Germany holds the status of having the 4th highest economy in the world and the largest among the European countries. Not only being the highest economy, but the unemployment rate in Germany is as low as 5.8%. You will find many global and national MNCs in Germany, providing endless prospects for German jobs. A goodjob in Germany for foreigners, ahigh quality of education, an inexpensive lifestyle, and a top-notch health care system has all together made this land of ideas an ideal place for expats to plan their careers. In recent times, there has been a rapid growth of peers who can be entrusted with responsibilities over important duties in various sectors.

To cut this short, all you need to work in Germany is a work and residency permit, which are issued by German authorities. However, you may have to face some rules and regulations that are subject to the nationality and relations between Germany and the respective country.


International students with high qualifications enjoy a very high employability rate in Germany. If you are willing to step into the working sector of Germany, then get your qualifications recognized first. This involves translating your qualifications into the German framework of qualifications, and once this process is done, you gain eligibility for an EU blue card. The EU blue card allows non-EU candidates to dwell and work in Germany. Once you have spent 33 months dwelling in Germany, you are now qualified to look after a permanent settlement. However, if you have attained B1-level proficiency in the German language, then the duration can be reduced to 21 months.

While you are applying for the EU blue card, you will be asked to present the contract between you and the company you will be working with, so as to ensure your earnings are not less than a threshold. It is also important to mention the fact that your qualifications must correspond to your degree and that the annual pay should be no less than €52,000.


The most popular professional fields in Germany include Engineering, medicine, IT experts, Management, etc. However, if you’re a well-trained and qualified professional, then you needn’t worry, as you are valuable in the eyes of the German labor market. Below, you can get details on the professions that offer the best prospects in Germany.


Good news for future doctors! There is a shortage of 5,000 doctors in German hospitals and medical practices. All you need to do is get your degree recognized as being equivalent to a German medical qualification. To dig a little deeper, the physicians are precisely in high demand, and so is their employability. However, if you’re looking for a future in a particular specialization, then that wouldn’t be a good option in Germany. Although there are good opportunities in the field of internal medicine, specialties like ophthalmology and surgery have fewer chances.

Moreover, the biggest barrier faced by the doctors is language. Being a doctor, you will be interacting with a lot of patients on a daily basis; you need to be as fluent in German as you are in English. So make sure you have learned German up to B2 level (at least) and are fluent enough to communicate. And if you’re seeking an answer to the average pay of doctors in Germany, then it would be hard to determine. While you work as a doctor at a university, your monthly pay can range anywhere from 4,000 to 7,000 euros, subject to your location and qualifications.


Medical PG in Germany is what you can call a chance of a lifetime. Why? Because you aren’t aware of the boons it possesses! By doing a job after medical PG in Germany, you avail of an EU blue card allowing you to work in Germany and later permanently settle down after 21 months of working, provided your language proficiency is B1 at minimum. And to mention something obvious, who would neglect the handsome salary offered to medical postgraduates in Germany?

You can further choose from more than 63 specializations, and unlike PG in India, you don't need to worry if you will be able to clear the NEET PG so that you can get your dream PG college in India. The roadmap to work in Germany as a medical PG is very simple. You will have to learn German and clear the Fachsprachprufung exam, and then you will be ready to work in Germany in German hospitals as a medical postgraduate.


Although the economy of Germany is largely driven by manufacturing industries, employment in terms of engineering isn’t really hard to get a hold of. Moreover, many tech giants in Germany are primarily engrossed in advanced and applied research, as a result of which experts from science, engineering, and technical backgrounds will always be in demand. And when it comes to engine building, the demand is undeniably high in Germany since it is known globally for automobiles. As per recent statistics, Germany was counted as the second most popular destination for engineering folks among all other nations in the EU!

International folks with an engineering background are further allowed to live and work in Germany, and speaking of salaries, the average income that an engineer in Germany gets is around 47,000 euros (around 37 lakh rupees). So if you are an engineering professional in fields like electrical engineering, mechanical and automotive engineering, telecommunications, computer science, and structural engineering, then Germany awaits you! That’s because these are the fields that provide ample opportunities in German jobs for professionals hailing from engineering backgrounds.


The German schools for MBA emphasize a highly research-oriented MBA program, the aim of which is to prepare its students and bestow on them such skills and knowledge so that they can outstand in the German job market. The German state of Frankfurt is regarded as the financial and business hub in Germany and Europe as well. The German nation boasts many globally recognized companies too.

The German economy, if seen from an industrial point of view, can be split into two huge chunks, namely the giant firms and the German Mittelstand. The big firms consist of Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW, Adidas, etc., while the Mittelstand is the term given to small and medium-scale industries that prevail in Germany. Although these are the smaller firms, they constitute about 51% of Germany’s economy. And when it comes to salary, you can assume a figure of approx. 4,000 to 5,000 euros on average, assuming you have at least one year of work experience before you depart from India.

  • MINT

Mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, and technology—the graduates from MINT subjects have great opportunities, especially in private companies. They can avail of excellent job opportunities like IT jobs in Germany, research jobs in Germany, etc., along with excellent offers. There’s a demand for researchers who are specialized in these subjects. Those belonging to such background have to think in complex structures and should possess skills such as analytic skills, logical skills, mathematical comprehension, team spirit, etc.


Teaching the English language to German people is one of the best job opportunities in Germany for English speakers. Since you are coming from an international country to Germany and have knowledge of both the German and English languages, landing an English teaching job in Germany would not be difficult for you at all. Along with the English teaching jobs in Germany, you would experience several joys and many German customs. Chances are also that you might get exhausted from the innumerous holidays the teaching occupation has to offer. Sure, you would be teaching English, but knowing German is a must.

While teaching, you will have to use both the German and English languages so that the students can grasp them effectively. You further need to acquire the certification from TEFL or TESOL as proof of your skills and abilities in the English language necessary to teach it and not just to speak. The salary for English teaching jobs in Germany varies a lot depending on the hours of work and the institution in which the teacher is employed. The salary can range anywhere from 13 to 20 euros per hour.


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