JUNIOR TEENS – Summer at Switzerland

About Switzerland

Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe and is a very well-known country in Europe. Switzerland adopted a federal constitution in 1848, amending it extensively in 1874 and establishing federal responsibility for defense, trade, and legal matters.

Since then, continued political, economic, and social improvement has characterized Swiss history. Switzerland is further well-known for its historic neutrality and hasn’t participated in any of the world war till date.

Later in the year 2002, Switzerland became a member of the United Nations. The Swiss landscape is characterized by the Alps, a high mountain range running across the central-south of the country.

Also, the Dufour peak is considered as the highest peak among the Swiss Alps. From these the headwaters of several major European rivers such as the Rhine, the Rhône, the Inn, the Aare or the Ticino, flow down into lakes such as Lake Geneva, Lake Zurich, Lake Neuchâtel, and Lake Constance and farther down.

Switzerland is a prosperous country associated with stable modern market economy with the per capita GDP higher than that of many big western European countries.

In addition to this, Switzerland is noted for its banks, chocolates, cheese, watches and their private boarding schools.

The climate of Switzerland is moderate with no excessive heat/cold and humidity. The seasons in Switzerland are clearly distinguishable.

The winter season is generally cold and snowy with a seasonal temperature which varies from 8 to 150c. Summer temperatures mostly vary between 250c to 300c. However during hot summers, the temperature may even exceed 300c.

Moksh Best Summer Camps In Switzerland

Summer camp is a closely supervised program which is usually offered to young teenagers and children aimed at improving the indulgence of students in extra-curricular activities. A summer camp includes a wide range of activities such as camping, hiking, music, dance, literature, language learning, programming and a lot more.

Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland are generally organized to help students so that they can make the optimum utilization of their school holidays. Through this way, students are made to learn and master entirely new skills.

Through this, young kids can easily explore their potential and passion for certain arts which will further widen their horizons.

Many Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland operate for 3-5 hours during the day. These camps train the children for activities such as painting, dancing, playing musical instruments, learning a language and many more interesting and interactive activities which aid in overall development of a child.

These activities help children identify their passion and the skills they are good at. During these camps, kids develop a positive attitude, learn to work hard and team up with other kids.

During the span of Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland, students are made to brainstorm on the customs and traditions of various cultures. In addition to these skills, Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland provide students with a much needed get away from everyday studies.

The entire camping experience holds an overwhelming amount of life skill to learn and apply. Every parent should ensure that their child spends enough time in understanding and exploring nature rather than indulging in technology all the time. Nature teaches us the concept of simple living and provides serenity to our minds in our fast moving lives.

Keeping in mind the vast difference this little endeavor creates in a child’s development schools across various countries have started organizing such camps.

These are aimed at ensuring the overall development of a child along with academic excellence. Students as well as parents must encourage the students to participate in such camps.

Difference Between Moksh Best Summer Camps In Switzerland And A Usual Family Vacation

Sometimes the journey to your destination is the best part. We love road trips and try to make the ride to our family vacation spot as fun and memorable as possible. We play fun games, bring along books and activities, stop at cool places and check out the amazing scenery. A long journey definitely teaches patience as well as encourages siblings to get along.

Kids learn best by doing. Reading books and looking at pictures is great but nothing beats hands-on experiences to really help a child learn. When on Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland, kids learn through experiences.

They see hands on how different cultures live, they taste the local delicacies and they can smell the fresh fruit in the natural state. These multi-sensory experiences allow kids to gain knowledge in a more meaningful way.

Whether it’s hiking through a rain forest, riding the fastest roller coaster, swimming with dolphins or sitting around the campfire, such a vacation offers amazing opportunities for them to spend time together.

On the other hand if we talk about, Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland, they offer great opportunities for adventure to kids. Through the span of Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland, the kids gain a better sense of self and better confidence from within.

What Does It Teach Young Kids?

Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland are not only good but a distraction-free option for kids which enable them to build certain unique and essential interests.

Students often attend school year after year with the same peers, which can lead to labeling and being 'stuck' with a particular perception.

A child may become studious, quiet, etc., when, really, he can be boisterous in another setting. Children who go to day or sleep away camps meet a whole other group of people in a different environment. Often times, a child will break out of his supposed categorization if given the chance.

Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland further allow the children to get out of their comfort zones and enter into an environment filled with people of distinct personalities.

In addition, kids and teens are able to take some risks with their gained skills, without the haunting fear of failure and resulting repercussions. Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland enable kids to keep going, both physically and mentally.

Camp allows children a chance to truly understand the thought that goes into making a good decision, and will discover even more about them in the process.

Even if the parents think that their kids are independent, still they end up leaning on peer support and additional help sometimes and Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland help them to overcome such obstacles, if required.

In addition to the above benefits, kids build up new friendships, confidence, independence, sense of belonging. All of these things contribute for the overall development of students from a kid to a strong, considerate, competent adult.

Switzerland tourism is a real playground for kids and there’s plenty that’ll peak their natural curiosity and have them whooping with joy.

Go Jurassic at a Dinosaur museum

It’s simple - kids love dinosaurs. In an age of smart phones and apps, let your kids set their eyes on the real thing (or at least their fossil remains) at one of Switzerland tourism’s dinosaur museums.

The Aathal Dinosaur Museum near Zurich has one of the largest collections of fossils in Switzerland tourism, while others like the Jurassic Museum in the canton of Jura and the Monte San Giorgio Fossil Museum also have fascinating collections from local dig sites.

