Meet Macao!

Before entering into Macao, Get accustomed to the “Game of chance”. Doubtlessly, known as the “Gambling capital”, Macao’s revenue is 33 million dollars (only just from gambling). The most prevalent yet mostly played game is “Baccarat” which you can find in 33 casinos of the city.

Tracing down the history of Macau, you will see that in the late 16th century, the Portuguese came and settled in Macao and then handed over the island to the Chinese in the year 1999.

The system that is predominant in Macao is “one country, two systems” which is administered under the SAR (Special administrative region). This was initiated by “Deng Xiaoping”.

What if Macao is not a colony anymore, still the official language of Macao is Portuguese. Speaking about the interior of homes in Macao, you will come across Portuguese influence from tiled floors, garden styles to the blue tiled street signs.

At present, Macao is home to 20,497 inhabitants. The synonym which is used for Macao is, “Cotai Strip” (which means intersection of two islands namely; Coloane and Taipa). Eager to know more about Cotai strip? It is hub of all the dreamy places i.e. Sands Cotai, Galaxy Macau resort, the Venetian resort and yes the city of dreams.

So if you are not addicted to the casino, then the relief factor for you is the southern part of the island which remains untouched from the casino craziness. You know what is the reason behind this? It is the prices of property and the strict rules laid down which makes it next to impossible to hold the title of the property.

Want to explore the much appreciated egg tart of Macao? Then don’t forget to pay a visit to Lord Stow’s bakery, known as the birthplace of this dish, situated in Coloane.

Fernando’s is the next favorite dish which is adored in Coloane. The must orders are the suckling pig and the garlic pawns.

Know More About Macao

Macao has already maintained a secured place in UNESCO for tis world’s heritage status far before the establishment of Casinos. To draw your attention, Macau has many historic monuments which will take you to the early encounters between European and Chinese civilizations.

So the attractions are not very far which means you can easily take a walk tour to view the key sites like that of the beautiful churches, iconic Senado square, old city wall and the ruin of “St. Paul”.

Getting to the average life expectancy of people in Macau, it is 84.4 years which is really a very good sign for long happy years of life. Macau is ranked 2nd in the global life expectancy. You can expect the reason! Yes its casinos.

The Hac SA Beach is another word which translates to “Black Sand Bay”; it is also the largest beach in Macau naturally and globally across the world. It is situated in the southern east part of Coloane Island. The fact worth knowing is, the beach is famous for its dark black sand which spreads over kilometers away from the beach along with its unique minerals and the seabed which is washed ashore.

But just for your awareness, the sand which is now present on the beach is the yellow one which has muted the dark black sand. This step was taken by the government because the erosion was gradually chipping away the beach.

Taking you towards the climatic conditions in Macao, it is subtropical with an essence of humidity in it. The average daily temperature which prevails around the year is 220c whereas the average humidity is somewhere between 75%-95%.

The hottest month of Macau is July where the average daily temperature of the month averages to be 28.60 while, the coldest month is January which averages to 14.50c.

The temperate season is autumn in Macau, which stays between the months of September to November. It is usually cooler than the summers where the average daily temperature accounts to 230c. We recommend you to dress in full sleeves outfits or a sweater to keep yourself warm.

Best time to visit Macau is, during its winters, when the city is less crowded. You will only need a pair of jeans and coat, marking it as a low travel season.

Being an immigrant, you will always want to visit Macau, at the time of its National Day so as to appreciate the well styled buildings and the Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Culture In Macao

You would be amazed to know that 95% population of Macau is Chinese. However you will find a blend of the Portuguese in the rest of its population, because of its colonial influence. Still, a minor group of “Macanese” is visible.

Buddhism is the most predominant and main religion followed in the culture of Macau. This is the direct outcome of the largest yet ethnic group of Chinese. You can even figure it out with the blend of Chinese dishes available. The next belief is the Roman Catholic.

Although English is enhancing as the language and Youth travel to Macao, still you will come across the Min- Dialects and Chinese- Cantonese dialect which is spoken by 96% of its population. The second language which is growing in influence is the Beijing- Chinese dialect especially in the education sector.

Factually speaking, the original dominant class in Macau is the Portuguese by the virtue of connections and business successes with mainland.

Day by day, Chinese culture is becoming more prominent in the culture of Macao, and in the Macanese society. You will see the small Chinese elite controlling the financial and business institutes.

Based on the definite class structure, business interests and wealth, the city of Macao is becoming strong in the commercial-capitalist economy.

