In Russia, you have to be very careful. Most of the low cost medical universities in Russia have 3+3 years format. In fact you are suggested to go through the advisory published by the Indian embassy on their website which clearly warns the students about mixed medium of teaching in many of the low cost Russian medical universities for Indian students. Subjects such as Surgery are definitely taught in Russian language, even in high graded university such as Crimea Federal University. However, you really need to get into high graded universities wherein almost every subject is taught in English. It means that the first 3 years of medium of teaching is in English and the next 3 years would be in Russian language. The students learn the Russian language in the first 3 years and are almost at par with the Russian locals so as such it does not create much of a problem. However, learning in fully English aught programs would definitely be a great advantage over many of the MBBS colleges in Russia.

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