Fergana State University

Fergana State University (FSU) is a public university located in Fergana, Uzbekistan. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Uzbekistan, and was founded in 1923. FSU is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The university also has partnerships with a number of universities around the world.

FSU is a highly regarded university and recognized by the WHO. The university has a strong academic reputation and is well-known for its high-quality education and research. The school has a large student body as well as a diverse faculty. FSU also has a large alumni network.

The university is well-equipped with modern facilities, such as a library, a sports complex, and a student union. The hostels are also well-equipped with modern amenities like Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and dining halls.

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Fergana State University: Key Highlights

  • Fergana State Pedagogical Institute was founded in 1930 and renamed Fergana State University in 1991.
  • Fergana State University is a prestigious university in Uzbekistan, ranking among the top 50 in the country.
  • Fergana State University is a member of the International Association of Universities and has collaborations with universities in more than 20 countries.
  • It has 11 faculties that provide undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.
  • The university has over 19,000 students on its rolls and a faculty of over 2,000 professors and lecturers.
  • The climate in Fergana is temperate, with hot summers and moderately cold winters.
  • The average temperature in January is -2.6°C (28°F), and the average temperature in July is 35.1°C (95.2°F).
  • Fergana State University (FSU) is ranked 23rd in Uzbekistan and 8293rd in the world.

Why Choose Fergana State University for Medicine Studies?

Consider attending Fergana State University if you want to study medicine for a variety of reasons. Here are a few examples:

Quality Education: FSU is a public university with a long history of providing high-quality medical education. The university was founded in 1918 and has a strong reputation for its medical program.

Accreditation: FSU is accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO), which means that its graduates are eligible to practice medicine in most countries around the world.

Affordability: The tuition fees at FSU are relatively affordable, especially when compared to other medical schools in Europe and North America.

Cost of Living: The cost of living in Fergana, Uzbekistan, is also relatively low, allowing Indian students to save money on living expenses while studying.

Medium of Instruction: The language of instruction at FSU is English, which makes it easier for Indian students to adjust to the university and to participate in classes.

Opportunities: FSU has a strong alumni network, which can help Indian students find jobs, internships, and research opportunities after graduation.

Medicine Program at Fergana State University

The medicine program at FSU is a 6-year program that leads to a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. The program is taught in English and is accredited by the WHO.

The program covers a wide range of topics, including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, pathology, and clinical medicine. Students also have the opportunity to participate in clinical rotations at hospitals in Fergana and other cities in Uzbekistan.

Cost of Medicine Program

The cost of the medicine program at FSU is very affordable. The tuition fee for the 6-year program is approximately $3,200 USD per year.

Year Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5 Year-6
Course Fee (in USD) 3,600 3,600 3,600 3,600 3,600 3,600

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Cost of Living

The cost of living in Fergana is also very affordable. The average monthly cost of living for a student is approximately $500 USD.

Here is a breakdown of the average cost of living in Fergana:

Utility Average cost per person
Accommodation: $150–250 per month (shared room in a student dormitory)
Rent: $300–500 per month (studio apartment)
Food: $150 per month (groceries)
Transportation: $20–30 per month (bus pass) and $50–100 (Taxi)
Entertainment: $50-100 per month for going out to eat, movies, and other activities
Books and supplies: $50-100 per semester
Personal expenses: $50-100 per month

Hostel & Accommodation

FSU provides hostel accommodations for all students. The hostels are well equipped with modern facilities, including Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and dining halls. The hostels are located within walking distance of the university campus, so students can easily get to their classes and other facilities.

FSU has a number of hostels on campus that accommodate both local and international students. The hostels are relatively affordable, with monthly costs ranging from INR 1000 to 1500 (USD 150 to 200).

Moreover, the hostels are fully furnished and equipped with beds, desks, chairs, wardrobes, and mattresses. They also have common areas with kitchens, dining halls, and laundry facilities.

Availability of Indian food or mess options

Students can find Indian food or mess options at Fergana State University. The university has a number of canteens and mess halls that serve Indian food. The cost of the mess is around INR 1200 per month (USD 150). You can enjoy a variety of food options from countries including India, China, and the Middle East.

The hostel kitchen is equipped with stoves, ovens, and refrigerators. You can buy groceries at the local market, which is a short walk from the university. Likewise, you can also cook your own food if you want to save money.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for the MBBS program at FSU, you must meet the following criteria:

  • minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in 12th grade.
  • Must be over the age of 18.
  • NEET qualified.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for the MBBS program at FSU are as follows:

  • Application form.
  • Academic transcripts.
  • NEET scorecard.
  • English proficiency test score.
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • Attend an interview with FSU.

Application Deadline and How to Apply

The admission deadline for the medicine program at FSU is March 1st. For more detailed information, you can contact the counselors at MOKSH Overseas Education.

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