In terms of resembling, the elite groups tend more by the way of sharing western clothing styles, attending horse and greyhound races and clubs and better residential areas.

When it comes to diet, there are other culinary traditions and Portuguese influences that are mingles up to an reasonable extent in Macao but one thing that remain unstill and constant is a distinct mark of difference among the various communities in Macao.

Learn The Way Of Living In Macao With A Local

What you think of a Macanese? Well it’s not just about taking birth in Macao but the real Macanese people will have a real and indigenous tradition along with an interracial heritage which is an hybrid of half of the Portuguese and rest of the Chinese.

The history of Macao dates back to 400 years when the world’s first fusion cuisine was given to the “Macanese cuisine”. The Macanese language originated in the late 16th century; at that point of time it was known to be as “Macanese Patois” and not spoken by more than 50 speakers.

In respect to preserve their Macanese culture, the people make constant efforts for its uniqueness. The common practice for it is, the local theatre group “Doci Papiaçam di Macau”. These plays are proportionately anticipated in the annual Macao Arts fest.

Don’t worry! The performances are available with the English subtitles as well.

Because of the existence of two contrasting cultures, Macao is listed in the UNESCO world heritage for more than 20 locations and historic center of Macao is one of them.

This is one of the reasons why the Macanese community keep their foothold in the city accompanied by the unique and incredible cultural aspects.

Food In Macao?

With the most fascinating cultural background, Macao has booked a specific place in Asia and is known to be the heritage of food.

It is quite understood that you would be served with the world’s best dishes, here in Macao. Macao offers you with the Culinary dish tour where you will find a lot of activities to fill the space between every meal, every digest.

Here are some of the “must try dishes” of Macao:

The first one is Lord Stow Portuguese Egg Tart: It is the best kind of egg tart served in Macao served with rich and creamy custard filling and Buttery flaky pastry. Miss it once and you will surely regret it later.

The second one is a dish which is served with experience of not less than 50 years which is considered to be the best roasted duck in Macao; it terms to be “Chan Kong Kei Roast Duck”. This roasted duck is served with a marinated sauce dip which is specifically homemade with black pepper.

It is distinctly imagined flavor altogether, which has the capability to instantly surprise you only with its magical smell. This will be definitely one among the places, you won’t mind eating twice while your trip to Macao.

The third dish is the specialty of the Senado square which offers you a range of beef official which are braised for hours and is called as the “Kam Wai Beef Offal”. It is one of the commonly served street foods in Macao. Sometimes it may taste a bit weird when it not cleanly prepared. So be careful while choosing the place to have it.

Have you ever heard about the Nan Peng Cafe Sandwich? Well here in Macao you will frequently see the locals adorning it. It is the ancient Cha Chan Teng in Macau which is simply the best yet delicious breakfast from last several decades in Macao.

Accommodation in Macau

If you compare the cost of living in Macao Cha Chan Teng in Macau with that of Hong Kong, you will see that it’s not as high as what Hong Kong is. So you have a good career in any specific profession, you can probably have it in Macao which can prove to be your sizeable bank account.

If you are really good at bargaining then yes Macao can be very adaptable to you as it has plenty of luxurious boutiques, local markets and shopping malls which are lined together through the street of Macao.

As mentioned earlier, the “Cotai strip” is the gambling capital of the orient; you can soak abundance of your time to feel the surroundings at your own pace.

When arriving in Macao for the first time, you may require assistance from a real estate broker or agent so as to find your dream apartment in Macao which must be well-furnished in all aspects.

Holiday packages to Macau are not a happy story because it’s really hard to find budget hotels and accommodations in Macao.

You might find reasonably a good numbers for the absolutely bargained guesthouses which are within your affordable reach. For the backpackers there are just hands full of hotels that are rated to 3 stars and are more acceptable kind of Youth hostels in Macau.

The capacity of accommodations in Macao is always high even during at its peak periods. Especially, the weekends are overbooked and blocked for immigrants.

The Chinese new year initiates from January, it is the time to avoid your trip at this time. So as you don’t have to suffer from the bus overloads of tourists.

What Is Cultural Tour?

Cultural Youth travel to Macaorelates to the majestic art, fascinating architecture, age-old customs, impeccable hospitality, authentic cuisines, thriving nightlife, and many more amazing and fascinating facts related to Macao.These compelling aspects build up the culture of the country.

The cultural tour also plays an influential role in developing and boosting the history of Youth travel to Macao in Macao.

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