Operation Yamuna- Let’s Continue Medical Education!

On 24th Feb 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and heavy shelling started in the Ukraine’s eastern part. There were missile attacks on major Airports of Ukraine. This resulted in the closing of Kiev Airport and the cancellation of all flights from Kiev. MBBS in Ukraine universities closed down and advised the students to go back to their country. But it was too late & no safe passage was available for the 18000 Indian students stuck in doing MBBS in Ukraine. In fact, the Indian Government had urged the universities to let the students return home and conduct classes online when the conflict was about to start. However, the universities insisted students be on campus only. Obviously, it was not possible for the students to leave Ukraine based on Indian Government advice. The universities had to concede. That didn’t happen and the current status quo precipitated.

Understanding the criticality of the situation, the Indian Govt. announced Operation Ganga to bring back the Indian Students who were doing MBBS in Ukraine. Ministry of external affairs started coordinating with neighboring countries for giving Transit Visas to the Indian Students to enter Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, etc. Students remained stuck in hostile conditions at the borders for many days. Every student went through a nightmare and it is obvious they won’t forget the ordeal any time soon. It took almost 15 days to bring all the Indian students who were doing MBBS in Ukraine back to India.

Uncertainty about MBBS in Ukraine Student’s Future

Naturally, all the parents were initially worried about the safety of their wards stuck in war-ridden Ukraine. Now that the youngsters have reached India, the parents are worried about their education and future. NMC has confirmed that there is no proposal pending for accommodating these students in the Indian Medical Colleges. So, apparently these students will have to take care of their career and MBBS studies by themselves.

As of now, most of the universities have started conducting online MBBS Classes. However, the universities are conducting these online MBBS classes over platforms that are meant for meetings and not for medical Education. Instantly, it comes to the mind whether these classes are symbolic only. Are these online MBBS classes just an attempt to release the pressure that the concerned students and their parents may create?

What’s the Solution?

You can rest your anxiety. MOKSH stands by you to make sure that your learning doesn’t stop and you don’t lose your precious time. We understand how important continuity of learning is for a Medical student. As a compliment to Ganga, the grand effort of evacuation launched by the Government, MOKSH has launched Operation Yamuna!

Operation Yamuna is a career life line to all these future doctors who may be feeling trapped. Yamuna offers conceptual live lectures, NEXT Style Question Bankto assess your readiness, Review Sessions by experts, & so on. The best part is that we are offering all this FREE of Cost to all the MBBS in Ukraine students. Yamuna is not limited to MOKSH students only. It is an effort simulating the Indian Government’s concern that goes out to each and every Indian medical student.

What is Operation Yamuna?

All the students registering for Operation Yamuna will get access to the MOKSH state of the art Learning Platform (LMS). This LMS has a lot of features that can't be matched by any of the contemporary learning platforms. It should suffice to simply say that the MOKSH LMS uses the techniques of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Platform (ML).

A program worth Rs. 1,50,000 at NO COST and with NO CONDITION. All you need to do is register with MOKSH for this program and your online MBBS classes will start. It is that simple! You will plug back into your academic pursuit without missing a beat.

Register for the Program

1. Live Conceptual Lectures

You will relish the entire experience of learning with MOKSH. A Scheduler will remind you of your upcoming lectures, their topics, and the faculty taking the session. We schedule live lectures in such a way that it is synchronous to your classes you would have had in Ukraine. For instance, 1st year MBBS students will study Anatomy & Biochemistry and the 2nd year MBBS students will learn Physiology, Molecular Biology, and advanced Anatomy. This is what we meant by ‘without skipping a beat’! Renowned faculty of Indian Medical Colleges will take these lectures. So you learn from the best! We remind you that these lectures are ‘live’, not ‘recorded’ as other small FMGE coaching institutes and Apps offer.

2. NEXT Pattern Q Bank

You get access to a Q bank that has 40,000 NEXT pattern questions covering all 19 subjects. You can check your readiness for the upcoming, unavoidable NEXT Exams that will give you your License to practice in India. Also, we offer you control: you can create your own test at any time to check your MBBS preparation.

3. Weakness Rectifier

With every MOKSH practice test you take, our ingenious system identifies the topics you lack command in through your incorrect response pattern analysis. Indeed, MOKSH LMS is able to identify your exact zones of weakness. It proceeds to recommend related videos to induce conceptual learning in these zones. The MOKSH LMS even ‘pushes’ you to attempt more questions from the topics identified as weak areas. We know the more you practice, better the results!

4. MOKSH Test

All the students will be assigned a specific MOKSH test every week. This will be specific to any of the subjects related to the year of college you are in. The test will consist of topics taught in the class to understand your learning.

5. MCQ Review

A subject expert will review the same test with the students assigned to them. In this session, you will get the opportunity to interact with relevant experts who will guide you regarding various things. For instance, they may discuss in detail about your approach to attempt the questions in a given time frame. Also, they may speak of correlation between multiple subjects in a questions; whatever area of weakness your test review reveals!

How to Register for Operation Yamuna?

To register for Operation Yamuna and get FREE access to MOKSH LMS, you need to fill this registration form click here. A team of experts will introduce you to the amazing features of the MOKSH LMS with a view to enable you to get the maximum out of the Program.

You can also register for these classes by calling MOKSH Support at 9699360370 or Whatsapp at 8269900555. We also recommend you to join MOKSH Telegram group,specially created for regular updates.

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