• Study in India for Foreign Students is a way to attain superior knowledge along with an unparalleled cultural exposure.
  • First and foremost, studying in India as a foreign student has always been an out of the world experience for International students in India. The cultural and historical heritage adds a hue of richness to the process of acquiring knowledge.
  • Also, International students in Indian Universities feel secure because of the peaceful and friendly ambience of the country.
  • In India, Higher Education Sector is undergoing a meteoric proliferation in terms of Universities & Colleges.
  • List of Universities in India for International students keeps becoming longer as you read this and the world now recognizes Education for Foreign Students in India as a force to reckon with.
  • The sector boasts of 45 Central Universities in India for Foreign Students, of which 40 are under the purview of Ministry of Human Resource Development, 318 State Universities, 185 State Private universities, 129 Deemed Universities, 51 Institutions of National Importance (established under Acts of Parliament) under MHRD (IITs - 16, NITs – 30 and IISERs – 5) and four Institutions (established under various State legislations).
  • The number of colleges in India for International Students has also registered manifold increase of 74 times with just 500 in 1950 growing to 37,204, as on 31st March, 2013.
  • EDUCATION PROMOTION SOCIETY FOR INDIA (EPSI) is a progressive society concentrating on research and development in the areas of engineering, design, medical consultation, legal services, human resource development and so on.
  • It is the endeavor of EPSI to improve the quality of Academics in India and manifest the changes to increase employability of students.
  • Most importantly, EPSI brings up the challenges in front of the education industry before the government bodies and bring about the necessary changes.
  • EPSI is focused on boosting the number of International Students in Indian Universities.

Why Study In India?

  • The British Historian Dr. Arnold Toynbee said, “It is already becoming clearer that a chapter which has a western beginning will have to have an Indian ending if it is not to end in the self-destruction of the human race… At this supremely dangerous moment in history, the only way of salvation for mankind is the Indian way.”
  • Now, already, India is known as the communication hub and study in India for Foreign students is highly popular.
  • India is academically strong. Also, it is not expensive which is not true for other destinations of the west.
  • Most important, English is widely spoken. It is the second language in most Indian States. So, the teaching in Indian Universities for Foreign Students is much comprehensive.
  • A high standard Education System with strict Government monitoring makes India a great destination for International students in Indian Universities.
  • Government of India’s assistance program focuses on enhancing capability and development of skills. Hence, it offers huge Scholarships and Training opportunities to Indian and Foreign students in Indian Universities.

Students From Middle East In India

  • Forming a major bulk of International students in India, students from the Middle East have their own reasons of coming to India.
  • Indian Education holds a great reputation in Middle Eastern countries like Afghanistan. Indian Universities for Foreign students are not only cost-effective but also geographically closer to the Middle East.
  • The main Indian Language, Hindi, is much easier to learn as it is similar to Urdu, which many Middle Eastern students speak.
  • Also, in Iran, admission is not an easy thing to achieve as there are tough Entrance Tests. Also, mostly Persian is the Medium of Education while the students believe learning English is most important. India is much better in that respect.
  • Many Middle Eastern International students in India find it easy to practice their religion because of the large Muslim population of the Nation.

Students From Africa In India

  • African students have, over the last decade or so, become a major portion of all Foreign students in Indian Universities. Experts believe there are reasons.
  • In comparison to Africa, Prosperity seems to be more in India leading to a major attraction among students.
  • Also, the cultural connections of the country appear to cause substantial inclination among native Africans to join Indian Universities for Foreign students.
  • Furthermore, the state of domestic unrest is minimal in India leading most to expect hassle-free education.
  • Most important, the scale of opportunity in a developing economy like India is obviously attractive.
  • Easy issuance of visa and Travel Connections are also factors worth considering.

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