NEET 2018 Eligibility Criteria Of Upper Age Limit Shrinks

The controversial 11th Hour decisions pertaining to NEET 2018 continue to plague the final phase of preparation of youngsters. In Gazette Notification, the Central Government has cut down the NEET 2018 Eligibility Criteria of Upper Age to 25 years. Again, the Order comes at a point where thousands of students above 25 years have invested time & energy for at least a year, the value of one whole year at this turn of life can be appreciated by one & all. Needless to say, it will also create a pressure on candidates nearing the upper age limit. Because they have realized today that their options have drastically been cut down. The Directive comes neutralizing an earlier decision by Supreme Court on March 31, 2017. In that, no Upper Age Limit was stipulated. Last year also, a situation had erupted when the upper age limit of 25 years had been published directly in the NEET Brochure. The decision was revoked after protests that there had been no prior intimation. To keep tracks on latest developments, visit

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