Name of Qualification:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg(Degree awarding University)

Main fields of study and target Group:

Managers and Trainees as well as workers of all subjects, whowantsto

  • Take responsibility in the field of management,
  • Combine leading and strategy thinking
  • Refresh or gaining knowledge in the field of economics and management


Economic Fundamentals & Entrepreneurship, Accounting & Controlling, Finance & Taxation, Production & Logistics & Operations Research, Marketing & International Management, Personnel & Information Management, Strategy & Behaviour, Globalization & Economic Policy



Duration & Structure:

  • 2 years (1.4 years lectures and 0.6yearsMaster's Thesis)
  • Lectures on weekdays

Admission Requirements:

  • A general Bachelor’s degree (at least 6 semesters at university or equivalent)
  • Passing individual interview


Lectures, Seminars, Discussion, Presentation, Lectures in small groups


Written or Oral examination, Presentation, Project- and Seminar Thesis, Master's Thesis


  • State owneduniversity, recognized by the Department of Science of the federal state Saxony-Anhalt
  • Accreditation by Akkreditierungsrat and EVALAG


Established in 1993, the University of Magdeburg is officially known as Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg and is located in Germany. Unlike other universities, the University of Magdeburg has a very unique approach towards providing education to its students. The key focus of the University is to develop the expertise in chief areas, namely the management programs, engineering, natural sciences, economics and medicine as well.

This Magdeburg University further attempts to raise the standard of education byways of undertaking various research programs and introducing various pedagogic methods. Being a means of uniting Eastern Europe to Western Europe, theUniversity of Magdeburgstrives to chip in the international researches and education. Also, you may get to see very close cultural connections as the University is a blend of both the eastern and western cultures.

The various institutions ranging from engineering and scientific infrastructure to economic and management centres have led to a zestful evolution of the city of Magdeburg.

Moreover, the University of Magdeburg holds popularity among international students as it has in possession of more than 2,500 international students studying there. Another fact about this University to amuse you is that the University of Magdeburg ranking in Germany is 48! And speaking globally, the University of Magdeburg world ranking is 904! Well, this is where it steals the show.
The program for MBA inUniversityof Magdeburg prepares you by imparting the indispensable knowledge, methods and skills to evolve you as a professional manager who strives for achieving success. Providing exceptional learning in management, accounting and finance, this program makes you capable to pull off high-level positions in foreign or multinational companies, consultancy firms, financial institutions or you may come up with your own start up idea! Structured to be a full-time course, the MBA inUniversityof Magdeburg is founded on a relatively new concept specially designed for people with no background knowledge in this field yet holding a keen interest in management and economics. All you need for admission is prior work experience along with a Bachelor’s degree. And to further count the benefits, the language of instructions in English.


Settledon the river Elbe, the Magdeburg is the capital city and the second largest city in Saxony An halt, Germany. The climate of this scenic medieval city is humid. The city is often praised for its greenery as it comprises of in numerous gardens and parks. The city is also home to more than 200,000 inhabitants. Two of the German Universities dwell in this city, among which one is, of course, the University of Magdeburg and the other one is the Stendal University.

The city hosts many sports events of high standards where the SC Magdeburg and FC Magdeburg are the most renowned teams of Germany in handball games and football respectively. Being a student, you can also avail discounts on tickets to watch these teams’ matches as well!

Another significance of this city is the Christmas market which attracts around 1,500,000 visitors annually. The city celebrates many festivals such as the Christopher Street Day, Europafest Magdeburg, and the Autumn fair, which is the oldest German’s folk festival.


Living in Magdeburg is not expensive. The approximate average monthly costs are as follows:

Tuition Fees: 14,100€(For 2 years)

Monthly fees in € Annual fees in €

Monthly Fees in €

Annual Fees in €

Other University Fees

  • Courses, material and multilingual service
  • Trips and excursions organized by Business School Magdeburg
  • Free Wi-Fi on Campus
  • Public transport ticket for the city of Magdeburg
  • Sports and free-time activities organized by the university

94.50€ per semester

(includes all services)

189€ per year (includes all services)

  • Health insurance



  • Accommodation

Flat for a single person: 250-300€
Flat on sharing basis: 200€


  • Electricity per person



  • Internet, telephone per flat



  • Food & Drink



  • Other




The department of economics and management ofUniversityof Magdeburg accept itself as a modern institute. It has established itself on four major pillars, namely the unity of economics and management, theoretical scholarship, international orientation of research and training and the intrinsic practical relevance of the theoretical scholarship Studying Master’s business program/MBA Program at University of Magdeburg has been a tremendous experience to many, and is yet a dream for many international students.

