NEET 2018 Politics Continues.

The controversies regarding the conduction of NEET 2018 continue to boil grimly in the underbellies of Tamil Nadu. The unrest has been growing in the southern state of India for quite a while now. Adding woe to worries, the erstwhile Minister of State Cabinet, Mr K N Nehru, made a statement yesterday. Since long, He pointed out that the students of the State have been demanding exemption from NEET altogether. He warned that if the students’ demand was not met this time, and if he comes into office, he will allow overt malpractices in NEET 2018 all across the State.He also didn’t refrain from saying that Unfair Means were rampant in States like MP & Bihar, thus trying to justify his former statement. With NEET getting closer everyday, such diatribe would create agitation in the minds of NEET aspirants. Visit

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