Let us first consider the situation of students at 10+2 level aspiring to be engineers at bachelor level by giving JEE national entrance exam.

India is definitely producing few of the best engineering graduates in the world. The institutions like IIT are known world over. However, the problem is the total number of engineering seats in IIT is around 10,000 only. In order to carve a Global career an admission to IIT through JEE (Main) and JEE (Advance) / AIEEE is definitely a dream for huge number of students.

In the year 2014-15, more than 1.1 Million students appeared for JEE exam from across the country. Imagine, only 1% of these vast number of students got the admission to IIT while the rest had to accept the other Indian colleges.

The next choice for all of them was NIT and another 16,000 students were placed in 30 NIT spread across the country. Naturally, the local employment is not a problem for the engineering students from NIT since they belong to the top 2.5% of the merit.

The next 3-5% of the student go to the top state level government colleges such as VJTI or SPCE or top private engineering colleges in Mumbai. The rest of 95% are dependent on the privately run ‘B’ Graded engineering colleges having very low quality of education and extremely low employability factor leading to a high chances of either low scale irrelevant jobs or no easy jobs at the end of their 4 year program.

Problem For Engineering Students

In order to understand the problem further, we request you to go through the problem in NASSCOM report for the Indian engineering graduates passing from the private engineering colleges by clicking the links:


So what is the solution to enhance the employability factor as an engineering student? If you cannot make it to the top government engineering colleges in India through entrance exams such as JEE (Mains) or JEE (Advanced), start looking for a better option. Become a “Global Engineering Graduate” at the same cost of Indian Private engineering colleges. In India, the average cost of engineering program from private college is around Rs. 2 Lac per year. How can you study Engineering abroad at the same cost of Indian engineering colleges?

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Program Format

MOKSH has developed unique solution to the needs of engineers aspiring to have global career with huge scope of employment by developing joint programs. In order to start this process, MOKSH facilitated 3 Universities from India (All NAAC ‘A” Level, which is mandatory as per the latest UGC regulation) – one from each of the regions (North / South / West) to float a joint 4 year bachelor level program with the top engineering universities from China. This program enables you to study 2+2 or 3+1 years format both in India and China ensuring global exposure and employment opportunities in other countries. The student lot coming from this batch is always ahead of others in terms of employability factors. All the engineering programs in India as well as in China are conducted in English language.

Amazingly, the cost to study these programs is same as that of equivalent graded Indian engineering course from a private college.

Options & Durations:

There are various options such as 2+2 years such as first 2 years in India and the next 2 years in China. The degree is issued by the Chinese universities at the Bachelor level and a Dual degree can be issued by Indian as well as the Chinese University in case of Master level program.

The students who completed their diploma can also opt for this program starting from the 2nd year in Indian University.

Why Study Engineering In China?

The world is changing. Earlier, the western world was the center of world economy and Indian students wishing to earn money used to dream to study in USA or settle down in Europe. Now the world order has changed and the economy is shifting to Asia. China has become the world’s fastest growing economy for the last 10 years and offers large employment opportunities. Further, English language is still a problem in China and Indian people can easily do better than the local people.

The sudden industrialization in China has now made it the manufacturing hub of the world. Similarly, the number of international students studying in China has risen from 29,000 in 2002 to whooping 350,000 in 2014!! It has become the education hub of Asia.

The biggest advantage of China is low fees structure (matching with India) and the low cost of living (again equivalent to India!!).

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Why Joint Programs?

During our initial survey, we found that the parents in India do not consider sending their child abroad for study at the age of 18 years and wish to wait till they mature more and become independent. This led us to the joint program wherein the student would do their initial 2 or 3 years in Indian University while complete their program in another progressive country such as China. Further, the barrier of Chinese language could be fully removed by learning the language by the Chinese teacher in India at the same university.

This joint programs gives 2 options for the students – either to complete their Bachelor and look for an employment opportunity (again supported by MOKSH through its Chinese office) or pursue their Master’s level at the same university.

You spend the same but study abroad in English with an enhanced level of degree acceptance and job opportunities.

Enhanced Employment Opportunities:

There are 4 basic ways in which employment prospects for the engineering students coming from Joint programs is enhanced:

  • Just look at any Multinational branded product, turn it back and you would see “Made in China”. It means, the Chinese products have penetrated the world and Indian market completely making it clear that every corporate company and SME in India deals with a Chinese company. The companies like Huawei, ZTE, Oppo Mobile, Wechat, Media, TCL and many more are all the Chinese companies who are present in India. They would like to appoint engineers who are well educated in their own country.
  • Look at many Indian brands such as Crompton and Greaves, Orpat Clocks, NIIT and many brands and service providers have their factories in China. These Indian companies need Indian engineers who know the Chinese way of doing business, know their negotiation skills, business vision and tactics and the technology allowing them to mass produce.
  • SME and Trading companies in India depend a lot on local agents in China to serve their needs and face huge problems especially for procurement of engineering goods. It is time that the engineers who studied in India and China take these positions to serve professionally for these needs for growing SME.
  • The SME is China is poised to grow for a big push in Multinational arena. This push needs a work force which can speak in English and know the Chinese language and culture as well as way of doing business along with the education in China.

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  • 8291922514 for PG in Germany

Cost Of Joint Program (2015)

COSTS (INR)* Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4
Tuition Fee 150,000 150,000 150,000 150,000
Hostel 30,000 30,000 50,000 50,000
Food etc. 30,000 30,000 50,000 50,000
Others 0 0 10,000 10,000
Travel Part 0 0 65,000 35,000
TOTAL 210,000 210,000 325,000 325,000

The total cost of studies would be around Rs. 10,70,000 as against Rs. 840,000 in case all the 4 years were done in India. Hence almost at the same cost, now Indian students can study in China under this joint program.

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Popular Programs:

The following programs are very popular among the Indo-China Joint programs at bachelor and Master level. The programs are conducted in English language:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering

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