The faculty of economics and management is focused on improving the quality standards in international terms together with offering enhanced German and English study programs to students. The research matters are further divided into 3sub divisions, viz. decision making, policy advice and business advice. The faculty ofUniversityof Magdeburg is very conscious with regards to teaching standards.TheMagdeburgUniversity tends to deliver the finest education to its students and inculcates new qualities in students such asproblem solving, team spirit, givingvalue to new ideas, etc.


  • Part time work allowed for 20Hours / week- allows you to clear all your living expenses worth EUR 8,800
  • Absolving the GMAT / GRE scores viainterview
  • Averagesalary of the alumni - EUR 70,000 per year (Min 1 year experience prior to the course starting)
  • Opportunity for the students to work in German MNC in Germany and in India
  • The students would be prepared for A1 and A2 level and further haveopportunityto learn up to C1 level during their course.
  • Chanceto doPaidinternship in Berlin during Master thesis phase


The duration of the course ofMBAinUniversityof Magdeburgis 2 years and is an application-oriented degree course. The structure of the course revolves around preparing the students with well-versed management activities. The program is divided intobasicprogram and core program wherein the basic program will introduce you to the basic business fundamentals and formal methods for mathematics. Whereas the core program comprises the balance sheet analysis, topics frominternationaleconomy, etc. Moreover, special topics are available among which students can choose from. These are negotiation analysis, corporate tax laws, etc.Trainingsare further conducted in areas like accounting, financing, marketing, production, taxation, etc. so as to impart sound management skills to the students.




1. Economic Fundamentals and Entrepreneurship

  • Introduction to Management I
  • Introduction to Management II
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Mathematics
  • Introduction to Law

2. Accounting and Controlling

  • Financial Accounting
  • Risk Management

3. Finance and Taxation

  • Capital Budgeting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Capital Markets

4. Production, Logistics, Operations Research

  • Logistics
  • Production Management
  • Operations Research

5. Marketing and International Management

  • Marketing
  • International Management

6. Personnel and Information Management

  • Personnel Management
  • Organization Theory

7. Strategy and Behaviour

  • Introduction to Game Theory
  • Decision Theory
  • Experimental Economics

8. Globalization and Economic Policy

  • Economic Policy
  • Macroeconomics
  • International Economics


  • Seminar I
  • Seminar II
  • Master's Thesis


The Internationalprogram forMBA inUniversityof Magdeburgcommences in October every year while the application deadline is the15th July of that year. The following are necessary to meet the admission requirements:

  • Completed application form for admission to studies
  • Copy of the page in your passport with your name
  • One additional photo
  • A general Bachelor’s degree (at least 6 semesters at university or equivalent) translated and certified by a notary
  • Transcript of records, either certified by a notary public of a sealed envelope of the university records office
  • Passing individual interview, or GRE (148 quantitative, 143verbal), or GMAT (550 points in total)
  • Visa for Germany (only for enrolment)
  • Proof of prior work experience


TheUniversity of Magdeburgprovides the students with job opportunities ofhighestquality and prepares them for the same. The master’s degreeoftheUniversity of Magdeburgmanagement program endows the students with some outstanding qualities that are second to none! These qualities allow the students to stand out in the global world and make the best use of the opportunities that come along their way.

Being studying atMagdeburg University, one gets the assurance of a lucrative career as the university is highly reputed among German MNCs. The blend of theoretical knowledge and practical training imparted at theUniversity of Magdeburggives a genuine understanding of thejob relatedskills at German companies. Therefore, the University provides you with a deep insightofthe basicknow-howsbefore you step out in the global world.


  • Counsellingand Guidance
  • Application documents with interview arrangement withuniversitywith Guaranteed Admission
  • German Language teaching
  • Visa interview documentation, application & training
  • Airport pick up, landing arrangements in Germany
  • Accommodation booking
  • Visa extension application support for work search visa (18 months)post studyperiod.
  • 24 x 7 support in Germany through our local branch in Germany

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