Before into you enter into the geographical periphery on any place, you must be aware of the political conditions. Almost every decision of the country is influenced by politics irrespective of whether it is for the welfare of the society or for the personal benefit of political leaders.

Unlike, US where you think that the president is the sole leader, who is omnipotent, Germany is totally distinct. Here, the president is only the representative of its people who does not have much of political powers.

The only reason because of which a president is not given the sole authority of the nation is because of the outrageous and frightful consequences which are been faced by Germany in the past.

The government of Germany believes not only on the federal approach but the parliament is also republic. The parliament of Germany is “Bundestag”, which is restricted only to passing the bills and system of voting. The total members in “Bundestag” are 630 in number.

Another legislative system of Germany is “Bundesrat” which receives the bill after it is approved and passed by “Bundestag”. It affects almost all the matters of “16 Bundeslander”. The legislative body also passes bill and is equally responsible for the voting matters as the parliament.

Okay so it’s a bit confusing, isn’t it? The answer is yes, but to a certain extent, till where both of the executive and the legislative bodies are mixed which is not a problem at all. For the selection of “Bundeskanzler”, the parliament members are held responsible and not the citizens. Bundeskanzler is authorized to make the basic principles for the German policy; however, it is controlled by Bundestag (parliament).

To dismiss the chancellor, parliament can take the following steps:

  • The “konstruktives Misstrauensvotum” (Which means deficiency of confidence or no confidence at all).
  • The second option is, “Vertrauensfrage” (meaning that the chancellor wants loyalty from the parliament).

If we look at the history of Germany the second option has happened for almost five times till date and the first one has happened twice.

The chancellor is known to be the superior most authority of the government and is also a part of the parliament. Chancellor has the authority to appoint ministers for the government.

Just for you to know, Germany follows a multi-party system where the chancellor is supposed to maintain the respective ratio of election while naming the ministers. For this matter, many of the parties believe in forming coalition so as to build a functioning government.

Okay so it’s a belief that forming coalition, especially in India, is considered not as fruitful as there are possibilities of conflicts, but in Germany the case is all different. Here, in Germany, the parties only form coalition so that major share of ruling is not received by the parliament, which the citizens are scared of.

Apart from the legislation and executive body of Germany, the nation also has a judicial system which is proportionately responsible for the welfare of its people.

So each land in Germany has a court of its own, for instance we can take Bundesgerichtshofand the “Bund” (court with regards to federal republic). Judicial powers in Germany are exercised by these courts which are also termed as the court of appeal.

The hierarchy ends at the state court which belongs to every single state of Germany which has two panels; each of it has 8 judges. All sort of conflicts are resolved by the second panel of judges while the first one concerns the basic human rights and take reasonable steps for the violation of the same.

As every country’s government has its own boons and banes, likewise, Germany too has its own powers as well as weaknesses.

At present, the president of Germany is Frank- Walter Stein Meier. The Greatest strength of Germany’s political system is the delegation of powers in the hierarchy of politics of Germany which is not concentrated to one point and no one is having the major share of controlling the nation.

This point is been contradicted by most of its people, saying, the decision-making is system is opaque and not transparent. Some of them also think that this leads to a backroom politics in Germany where only the political parties are benefited and not the people.

Some of the people also think that, the representatives of “Bundestag” cannot chose to agree with the political parties while electing them but the irony is, they are solely the ones who can actually agree with them and can judge what is to be done or nothing is to be done.

With the words of State Henry Kissinger (Former American Secretary of Germany), Germany is “too big with regards to Europe” which also contradicts the same fact, saying Germany is too small for the world, altogether. This means, as far as the statistical data of 2017 is concerned, Germany stands fifth, in the “migration background” all across the world.

It cannot be denied that these numbers of immigrants and their nature has a growing and developing impact on Germany, as far as the political conditions of Germany are concerned.


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