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Categories of Study Abroad Consultants in Bhopal

An estimated 75,000+ study abroad consultants in India are trying to counsel more than 750,000 students to go overseas. In metro cities such as Bhopal, 250+ consultancies work, and selecting the right one to fulfil your dream career is essential.

Generally, there are three types of study-abroad consultants such as:

Grade A :

Leading Study Abroad Consultants in Bhopal

  • Prominent Indian and international public limited companies, such as MOKSH and IDP, listed on the stock exchange, offer expert advice tailored to your career goals.
  • Specialized Counselors: MOKSH Overseas Educon Limited, a publicly listed company on the NSE, Bhopal, boasts skilled counsellors guiding students to top universities worldwide.
  • Complete Support: They cater to inquiries about studying Medicine abroad, pursuing European education at Indian costs, and studying in English-speaking nations.

Grade B :

Professional Study Abroad Consultancy in Bhopal

  • Established Presence: With over a decade of experience, these consultancies operate across multiple cities, including Bhopal.
  • Trained Counselors: Their staff are well-trained to assist students effectively.
  • University Options: While offering multiple university choices, they may subtly encourage students to select certain universities with higher commercial interests and typically don't promote MBBS abroad options

Grade C :

Local Study Abroad Consultants in Bhopal

  • Small-scale Operations: These consultancies, often single-office setups, primarily run by former students who couldn't settle abroad.
  • Limited Specialty: Unlike Grade A consultancies, they focus on specific countries and lack the ability to offer placements in multiple nations.
  • Referral System: They may refer medical student applications to Grade A consultancies but at a higher cost to students.

Choosing the most reliable study abroad consultants in Bhopal is pivotal for guiding your decision and shaping your future career, given the significant impact of this guidance on your academic journey.

Best Study Abroad Consultant

Choosing the Best Study Abroad Consultant

Generally, when you decide to study abroad, you look for the best study abroad consultant near you! However, seeking neutral advice from the best consultancy is essential to make such an important decision in your life. Instead of "consultancies near me for abroad studies", you should be looking for the best study abroad consultants in Bhopal. Before you fly thousands of miles away from home to study overseas, it is better to travel a few miles to visit the top study abroad consultants!

Approaching a Study Abroad Consultant

Once you have short-listed the final 3 out of the top 10 study abroad consultants in Bhopal, the next step is to sit with your parents and discuss your aspirations. Ultimately, the students depend on them to sponsor their dream careers. To arrive at the final decision, you must visit the best abroad study consultancy and discuss the financial budget transparently. The industry standard of success is out of 100 applicants, and only 25 are actually able to depart to study abroad due to 3 reasons:

  • Unprofessional guidance by the abroad study consultants leading to Application rejection
  • Financial problems faced
  • Visa Issuance by the embassy

It is essential to remember the above points to avoid failures. The success rate of abroad study consultancy varies for each Category, such as A / B / C.

Services by a Study Abroad Education Consultant

The students planning to study abroad take support from the study abroad education consultants in Bhopal for various types of overseas educational consultancy services offered by them:

  • Course Matching with Career Aspiration
  • Selection of the country
  • Selection of the University
  • English Proficiency Exam Preparation
  • Helping in SOP / Letter of Motivation
  • Application to the University
  • Preparation for University Interview
  • VISA documentation & Interview Guidance
  • FOREX Support
  • Travel Arrangements

Before choosing a study abroad consultancy services, carefully review this comprehensive list to ensure it aligns with your needs.

Specialization of Study Abroad Education Consultants in Bhopal

When students from India want to study abroad, they often turn to study abroad consultants for guidance. The consultants like Moksh Overseas Consultants, fall into categories A & B. They specialize in assisting students with applications to various countries. Their team includes experienced counselors who focus on specific countries like Germany and Canada. Students can receive support for both countries from the same consultancy. Counselors offer unbiased advice to help students choose the right destination.

Cost is a significant factor, with differences between studying in Germany and Canada. Germany offers easy work permits and high demand for skilled workers, making it ideal for settling in Europe. Canada has its own benefits but also challenges. It's essential to seek advice from reputable consultancies like Moksh Overseas Consultants in Bhopal, rather than less reliable Category C consultancies. Some consultancies prioritize commissions over student needs, so selecting from the top 10 is crucial. 