Discover the world’s wildlife at Basel Zoo

Basel is home to one of the largest and most respected zoos in Switzerland tourism. It holds a large number of animals from across the country and the world. Children can get up close and personal with endangered creatures, both beautiful and less so, but also learn why they are in danger of disappearing. Zurich Zoo also comes recommended, particularly for its hall dedicated to the unique flora and fauna of Madagascar. Both are highly educational as well as entertaining.

Explore nature

Switzerland tourism has a wealth of opportunities for young minds to learn about the natural world, whether that’s wandering through the forests of the Swiss National Park, paying a visit to Europe’s largest glacier or sitting by one of the country’s beautiful lakes.

In Switzerland tourism, it is easy to escape the concrete jungle and let your young ones understand how the natural world around them works, while offering them memories they will never forget.

Learn to ski

It goes without saying that Switzerland tourism is one of the top destinations for kids to learn how to ski, or just to keep up their practice. Most of the big resortsoffer a perfect mix of beginner and intermediate slopes as well as top class ski schools, while there are plenty of other of resorts that are both family and beginner friendly.

Discover local culture

Childhood is all about discovery. For such a small country, Switzerland tourism has a diverse range of traditions, with each canton retaining its own proud history and culture.

Switzerland tourist attractions has its perks, as you’ll find festivals that are unique to single valleys and most of them will be perfect to induce wide eyed wonder in your little ones, not to mention there are traditional Swiss treats like chocolate and cheese.


A visit the town of medieval town of Gruereys is perfect to initiate your kids to some of the typical dishes included in Switzerland tourism.

Discover a love for languages

In an increasingly international world, being a polyglot becomes more of a necessity with each passing year.

There is perhaps no better place in Europe for your kids to discover a love for language than Switzerland, where four are spoken across the 26 cantons.

Whether it is French, (Swiss) German, Italian or Roman, a Swiss adventure is perfect for your children to pick up a smattering of each.

Chateaus on the lake

The chateaus offer magnificent views of the lakes and mountains. Castles are really a good source when it comes to teach history to the young minds.

While there are a wide range of castles covered in the Switzerland tourism around “Lake Thunersee”, people still chose to visit the Oberhofen Chateau (as it is located right above the lake).

This was built in the 12th century and the castle belonged to the Habsburg family. However, it has been consistently changed and modernized so as to provide a fascinating experience to its visitors, be it adults or kids.

The kids really enjoy the grounds and lake front location provided by the same.

Impact On Personality Development

The Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland enables the students to get a learning experience with a wide range of positive outcomes, they are:

  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Ability to empathize and understand new perspectives
  • Increased aspirations and motivation
  • Enhanced team working and communication skills
  • Broader understanding of society

Although we believe that overall the memorable, creative learning experience from the university and Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland will have a positive effect on the social and emotional development of learners.

It is important to remember that some young people may be overwhelmed by the new environment which is planning and discussing the upcoming opportunities of the university.

If you’re thinking of booking Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland for learners with additional needs, we encourage you to talk to us so that we can make it accessible to you.

We are very happy to provide the learners with our packages to meet their needs and to support them for the same. We also provide risk assessments for universities which are way much useful while planning visits and reviewing access needs.

Impact On Academics

If we talk about the merits of Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland in terms of academics, here are the impacts for the same:

  • Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland help to gather the first hand information about the different landscapes and experiences, so as to prepare the students to face the challenges of certain cultures and listening to the opinions of people in other nations.
  • Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland further provide a level of mindfulness that is often tough to shake. In addition, profound experiences are been offered to students to build lifelong values and priorities within themselves.
  • Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland sharpen the self-awareness within its students.
  • Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland give an exposure to the problems and establish a cultural-centric thinking. Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland further prepare the students about the broad awareness of how other people don’t necessarily rely on familiar habits and comforts.
  • Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland promotes Cultural immersion through travel and service programs can also help break down language barriers and open new channels of lifelong communication.
  • Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland foster independence through its way of providing enriching experience and challenges to students to open their minds regarding food, friends and basic needs.
  • Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland demonstrate courage as it leads to Travelling away from the comfort of friends, family and familiar surroundings is tough.
  • Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland further ensure character trait that’s very appealing to colleges and employers which is becoming very essential these days.

Your Safety With Moksh

Your safety during the Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland is a priority for us at Moksh. We have a carefully planned safety procedure that we follow:

Proper Itinerary briefing – Awareness of the minute to minute plan is mandatory to avoid any misunderstanding. Moksh ensures that you understand the daily movement plan properly.

Regular scheduled interaction with parents – We instruct and ensure that all wards make it a point to brief their parents regularly about their well-being.

We DO NOT allow any wandering alone – We make sure that you do not wander around companionless under any circumstances.

No venture into isolated areas – Simple but often ignored, not going to desolate areas is a rule that Moksh teams stick to.

Traffic Rules – You will be instructed in detail regarding the Traffic Safety norms of any nation you wish to visit and we will keep a close eye on you at such instances.

Medical History – To deal with any untoward incident, we keep a detailed Medical History of each ward for reference.

Law of the land – We make sure that you are well aware of the Laws established in the Nation of your visit, for obvious reasons.

Buddy System – Moksh best Summer Camps in Switzerland abide by the Buddy System, where in you have to inform a buddy before going anywhere during your tour.

Why Moksh?

MOKSH Overseas is one of the Top Foreign Education Advisor in India, known ubiquitously for its honest, transparent modus operandi.

Moksh is equally popular for the innovative and unique approach to any endeavor it takes up. Owing to the rich experience of almost a decade in the field of Foreign Education, Moksh is well versed in the art of blending Education and Travel and thereby, provide the youth in India, a memorable and productive Global Exposure.


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