Chinese culture, is the “four generations under one roof” which expands to the collaboration of mother, father, son and the daughter in law of the family.

At every next moment, new bars and restaurants are established in China, with the help of world’s finest artists.

Historically speaking, the culture in china is purely based on what conducts are performed by the Chinese on routine basis and how they adhere to the percepts of Taoism.

The term “Taoism” is synonym for simplicity which can be seen in even the pettiest things of Chinese culture. Another very frequent term being used is “Jieqi” which stands for the divisional points in the calendar to bifurcate seasons.

The only matter of fact for the Chinese people is one’s frame of mind towards what he/she is doing. Apart from the festivals, Chinese culture can easily be seen in the day to day activities.

Chinese people are moreover innovation-oriented who mainly focus on how clearly a participant can think and refine. Likewise the “tea ceremony” was originated in China which is no less than a festive season for them.

As China is moving towards modern approach, it is adapting more and more of the western culture which includes going on night outs, bars, pubs, disco clubs and party districts. You can enjoy the best night life in Beijing which has really developed itself a lot from last few years.

Seeing the exact Chinese culture is quite rare because of the western influence it has adapted recently. For the satisfaction of its people, China businessman and economy has adopted distinct ideas and technology from the rest of the world which makes it no different in the global fight.

You can easily find anything from the heighted buildings to the modernly well-furnished home like accommodations. But still you may see the rural areas with straw houses and a stiff influence of the traditional culture.

What Is Cultural Tour?

Cultural Youth travel to Chinarelates to the majestic art, fascinating architecture, age-old customs, impeccable hospitality, authentic cuisines, thriving nightlife, and many more amazing and fascinating facts related to China.These compelling aspects build up the culture of the country.

The cultural tour also plays an influential role in developing and boosting the history of Youth travel to china.

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