The students planning to travel from India to study abroad approach study abroad consultants falling under Category A & B, capable of serving students for multiple countries. They have employed experienced counsellors dedicated to different countries. If a student wishes to seek support from both Germany study abroad consultants and Canada study abroad consultants under the same umbrella, they can do so. The counsellors will support you in choosing the correct country, offering impartial guidance. The cost of studying in Germany and Canada differs significantly. While Germany is more suitable for settling down in Europe due to easy work permit issuance and a high demand for a skilled workforce, Canada presents its own set of challenges. Therefore, advisory services for both should be sought from the best abroad study consultancy in Bhopal rather than approaching Category C.

However, Category C study abroad consultancies may attempt to entertain students to Canada since they receive higher commissions. Hence, it is crucial to choose only from the top 10 consultancies and categorize them systematically before visiting.

List of Study Abroad Consultants in Bhopal

Whenever you start looking for a list of study abroad consultants in Bhopal, you will have a long list that you need clarification on. However, ensure that you choose from either Category A or Category B consultants with higher trustworthiness. Selecting a top study abroad education consultant from this long list is the first step for you to ensure success.

Free Consultancy for Study Abroad

Job Opportunities

Are you surprised by the idea of getting free consultancy when you plan to study in English-speaking countries? It's because private universities offer commissions to study abroad consultants, making it possible for even Category C consultants to provide services. However, at Moksh Overseas Consultants in Bhopal, you can access free services for studying in the USA, New Zealand, UK, Australia, Canada, and Ireland. We prioritize offering quality counseling and career support, making us the top choice for study abroad education.

  • Free Consultancy: No cost for services.
  • English-Speaking Countries: Australia, USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Ireland.
  • Quality Counseling: Tailored guidance for successful careers.
  • No Fees for Public Universities in Europe: Students don't pay consultancy fees for public universities in Europe.
  • Medicine Programs: Consultancy fees apply for medicine programs in unconventional countries.

Destinations Suggested by the Top Study Abroad Consultants

Study Medicine Abroad

Study Medicine Abroad

 Embark on your medical education journey abroad at half the cost of Indian private medical colleges. Discover over 200 renowned universities across 30 countries and learn about their courses, fees, and other.

Know More
Study in Europe

Study in Europe at Indian Costs!

 Pursue affordable specializations in engineering, business, economics, hospitality, and management in Europe. Benefit from post-study visa opportunities to work and settle down on the continent.

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English-speaking country

English-speaking Country

can give you an advantage in the global job market, as English is the international language of business and many multinational companies require their employees to be proficient in English.

Know More

When you approach the best study abroad consultancy in Bhopal, your destination generally depends on the course you wish to pursue. There are three types of student requirements, and the consultancy for study abroad in Bhopal shall first screen through your exact requirements, check the academics and finally budget to arrive at the suggestions to finalize the destination.

  • In the case of MBBS abroad, the destinations shall include unconventional countries such as Russia, Georgia, Egypt, Nepal, etc. Accordingly, only some study abroad agents are experts and experienced in this field. The Category C education agents generally accept the application from the inquiring students and then pass it on to companies like MOKSH to process with the universities since they are the authorized university agents.
  • If you choose to study in Europe at Indian cost and settle down, you need the best agency for studying abroad in countries such as Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Hungary. However, if your budget is slightly higher, free consultancy for studying abroad would be provided for countries such as France, Germany, Norway, etc. For particular countries and courses to look at in Italy, the study abroad consultants charge a nominal cost for the applications while higher charges for getting the scholarships.
  • If you choose to go to English-speaking countries, the study abroad consultancy is free. You can get guidance for the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland and even meet the university representative in person or live online meetings. There are more than 75,000 consultancy services for abroad studies across the country.

Category A is the best consultant for study abroad to ensure proper guidance in selecting the country that matches your course and career passion. You can connect with MOKSH for various requirements, such as:

  • UK study abroad consultants
  • Study abroad consultants for Ireland
  • Australia study abroad consultants
  • Study abroad Germany consultants

A good university admission agent should be able to serve you disrespect of course, country or the university.

Scams by abroad study consultancy

Choosing a leading study abroad consultant is very important due to the scams on many small scales.

