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Accompanied with a population of 81 million people in Germany, the country of Germany covers one third of its part with woodlands and forest. As Germany is a part of European Union, there are 2100 castles across the place.

Love for speed? Wish to accelerate vehicles on the frictionless roads of Germany? Here is a feel good factor for you; more than 65% of autobahns (German Highway) have no speed limit. Glad tidings! The foreign students in Germany can study free of cost in the German Universities which offers free education for both Germans as well as non-Germans.

The country of Germany spreads of an area of 137,847 sq. miles, of which 34,836 sq. miles is covered by land and around 3,011 sq. miles covers the waters.

Germany is not only the seventh-largest country in Europe but also is a happening place. Like if we talk about the drinks, there are more than 1,500 different bears in Germany. Speaking about Berlin, the capital of Germany, it has the largest train station in Europe and is 9 times bigger than Paris and holds more bridges as compared to Venice.

Landing back to the country of Germany, it is a cluster of sixteen German states, and each of the German States are completely autonomous and have their own norms and constitution with regards to their internal organization. There are 403 districts in Germany at municipal level, out of which 102 are urban district and 301 are rural districts. Amongst all the 16 German states, Bavaria is said to be the largest of all.

In terms of population, Germany is one of the most populous countries, worldwide, sharing its periphery with nine other countries i.e. Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Germany’s economy is considered to be the colossal in the entire economy of European Union with a GDP of 3.73 trillion USD and with this it ranks fourth, right after, US, China and Japan. Just like there is no speed limit in autobahn, the country of Germany is known to be enormous producer of car, selling 5.9 million cars every year. The greatest hit is VW’s Golf of all time. If you look at the annual report of the year 2012, you will find that over 430,000 VW’s Golf was sold around Europe (which means that in terms of value it is 125,000 ahead from its rival). Later in the year 2013, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and Mercedes are the superior-selling brands in Germany.

Astonishing conviction for you! The first printed book was published in the country of Germany and with this it later became the world’s leading book nations, publishing 94,000 titles, every year. In addition to this, the first ever seen magazine was also from Germany, published in 1663.

Furthermore, the country of Germany was the first country to adapt the “DST” (stands for the Daylight saving time) which was commonly known as the summer time, which has occurred in the midst of WWI, in the year 1916.

The officially prevalent language is German of course! Which is also the third most widely taught language, globally. While your visit to Germany, you will come across more than half of the native speakers in Germany, speak German Language and proportionately more than 75% speakers in Europe. Another fascinating fact is, the country of Germany has originates a 79 letters long word, termed as “Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft” which is indeed the giant word published across the globe.

Speaking about the official language, the German language constitutes of 35 dialects which are widely spoken across the European nation. When we woke up in the morning, we are used to having breads for breakfast and yes as the trend of Germany, it offers a range of variety in every field, so it has more than 300 distinct kinds of breads which mean that throughout the year, you can have different species of bread, every day.

Keeping the feel of gluttons alive, the country of Germany provides you with over 1000 variety of sausages. You might get surprised to know that “Beer” is declared to be as the official food in Bavaria.

Are you addicted to smoking at public places? If yes, then make sure you quit this habit and make sure if you do it, do it at your home because it is banned in public places in Germany whereas drinking alcohol is still legal and due to this, Germany has the second largest consumer of beers, worldwide, after the Irish people.

Heard about “Oktoberfest”? Well! It is the biggest bear festival of the world, the size of beer is not less than a liter! Indeed you can’t even imagine drinking the whole of it in one go. Yes it is next to impossible for foreign students in Germany. The symbol to fetch a beer is to show a thumb which is bifurcated like if you want two beers then show your first finger. This stands for you thumb is for the first beer and your first finger is for the second one.

Additionally if you are a football fan or even like playing it, then get ready to show some moves during your visit to Germany, there more football fan clubs in Germany relatively than any other place on earth. It was in the year 1976, when for once Germany actually lost a penalty shootout in a major football competition. The shootout left was 3-5 when the West Germany lost in the European Championships against Czechoslovakia.

Do you celebrate the Christmas celebration? Yes, you got it right! It’s the December fest when you decorate the Christmas tree and celebrate it with apple pie and cheers. Have you ever thought that where this tradition of Christmas tree come from? It came from the country of Germany.

Are you an animal lover? During your visit to Germany, you will get a chance to explore 400 zoos which are most than anywhere else in the world.

Have you ever read or even heard about the Chancellor Angela Merkel? She made a statue of Barbie made after her, here in the country of Germany.

You would feel glad and extremely comfortable to hear that most of the taxies in Germany are Mercedes. The narrowest street of the world, located in Germany is “Reutlingen”; it is merely 31 cm wide which is equal to one foot.

The country of Germany produces paper towels which is created out of the softest consistency of paper and is also used to make toilet papers. There are 17 countries on the globe where “Holocaust denial” is a crime either implicitly or explicitly, inclusive of Austria and Germany.

Sarcastically interesting matter of fact about the country of Germany is that the chancellor’s office situated in Berlin (the capital of Germany) is called as “Washing machine”. Apart from this, Germany is the leading most authority when it comes to energy policies and climate i.e. in the year 2011, It made a decision to decommission all nuclear power station (then producing around 18% of electricity consumed) by 2022 and to replace it with new storage of green electricity and renewable energies.

You know what? The culprits and criminals in Germany are not given punishment, in case if they try to escape from the prison because it is considered to be the basic human instinct, when a human being feels to be free.

Some of the attention holding highlights about the country of Germany is that it offers the foreign students in Germany, with high quality of education and free of cost i.e. free tuition fee in German Universities.

The cultural diversity of Germany is not only vast but also immensely incredible when it comes to the people and there way of living. The hold pride in speaking their native language and cannot hear anything against their nation otherwise you get ready to face new enemies in Germany.

So if you are here to make new friends while you study in Germany and even wish to settle for a permanent job in Germany then it’s recommended for you that think twice before speaking or doing anything against them.

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