Dr Rachit Agrawal, NEET PG 2018 Topper – Story & Tips

Time has spewed off another thrilling story of Success born of perseverance and hard work. The Fat Lady sings – No success without Hard Work and invariably, most turn a deaf year. Its time to recognize Dr Rachit Agrawal, born & brought up in Ahmedabad! For betterment, let’s call it a coincidence that Dr Agrawal’s father & brother are Medicos, the former an Ophthalmologist and the latter, a Radiologist. Also, let’s ignore that he was a good student in School too, he managed to score 95.1% in HSC. This deliberate overlooking of facts is recommended because, genetic predisposition and consistency in Academic performance are overrated. Genetics is the result of accumulation of traits over generations and every examination is a separate incident, if you know what is indicated.

Dr Rachit Agrawal NEET PG Score

Dr Rachit Agrawal scored 975 out of 1200, superseding every other Doctor in India, a simple fact that is the consequence of a complex combination of conscious decisions. All one needs to do is examine his Modus Operandi, his way of working. A handsome young man, with a light, fresh line of moustache and a look of endearing naivety, Dr Agrawal is a perfect balance of focus and simplicity. He very openly discloses that he started preparing for NEET PG 2018 about 4 years ago, sometime during his II year of MBBS. Perseverance and consistency of degree of efforts was the key. Dr Rachit Agrawal specifically mentions that the going got tough during his Internship. He had to attend the Hospital for 10 hrs. Then he found in him the will to study for 8 to 9 hrs. He uses an adjective ‘grueling’ to describe the phase of his preparation during Final Year. There you go! Put simply, as all have heard plenty of times, there’s no short-cut to success. Also, putting on a garb of satisfaction is a way chosen by the weak. Visit www.moksh16.com

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