There are a total of 16 German states. The biggest among these German states is the Bavarian state and the smallest state in Germany is Bremen. Majority of these German states came into recognition after the Second World War while their roots can be traced to the early middle ages. Below is a list of all the German states accompanied by a brief description of these German states and their capitals-

  • Baden-Württemberg
  • Bayern (Bavaria)
  • Berlin
  • Brandenburg
  • Bremen
  • Hamburg
  • Hessen
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
  • Nordrhein-Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia)
  • Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate)
  • Saarland
  • Sachsen (Saxony)
  • Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxony-Anhalt)
  • Schleswig-Holstein
  • Thüringen (Thuringia)


Located in the southwestern regions of Germany, this German state encompasses an area of over 35,751 square kilometers. Around 11 million people dwell in this state, with a figure of 600,000 residing in its capital, Stuttgart. A large part of this state is covered by the woods and the lakes also enrich the natural landscapes of this state. Baden-Württemberg is further the source of Europe’s second largest lake, Danube. Even after the possession of cities like Stuttgart, Freiburg, Manheim, etc. the state is still considered to be a rural region. The main source of income of the locals of this state is through agricultural work and forest industry.


Bavaria Is The Largest German State In With An Area Spanning Over 70,550 Square Kilometers. The Capital Of The State Is Munich (Or München) Which Has Many Places To Explore. Until The 19th Century, The State Of Bavaria Was An Independent State Known As The ‘Kingdom Of Bavaria’. The State Of Bavaria Is Known For Its Huge Diversity And Culture. It Is A Highly Tourism-oriented Region As Well. You Will Find Many Castles In This German State Which Were Built In Different Times While Some Of Them Would Be 100 Years Old.


Berlin is among the three city states of Germany and is further the capital of the nation. Located in the northwestern regions in Germany, Berlin covers an area of about 891 square kilometers of German land. Berlin was discovered in the 13th century and currently, there are 3.4 million inhabitants dwelling there. Along with being a powerful economy and a governmental hub in Germany, Berlin is also becoming popular as a tourist hub. There are many sights which can amaze you in Berlin such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Cathedral, Victory column, etc. It is also home to many big companies which are ultimately boosting it as one of the mightiest economies in the world.


The state of Brandenburg is again located in the northeastern section of the country and neighbors the capital of Germany, Berlin. It was given the recognition of a German state in the year 1990. Within the Brandenburg State is an area of around 29,478 square kilometers, making it the 5th largest German state. And to make this area lively, a population of 2.5 million people has taken shelter here. The region mainly remains in limelight for its alluring landscapes and many of them are recognized by UNESCO as well. Do not forget to visit the Beech forest if you ever visit this German state in your lifetime.


Bremen is a city-state located in the northern part of Germany. Spread over an area of about 419 square kilometers, Bremen is home to a population of about 680,000 people. The capital city Bremen is the largest city in the entire northern Germany. Within this German state are found various manufacturing companies that chip in with the largest share of economic profit in this state. The city-state is further home to many museums and other cultural landscapes.


Hamburg is one more city-states in Germany. The population of the state is around 1.8 million people living around and area of 755 square kilometers. It is also the second largest city in Germany following Berlin and holds the 8th position in Europe. The summer season in this region brings the temperature to around 17 degree Celsius while the winters drag it to as low as 2 degree Celsius. Hamburger is home to many big industries mainly dealing in copper, chemicals and ship building industries.


Located in the northwestern portion of Germany, it is the second largest German state. The capital of the Lower Saxony is Hannover which is the largest city in the state too. The winters in this state are not too cold while the summers are quite warm. Rainfalls are a common thing which can be experienced throughout the year. The primary occupational activity of the people is practicing agriculture. Lower Saxony also boasts of many beautiful tourists attractions.


The Hessen (or Hesse) is a western central German state having Lower Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate and Thuringia as neighbors. The total area covered by this state 21,114 square kilometers incorporating approx. 6 million residents. The state has in possession many industries for electrical appliances, steel manufacturing plants, textile industries, etc.


Another member of the northeastern family of Germany is the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The state came into recognition after the Second World War after the Western Allies handed it down to the Soviet Union. Around 1.6 million people reside in this state. Moreover, this state is nothing ordinary but a land of Hills and lakes. You will find around 1,700 lakes in this state along with several UNESCO heritage sites. The main economic sector of this German state is tourism.


This western German state encompasses an area of 34,084 square kilometers within which can be found its 17.6 million residents. The capital of this state is Dusseldorf but the largest city here is Cologne. A large part of this area is covered by woods. The climate of the region is mostly based on the nearness of the state to the North Sea and the Gulf Stream. The leading economic sector in this region is that of chemical factories.


Situated on the western part of the country, this German state has international neighbors like France, Belgium and Luxembourg. The area covered by this state is around 19,846 square kilometers and provide shelter to 4 million people. Mainz is both the capital and the biggest city of this state. Major economic platforms in this region are chemical manufacturing, commerce, transportation and agriculture.


Another western German state in the country covering the German land by a total of 2,569 kilometers. This western German state is home to around 180,000 people. The capital is Saarbrucken along with being the largest economic center and shares borders with the French nation. The main reason behind its huge economic development is the coal mining business. Other profitable sources of the economy are the steel and iron manufacturing businesses. Saarland boasts of a highly developed infrastructure which has been of huge help in maintaining trading relations with other neighboring German states and the French nation too.


Settled in the farthest east of Germany, the state of Saxony has its international neighbors namely the Poland and Czech Republic. The territory comprises of an area amounting to 18,413 square kilometers and the population is somewhere around 4 million. The capital city of the state is Dresden. However, the largest city here is Leipzig. The state consists of many hills and mountains while the manufacturing, microelectronics and mining businesses together enhance the economy of this state. And due to these industries, the state attracts considerable investment opportunities from both governmental and private sectors.


This is a central eastern German state spread across 20,447 square kilometers, making it the 8th largest state in the German land. Around 2.4 million residents together bring cheerfulness to this nation. Some of the surface of this state is again covered by hills and mountains. The city of Magdeburg is the capital of this state. The agriculture is the profitable sector for building economy of this state, thanks to the fertile soil and favorable climate. Other industries functioning in this state are food industry, synthetic, renewable energy, etc.


This German state lies in the northern part of Germany. Covering an area of around 16,171 square kilometers, the population of this state is about 2.8 million. Kiel is the capital city of while other popular hubs in this state are Lubeck and Flensburg. In geographical terms, the state appears to be a huge contrast. The eastern part is largely dominated by the hills while the northern portion contains sheer cliffs. Paper manufacturing, electrical engineers, machine building, etc. hold the back of the state’s economic sector.


Situated in the heart of Germany, the state of Thuringia holds a land of about 16,171 square kilometers. Around 2.3 million people reside in this state. The capital is Erfurt with other important hubs being Jena, Gera and Weimar. Although having a stable economy, the state is poor if compared to other German states. The economy is mainly dependent on industries of textiles, biotechnology, metal, etc.



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