In India, the market for students from metro cities is not growing. Many consultancies have become fly-by-night operators and need help to sustain their operations. Further, the real growth in the number of students approaching the study abroad consultants is from Tier 2 and smaller towns. The parents are unclear about the rules and tend to pay the tuition fees to the fraud education consultancies and & Category C abroad studies consultants.

India is so large that the top abroad study consultants may need help to offer you physical services or presence. It is time that the students use the online portal of the top consultancies instead of looking for consultancy near me for abroad studies!

Difference between Admission Agents & Career Counselors

If you are looking for agencies to help you study abroad, always ensure your career aspirations are fulfilled. The option of the country and the universities being chosen by you or suggested by the higher education agency should match your inclinations and your capabilities. While Category A agencies for abroad study shall give higher importance to the career, the smaller abroad agents generally are the agencies for university admission and do not include services such as career counseling.

Post Arrival Services

Around 82% of the estimated 750,000 Indian students guided by abroad admission consultants to 100+ countries decide at their Master's level. These students are mature enough to complete their registration formalities in the new country and do not require the support of the best agencies to study abroad. However, the remaining 18% of the students who go for their bachelor-level studies at 18 years generally require extra services from abroad study agency to reach their destination.

Consultancy Charges by Overseas Education Agency

The overseas education agency in Bhopal will charge you depending on the course, university selected and the destination.

  Consultancy Charge Coaching Comments
MBBS Abroad Yes FMGE / USMLE Mandatory
Europe at Indian cost Yes Language course Preferred
Europe in Private College No Language course Preferred
English speaking countries No IELTS / GMAT / SAT Mandatory

The coaching charges are always separate, and the students should opt for coaching from the same education agency providing the consultancy. It would be best if you always preferred those offering their mobile app to deliver content.

Checklist to select the top Abroad Consultancy

Based on the above-given information, you should be able to choose the top abroad consultancy from a long list of education agents list in Bhopal. Below is the checklist which you need to go through before finalizing your decision to study abroad with overseas education consultants:

  Category A Category B Category C
Constitution Public Limited Private Limited Owner
Professional Huge team Mid-Sized operations Personalized
Countrywide presence Yes Yes No
Years of Experience 10+ 10+ 5+
Mobile App for University Yes Limited No
Mobile App for coaching Yes Physical Classes External link
Career Counseling Yes Limited Never
University selection Student choice Smart diversions Preferred by agents
Offerings MBBS + Europe + English Countries Europe + English Countries English speaking countries
Post Arrival Services Yes Limited Never
Availability Near You 1% 9% 90%

Hardly 1% of the best study abroad agencies generally fall in Category A. However, students who look for foreign study consultancy near me end up choosing the Category C type of agencies to help them study abroad.


Can I study abroad without consultant?

Yes, nowadays students can easily apply to study abroad on their own. But it's important to remember that while a few students may succeed, many end up disappointed with the results. So it's better to get guidance from study abroad consultant.

Is it costly to study abroad?

Studying abroad can be costly, but there are ways to make it more affordable, like getting scholarships or working part-time. Even though it can be expensive, many people think it's worth it for the experience and learning opportunities.

What is the eligibility to study abroad?

To study abroad you need a bachelor's degree from a recognized university with at least a 60% score. English proficiency, is evaluated through tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE. Additionally, some programs may require exams such as GMAT, GRE, SAT, or ACT.

How to choose the right overseas education consultancy?
  • Reputation: Check reviews.
  • Services: Ensure they offer what you need.
  • Expertise: Confirm their specialization.
  • Accreditation: Check if they're accredited.
  • Personalized Support: Look for tailored guidance.
  • Transparent Fees: Make sure costs are clear.
  • Communication: See how they communicate.
  • Success Rate: Ask about their track record.        
What are the benefits of choosing a study abroad consultant?

Benefits of Choosing a Study Abroad Consultan

  • Expert Guidance
  • Streamlined Process
  • Personalized Support
  • Access to Resources
  • Visa Assistance
  • Pre-departure Support
  • Networking Opportunities
What are the documents required to study abroad?
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Academic transcripts
  • Language proficiency scores (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Financial documents
  • Health insurance
  • Admission letter

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