Global Architectural Tours

What exactly is the significance of global architectural tours?

Well, ever looked in the sky and wondered how those towering skyscrapers are standing so straight? Or questioned the GREAT PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT as to how they were built? Well, the answer is through art and the genius mind behind such wonders is that of an architect.

Modern architecture reflects a sense of inspiration and grace. People, especially youth, love to see buildings as well ashouses with incredible designs and construction as it fascinates them.Students take part in architectural programs to explore different architectural styles, develop their visual representation, along with developing new ideas.

Youth Travel Programs:

If you’re fed up with the dull routine of your life and looking for something fresh and interesting, then opting for an architectural tour is the right decision.

After getting bored for hours in your vacations, it’s time to get up, pack your bags, tie your shoelaces and start your journey into incredible artwork with proper guidance!

Well Guided Tour:

Travelling can be even more exciting if done with well-trained and professional guides who are well aware of the famous architectural works in the city. In this way, you can explore the great works of art as well as feel secured. So don’t worry. There will always be someone to help you throughout the journey.

Explore, Explore And Explore:

If you take this opportunity, then make the best use of it. Try to explore as much as possible. Each day will be different for you in one or the other way. You’ll get to learn many significant and unique things. Take part in extracurricular activities related to architecture.

Observe the construction activities, take a glimpse of the aesthetic designsand share your own ideas with the people there. In this way, you can enrich your knowledge and enhance your thought process.

Know Yourself:

There may come times when you’ll make mistakes. For instance, you’re habitual of eating from a spoon but what if you’ve been asked to eat your food with chopsticks? Well, you’ll not be able to eat it with that much ease. You’ll make mistakes while eating but what actually will happen is that you will accept the challenge. This is where the progress starts. The first step to enhance your abilities is to know where you stand.

The Tour Will Include:

  • Professional guides led trip: As mentioned earlier, You’ll have the support of well experienced guides who are familiar with the place.
  • Sightseeing: Here comes the main part. In the program, you’ll get to see many different, forts, buildings, bridges, houses, etc. along with admiring their innovative designs as well as constructions.
  • Acquaintance with a host family: What could be the best way to know an alien culture? Well, that can be done by living with a family belonging to that culture. By this, you get to interact with them as well as know the tales of the country.
  • Language learning: Language learning is important in order to interact with the natives of the country. It also helps in learning the culture more closely.
  • Independent walks: Though you have the support of guides, yet the real thrill can only be experienced when you wander alone. Therefore, you will be allowed to go for solo walks.

Eligibility Criteria:

Anybody, who is 16 years old and above, is welcome,without any exceptions!

Why Moksh?

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